Semi-colon project 416 ; 2014



The photo above seems familiar huh? Well you probably saw that on a post I published exactly a year ago. If you haven’t read it, here you go.

Yes, I repeated the same photo because 1. I don’t have a decent camera 2. I don’t know where my pens are because my room’s not yet done and my things are everywhere.

Anyway, last year I said some pretty good advice but not actually good enough idk. So this year, I’ll just post some quotes/videos/ what not that hopefully would make an impact on to whoever is reading this or something. I’m including those quotes and all to avoid repetition (Duh I don’t want to repeat the things I said last year).

Even if you’re not suicidal, anxious, not going through something, I hope y’all learn from this and I hope you help people who are in need (and this does not only mean the homeless but also the hopeless) (Oh that just rhymed HAHAHA)

Alrighty then, let’s start with HOPE.

"Standing out in the rain. Need to know if its over"😊. EMILYSTRAW1 | via Tumblr🔥

Louise said it all okay. Haha. She’s just a truly wonderful and not to mention a strong person and I admire her for posting this video because it did really help me especially throughout my senior year and I hope it helps you too. (By the way, check her other videos out because she’s one of my fave Youtubers. Actually check out all the British Youtubers + Tyler Oakley, dailygrace + Troye Sivan because they’re all my faves okay let’s move on)

Just like what she said “THINGS WILL GET BETTER, THINGS CAN GET BETTER, THINGS DO GET BETTER”. Because it really does, just hang in there. As you all know (I keep repeating this but idc) 2013 was really the worse year so far and I just hope 2014 would be better. And it has only been 4 months but 2014 has been good so far. And I do hope it does continue on throughout the whole year.

This gives me hope💖

I want you to make it too. Experience all the things a person should and experience extraordinary things normal people don’t.

Hope Is | via Tumblr


I also want you guys to read the entries of “Live Through This”  on Rookiemag. All of them are really good but this one in particular is my fave. Sometimes, new (not to mention better) beginnings can come from bad things.

You are amazing ❤

Do you know the secret of having fun and living life to its fullest? Saying yes.

And I wish I knew this earlier so I would have enjoyed my last year in high school but I only saw this by the last months of senior year. 😦


To all the brokenhearted

You will love again and it will be magnificent. Be Ted Mosby. He waited, he got hurt along the way but he met the love of his life and it was worth all of the pain. “The One” for you is coming and he/she is coming as fast as he/she could.



I don’t know what to say anymore so here’s a few random quotes


Today's quote



^^ my sophomore year motto lol this really helped me a lot

So let go them !!!


I hope...

And if you’re sad, stop being sad. Be awesome instead xx I hope you guys have a good day ahead, and also a good life. No no, not a good one, A LEGENDARY ONE 😉 I just want you to know that if you want someone to talk to, I’m always here. My links are above and yep. Tweet me, ask me on Tumblr, idk. Also, I want you to know that somebody out there loves you xx

I don’t normally give hugs but here’s a big virtual hug for all of you >:D<

Draw a semi-colon. Your story isn’t over yet. Cut cakes not wrists xx

((pictures are not mine, credits to all the owners))



Semi-colon project 416


For those who doesn’t know, today is the semi-colon project 416. This day is for the people who self harms, who are suicidal, depressed, sad, broken hearted or just lost a loved one. This semi-colon represents the writer of the sentence who could’ve ended it but decided not to.

To those who are unhappy, planning to end their lives, depressed etc: This too shall pass. You have to stay strong. I promise, everything’s gonna be alright. If you feel like you’re unwanted or not loved, someone out there wants you and loves you. You may know them, or you have yet to meet them. But I promise, someone out there will want you and love you for who you are. These times are hard, but hey, I’m right here cheering for all of you. To be honest, I’m one of you. I’m not happy, I’m broken, and I feel like everyone hates me. But you know what? I was given this life to live it, not to waste it. I want you guys to live, not just exist.

So if I were you, I’d cut cake, not wrists. I would go out and catch up with good old friends. Get rid of those crappy heartbreak songs and download happy songs that makes you dance. Get a haircut. Read a book. Stay positive. Don’t give up on love, have faith, restart.

It gets better. Xx