Hello, summer


Oh my gaaahh!! It’s been forever since I last posted here. Haha. Summer’s just around the corner. School’s ending today (but I didn’t go to school) and I’m super excited for Summer ’13 😉 Why? Because it’s the last summer before I graduate highschool. Yep. CAN YOU BELIEVEEE IIIIT?! A year from now, I’ll already be a high school graduate. And it hasn’t still sinked in yet that I’ll be a senior this June. But, hey, I don’t wanna worry about that yet so here’s a playlist to start of this summer.

These songs were the soundtrack of my summer (last year and the other years) Actually there are some songs I just added because idk, I think they feel summer-y.

❤ Stand By Me by Oasis
❤ Closing Time by Seismonic
❤ Summer Time by Aaron Carter
❤ To All The Girls by Aaron Carter
❤ Animal by Neon Trees
❤ Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson
❤ Perfect by LIGHTS
❤ Got Me Good by Cody Simpson
❤ Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
❤ Song 2 You by Leon Thomas feat. Victoria Justice
❤ Rocketeer by Far East Movement
❤ High Maintenance by Miranda Cosgrove
❤ Forever and Always by Parachute
❤ Swing Swing by All American Rejects
❤ I Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble

Enjoy your summerrr. I’ll try my best to make my summer productive, but still enjoy it. I have a summer bucketlist (actually just a To Do list, written at the back of a notebook bc I think bucketlists are becoming too mainstream. U g h. I actually made my first ever Bucketlist when I was 11/12 and when you asked someone before if they had one their response: “What’s that” and if you answer them and then they’ll just laugh at you because they think it’s corny. And now when you ask someone if they have a bucketlist, their response: “Yeah. I have like 937818+++ items.” And they’ll even claim they were the first ones who started it and everyone just followed um okay then?! U WANT AN AWARD FOR THAT?!

And that is why I don’t like bucketlists anymore, I’ll just make To-Do lists. To-Do lists are cooler than your bucketlists biatchezzz (and if you think it’s the same thing, well it’s not) you see bucketlists are the things you wanna do before you die. And you will never EVER do EVERYTHING and CHECK EVERY SINGLE SHIT IN THAT LIST before you die. While in the to-do lists, it’s for short term. AND YOU FREAKING HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING in that list. Because those things in the to do lists are like goals and those are your NEEDS, not your wants and can be achieved in a short span of time. OK THAT IS ALL. Xx