My first post here in WordPress! 😀 I had a blog here before but I wasn’t really active. Anyway, I wanna say hello to the stranger/s viewing my page! 

This blog is gonna be my 2nd online diary.  Why second? Because Tumblr’s my first online diary. xD [Oh, Follow me? (peanutbutterlove21.tumblr.com)]  Don’t worry, I’ll still post there even though I have this WordPress account.

I started blogging May 2010. I was just 11 then.  I started blogging because it’s my way to share my stories, experiences.  As of now, I plan to be a writer and or a successful blogger 😉  If I won’t be any of the two,  I’m just gonna go to Hogwarts and be a wizard. LOL JK.  I’ll just be a singer or a rockstar but I have to have voice lessons first. haha! Oh before I forget, I’m really loving Saab Magalona‘s blog! 😀 And if she’s reading this now, or she’s gonna read this in the future, I just want to say : HI ATE SAAB. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG 😉

By the way, I am Erika. A HS Sophomore. 13 years young. I’m from the Philippines where it’s sunny everyday .. except for the monsoons.  Lol. I was born on the 21st of July 1998, a rainy Tuesday afternoon. . I can be really random and awkward at times, but I’m fun to be with! 😀 

Btw, you’ll rarely see me in dresses or skirts because I always see me wearing Converse/ Vans with a cute shirt and jeans. If I’m already comfortable with you, I can be really talkative. 🙂  Anyway, if I had to choose something that I could eat forever, it would pie. LOL. YES PIE. I don’t like the sound of the rattling/shaking of the keys. It irritates me. 😐 Oh by the way, I had a pet unicorn, but it died because it got hit by a car. HAHAHA >:D< 

Other than blogging, I’m in to music and photography! And other stuff I like are in the description box. 😉 

Let me explain why  my header is “The Adventures of Super Erika”. It’s because I’ll blog about my adventures and I’m Super Erika. hahaha! OMG. 😛 Oh and if you’re wondering why  my username/ URL here on WordPress is myheartisastereo? It’s because that was the song (Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine) that was playing when I was thinking of a username. haha! I know.. so random! 

So, that concludes my first post here on WordPress. Haha. Until my next post.