Planets keep their distance

I’ve been gone for so long lolz I haven’t even noticed. Wow. Okay. January started alright but somehow in the middle, it got a little too tough. As in the middle of January shookt me in every aspect of life and made me realize a lot of things. Anyway, the last week of January made up for my shookt-ness.  I went on my first adventure this year!!! Yey. I’ve been craving to get away for awhile, and so I did.

Also, too prove how shookt I was in January, I entered the wrong class for 2 weeks!!!! AS IN. Long story and I don’t want to tell in all over again because I’ve been telling the story non-stop last week. But I fixed it already and ugh I sooo regret not getting a special class card.  I hope no more bobo moments like this!!!

So, here’s the February playlist. Some of the songs are from the roadtrip playlist I made for the quick out of town trip I had 🙂


Bruce Wayne by Memorecks

Lost Cities by Tigertown

Swim by Valley

Strawberry Swing by Frank Ocean

City of Dreams by Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone (ALL OF THE VERSIONS)

Someone in the Crowd by Emma Stone

Beauty and the Beast by Ariana Grande, John Legend

Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

Waves (demo version) by Chance the Rapper, Kanye West

Safe Place To Land by Christian Burghardt


Come With Me by Island

Dreams by Jane XO

You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me by John Mayer

Memory Lane by Kolidescopes

California by The Lagoons

St. Petersburg by Reese Lansangan

High Hopes (filous Remix) by Kodaline

Papernote by Tigertown, BORNS, Tommy English

That is aall xx