February faves




All Time Low – So um there going here this year and I just want to go :((( Also they dropped the date for their new album and I just ajsnfa 😦 Something’s Gotta Give is so good and I cannot wait for the new album!

Sleeping At Last – BRUH. THIS. BAND. :((( You all need to listen to the Planet songs and Ocean songs (???) (The title of their songs are named after planets and oceans) Plus it’s the entire album is a good study playlist 😉 I also read the stories of each song in the band’s website and every time a song comes on, it’s more meaningful.


SacconeJolys – New fave Youtubers!! I just love their daily vlogs and I love how Anna and Jonathan raise their kids. They are just… relationship and family goals… also, life goals. Aaahh here goes the “I want kids but I’m not good with them so I need a husband who’s willing to be a good father and play with them while I’ll be the mom who will dress them up and make them food” thoughts lmao 😦 Yes I know I’m only 16 but I like to over think okay.


AHS: Hotel – So I just found out Season 5 will be AHS: Hotel and waaait it gets better… LADY GAGA WILL BE ON IT aSFAJGNAGA. Now I’m going to wait for the whole cast. But 100% sure Evan and Lily will return. And I have a feeling Taissa will too 😉 I’m guessing that this season will have this The Shining or Psycho vibe to it. My suggestion to Ryan Murphy: can we have plot twists like the one in Murder House where we find out that Violet has been dead for 3 episodes yes thank u.  I only liked Freakshow because of the connection of Asylum to it (ya pepper oops spoiler alert) and the Reddit people have theories that this season will connect to Murder House that’s why I really have a feeling Taissa will come back this season ok moving on… (I JUST WANT TO FEEL PARMIGA FEELS IT’S BEEN SOOO LONG MY HEART IS SO EMPTY RYAN MURPHY HEAR ME OUT PLEASE)


M O V I E S 

Into The Woods – I enjoyed this a lot!! The only way I could explain this is to compare it to Alex Flinn’s books. If you’re a fan of Alex Flinn’s work, this is like one of them but it’s Red Riding Hood x Cinderella x Jack and the Beanstalk x Evil witch yaa

Love, Rosie – WILL I EVER GET TIRED OF WATCHING THIS MOVIE? Umm nope. I think I already mentioned this in a blog post but like BRUHHH. This movie made me cry 7 times I’m not even kidding. I put the picture of Rosie + Alex + the globe on purpose because the globe is like an important symbol to their relationship and let me repeat what Rosie said “I’ve realized, no matter where you are or who you’re with, I will always, truly, completely love you” and let’s just talk about the globe keychain Alex gave her I’m going to aiskfnajg and the cinematography is just on point.

The Last Five Years – Did I cry? Obvi kinda. This movie is just so amaze! I didn’t know this was a Broadway musical. So um basically, it’s like 500 days of Summer but in this story, they got married and they fell out of love. And what I really loved about this movie aside from the songs is the timeline. The movie has 2 POV’s (???) and the girl’s POV starts when the relationship ends, going back to when they first met each other and the boy’s POV starts when their relationship begins, going forward to when they broke up. Their timeline meet once, at the middle of the movie during the proposal and wedding. (did u guys get my explanation hahaha okay if you didn’t, just watch it okay)


Addidas x Topshop – The collection is coming out March 20 and I’m so excite I want the shoes so baaad 😦 But I’m pretty sure it’s going to be expensive. But idk I’m willing to pay but the prices has to be lower that 4k.

Dresses – Okay this is it. I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and try to wear dresses.

Vans (plain) – I have a pair of Vans but it has a print and sometimes it doesn’t really go well with my outfit especially when I go print on print, so I need a plain pair. And no no not blackouts or the one with the gumsole because those are so mainstream. I think I’m getting the classic black or the midnight blue ones, or a good solid color like red or yellow (hehe).

O T H E R S 

Peppermint Milk Tea- I tried this out of boredom the other day. And okay this tastes like Peppermint mocha frap of Starbucks minus the mocha and whipped cream. It’s like Christmas flavored but not really. (What HAHA)

Quizlet – This helped me sooo much. I always hear this app/website when I watch what’s on my iPhone tags on Youtube but never really got to try it until I had a graded recitation I had to review for. And just woah. Basically it’s like a digital index card app and after you have input all the terms and definitions, you have a test and if you don’t want to make your own set of questions, you can use other people’s. Just try it and thank me later.  Also, this is what I’m going to use to help me this hell week yaa. I wish I should’ve tried this earlier on this term.

B O O K S 

Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang – I’m going to buy this book really soon as soon as I’m finished with Anna and the French Kiss trilogy (I haven’t started and it’s been 2 months). Apparently, there’s some Physics incorporated in the story or something like that which excites me because I miss dealing with Physics 5 times a week. 🙂 🙂 🙂 /can u sense the sarcasm/

That is aall xx





Hits like ecstasy

Okay this post won’t be long bc I still have to do school work and it’s almost 7pm wow. Okay so like ya. Anyway, hell week is this week and I still don’t have complete notes.

I’m still going to figure out how I’m going to post my Monthly faves because I still have exams until Tuesday next week.

Also, my anxiety level is on high every Sunday because I have P.E class is on Mondays ugh. Folk dance is not my forte, I’m more of a raver because cool kids don’t dance. HAHAHAHA WHAT. Okay um yeah. Wish me luck for this week idk

And when boys are good with kids A++ bruh. 😉


Okay, that is aall xx



somewhere only we know

Bruhh finally Valentines week is over!!! Again, for the 17th year in a row, I didn’t have a valentine. Hopefully next year though? (HAHA pls) And again, for the third time, I’ve been pranked by my friends and I totally flipped and cried because I’m sick of constantly being pranked on Valentines. They say “You should be thankful we did something for you on Valentines” or the “We didn’t prank you, it’s from our heart bc we luv u” UGH. WHY AM I ALWAYS THE VICTIM ON VALENTINES LIKE?!?? It’s not funny anymore I swear ugh. It might be funny on their part but it’s embarrassing on mine. Anyway, this Valentines was meh.

When will I have a Valentine? Come onnn universe, come on future boyfriend hurry uppp. I want this love story to begin lolzz I’ve been single way too long.

My Friday the 13th was kinda okay because at least I didn’t get hit by a car (HAHA)

I was feeling sad the whole week, I don’t know why!! Probs because my week started crappy because of PE. And quick question: Why are P.E teachers either super duper nice or super evil?? There’s no inbetween to be honest. It’s either you really love you P.E teacher or extremely hate them.

And I just want to get out of this town. I thought I had the chance to change that but nooo uGH.

On the bright side, I think we have a long weekend this week and I ate a burrito for lunch the other day.

That is aall xx



hold back the river

This week was so tiring, not to mention it was only the third week of this semester. Gaah cannot. I’m glad there’s another long weekend next week.

Anyway, I PASSED MY MATH QUIZ WOOT WOOT. I don’t know how I did it but I think it was because my teacher used Michael’s name in a problem so I got motivated to answer it. HAHA. I was so close to crying and just turning in the paper HAHA but nah okay wow. I actually had a good score 😉 Good job.

OTRAT started yesterday. This is it. This is the start of a new era, the era I’ll see my boys live :’)

I also watched Love, Rosie last night and can I just say that it was one of the best movies I have ever watched in my life. First, the cinematography is so on point. Second, the characters are just aiskngaho. You can see Alex and Rosie’s chemistry ++ they’re hot too (I want to be Lily Collins when I grow up.) Oh and the movie is a lot different from the book. But as always, I would suggest you read the book first. Though there are changes, you could still feel the emotions. Gaaah it’s just a great movie 10/10 would recommend for you to watch on Valentines, on Easter, on Christmas. I don’t know it’s just a wonderful movie okay it shows family, friendship, loss, love. WOW. SO MANY EMOTIONS. FEELING THE FEELS.

That is aall xx


It took me some time to figure out


also here’s to not getting chocolates and flowers on valentines


Telescope by Cage The Elephant

Air Guitar by McBusted

If These Sheets Were States by All Time Low

Afterlife by Ingrid Michaelson

Cannibal Queen by Miniature Tigers

Yellow by Coldplay

Prologue: Into The Woods by (??? The cast of Into The Woods)

Million Voices by Otto Knows

Follow The Sun by Xaiver Rudd

All The Lights by The Cinema

Where Do Broken Hearts Go by One Direction

When I Get Older by Wild Party

10,000 Emerald Pools by BORNS

Any Emotions by Mini Mansions, Brian Wilson

Money by The Drums

Heart Like Yours by Williamette Stone

Home & Consonance by Tropics

The Call by BSB (HAHA)

Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches

What Ever Happened To Your Band by McBusted

The Yellow Umbrella by Eric Bay

Find Me by Boyce Avenue

That is aall xx