•How old are you? 16

•What phone do you have? Black iPhone 4s

•What grade/year are you in? As of July 2014, I’m an incoming college freshman. (gdi, I feel so old answering this.)

•Are you Filipino? Yeppp, proud to be one 😉

•Do you follow back on Twitter? Yes. Check my Elsewhere page for the link

•Can I add you on Facebook? If I know you personally, then yes.

•Do you follow back on Instagram? I only follow/accept requests from people I know.  I’ll also follow if I like your feed.

•Are you single? In real life, unfortunately, yes I am. HAHAHAHA. In my fangirl life, I have about 390472 celebrity boyfriends. #medyomalandi

•What do you use to edit? Photoshop CS5

•Do you follow back on Tumblr? Yeah, if I like your blog.

•Where do you get your quotes you tweet? Sometimes on Tumblr, sometimes I just stumble upon it on some site. And some of those “quotes” are actually lyrics 

Where do you get the songs you put on your monthly playlists? I like going on little adventures on 8tracks and Youtube. I ask my friends with good taste of music for suggestions, sometimes.

•Are you a Niall/Liam/Zayn/Louis/Harry girl? NARRY. But I have a soft spot for the 3 other boys 😉 

•Favorite 5sos member? ALL OF THEM. But if I had a chance to just pick one, just one, Michael.

•Who do you hate? You want a list? You might be in it…

•How come you post and then you leave for a long time?  Sorry. I have a life too. (Kinda. Loljk, I’m just on Tumblr) And it’s hard to think of something to post. Sometimes I get too lazy. I don’t really have a motivation idk 😦 

• The photo/video on your blog post is mine, do you mind crediting me/taking it down? Okay just tell me which photo/video and I’ll give you credit and or take it down 🙂


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