here’s to the ones who dream

this is the first post of 2017 and i’m doing another all low caps post (will explain later on the post)

but anyway, 2017 has been okay so far like it has been suspiciously so good to me. i got to hang with some of my fam during new year’s day and i even saw my soul. but little did i know, my soul was going to migrate to another country so that was the last time i ever saw my soul and maybe the last time in a long time because i don’t know when she’s going home. it’s fine and all, and i’m so happy for her because she’s going for another adventure. above all, i’m just thankful i got her as my soul and that is what’s more important than any tradition 🙂

also, i’m down to the last half of my junior year. it’s so crazy to think that i’m almost graduating but i still have so much to do before that lol. the enrollment system improved so much i was done in 2.5 hours, which was a first. i also went to the arcade with some of my college friends that i saw before going to the id sticker replacement. and they were asking me if i wanted to join them in a trip they’re taking after this sem, i’m not quite sure yet because as much as i want to say yes, i want my first out of town trip to be with my highschool friends; we’ve planned so much on going on a roadtrip idk. but of course that would be rude to say so i just said i’ll think about it.

aahh also i’m going back to school on tuesday and idk i think i’m ready but i don’t want to go back yet gosh huhu. hoping for good teachers this sem!!!

remember when my laptop “crashed” while i was doing end of the year posts? apparently my laptop did not “crash” it was actually the usb cord of the charger. it wasn’t properly charging my laptop hence it was so lowbatt that it had to sleep. lol but don’t worry, i changed the cord already i’m using my blackberry charger lolz. never thought i would use this again.

ok so i decided that this year, i would get rid of my irrational fears (i.e: dyeing my hair, lighting lighters/matches,  animals) last tuesday i got my hair colored LIKE WHAT LITERALLY WHAAAT hahaha yeah it’s now light brown with blonde highlights idk if it looks good on me but it’s alright. and i’m so proud of myself for actually doing it. lolz i was chatting my friend because i wanted my hair to get a balayage effect and he said go but i wasn’t so sure. i asked my mom and she said yes so when we got to the parlor i was so so anxious i didn’t look at the picture of the shade i wanted i just picked from the color picker (HAHA idk what that’s called but it’s like the paint sampler???)

i also watched la la land. i think i’m gonna do another post on that. but it was such a wonderful movie i can’t wait to see the 1080p version of it lol. also, i’ve been catching up on that 70’s show (season 4 already and it’s sooo good. 4×01 has got to be one of my most fave episodes haha) and i’ve also been watching the newly released a series of unfortunate events!!!


that’s few of the good things 2017 gave me so far. like i said, i was getting so suspicious because life has been treating me so well lately (but don’t get me wrong i am so grateful for all the good stuff, i’m just used to getting bad days umm filed under 2016 lol).

anyway, after eating lunch i went on twitter and noticed some of my batchmates were tweeting about life and how short it was and then one of my batchmate tagged our other batchmate and then i started chatting my friends in case they knew something because i had a feeling something bad happened to her, and that was how i found out the news the she had already gone. i wasn’t close to her but some of my friends are. and considering she was my batchmate and i’ve known her since freshman year, i was so shocked because she was sooo young. she’s a year older than me but she’s the same age as our other batchmates. my heart sank when i opened facebook and saw her mom’s post through her account and read the comments. she was so loved, she still is and she’ll always be loved and missed by so many. she was so talented and she was beautiful inside and out. but life could be so unpredictable, that it can be cruel sometimes. my whole heart is with everyone who are going through this difficult time right now. i’m also praying for her soul and loved ones.

i remember during one of our school activities 3 years ago, we were asked one by one. “what makes you remarkable?”. my answer to the question was “…because our batch name means remarkable and i’m in this batch” and the response to my answer was “psh. that’s so cliché.” i was a lot of pressure that time. but after what happened today, i could answer it better now. the answer is that no one realizes how remarkable someone is until they’re gone. and you won’t realize how remarkable you are until you’ve touched someone else’s life.

May you rest well, batchmate.

That is aall xx