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I am back oh wow? So starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing something new 🙂 Because this week on my blog I’ll be doing…. *drum roll*


Basically if you watch Youtube or stalk blogs you know what I’m talking about. But if you live under a rock, I can’t explain so you have to watch out for my posts this week 🙂 Okay yey. That is all x


This is the lyf

13 february | valentines day

“Desperation day” Hah. More like “Stay in bed the whole day because your legs hurt and who the hell cares if it’s Valentine’s tomorrow, I can already smell the roses I’m not going to receive… day”.

Anyway, wonder why my legs hurt? It was because of an activity yesterday at school. Good thing there’s no school tomorrow and there was no school today. So yey! 😀

I’m changing my laptop next month yeyeyey. I waited for this for 4 years. And it’s Windows 8 and touch screen and I’m screaming 😦


jk no more hating ok =((((

I don’t know what to say anymore because I have a few more blog posts yey okay bye






Surviving Holidaze 2013

As you all know, Christmas is literally just around the corner. Like in 10 days, we’ll be smelling the gifts under the tree. So here are some tips in surviving this cray holiday, or in short; the HOLICRAZE (noun.) Happens weeks before Christmas itself and it also happens a few days before Christmas. see also; last minute shopping

Tip #1. Never ever buy your gift hours before Christmas or the party. Who the f does that?!
Tip #2. Search for a one of a kind gift. No, no. Not love or friendship. If ever you see something that catches your eye and it’s the only one left, grab it before someone else does and you’ll end up regretting being too slow.
Tip #3. If you are short in money and you want to buy your friend a really nice give though it’s expensive, find another friend who you can split with. Not only you can save and pay half the price, but the receiver of the gift would be thrilled.
Tip #4. Don’t shop with your parents. I swear you’ll just end up feeling like shit after because of something hurtful they said while shopping and they think they know more about your friends than you do.
Tip #5. Be thankful with what you have received. Remember you’re lucky because you have gifts this year even though it isn’t that great.
Tip #6. Be nice to people this holiday season. Especially to people working in malls, restaurants, just everywhere. Because instead of spending time with their families, they’re there working really hard to serve you and make your lives easier.
Tip #7. Don’t push people. Just don’t.
Tip #8. In buying gifts, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Buy things that are practical and useful.
Tip #9. If you’re going to a Christmas party, don’t be too early but don’t be too late either.
Tip #10. Know what party to go to. If the party you’re invited to sounds pretty fun, go. If it doesn’t, still go. Remember that food is always present in parties. Go for the food haha 🙂
Tip #11. When you’re at the mall, walk fast. There are people behind you who are rushing. 😛
That is aaall x

The one where I talk about death

This is a long overdue post. This was supposed to be posted last Thursday in line with Halloween but I didn’t finish it because I was catching up on Awkward. Anyway, since it’s All Soul’s day today, I guess it’s still connected?

I went to the cemetery last Thursday with my family to visit our family who are now up there. I really don’t like going to the cemetery, it’s like a sad and a creepy place because one day I’ll just end up there.

The thing is, I have learned one lesson or two from my family that day.

First, to tell kids straight up what death is. My cousin has two kids, they’re the youngest in the family. My niece is 5 years old and my nephew is 2. The thing is, they don’t know what death is. Well they do know but in a sense that dead people are up in heaven right now or they’re just sleeping. But to me, it shouldn’t really be that way. Children should know what death really is so they won’t be afraid of death or they won’t question it when they grow up. And to handle it well.

I have experienced that when I was younger. When my mom’s cousin’s dad passed away (basically he’s my grandfather but I call him tito. Same goes with my other grandfathers and grandmothers /I call them tita)  I was the same age as my niece that time. I remember going to the family house and the chairs and paintings were all down and people started going in and out being busy and all. I don’t remember vividly what happened that day but I can recall that it was the day before my dad’s flight. It was August and I was still in Kindergarten. Then my mom started talking to my grandma And the next thing I remember from that was I was getting picked up by my mom after school for that week and heading to the grocery to buy coffee, styro cups and all that then eating lunch and finally heading to the family house. The first time I saw the coffin I got pretty shocked. It was my first time seeing it. Then that’s when they finally told me that Tito passed away but they told me he was in heaven and all. They didn’t tell me the reason why he died. I only found that out when I was 7? The next thing I remember about that was when my great grandmother went out and saw his saw. Then she just cried by the coffin. I was confused and didn’t know what to do that time. I was eating meriyenda  and playing Yugi-Oh cards when that happened. I had a feeling she was told about it somewhat late.

Long story, short. Adults should always explain to their children what death is so they won’t be pretty shaken up about it. And there’s no harm in exposing the children to the subject of dead people and death itself. And it’s the way you explain it to them. My parents didn’t really sit me down and talked about death when I was younger, I just found out about it later on in life. (Like pre-teen years, yes). And I was the one who explained it to myself (get it? Um well I pretty much googled it and read books) So when I have kids someday, I will totally tell them about death. Not the “heaven-hell” type. But the real world type. Why people die, what happens if they die, etc. I’m also going to tell them they shouldn’t be afraid of death. It will happen to everyone and you just can’t be alive forever.

Second, it takes time to get over a loved one who passed away. There’s no minimum or maximum time to grieve. You can’t easily move on from it. It’s not like in love where you just grab a boy and make out with him then you can say you’ve finally moved on. It’s not like that when it comes to someone who died. You just can’t grab someone and tell them to be your grandmother or your uncle.

I can say that some of my family members are pretty much still moving on from what happened last September. Well, it has just been 2 months ever since. I can see that my mom is pretty much strong about it. She just talks about my grandfather sometimes. I’m pretty sure that’s her way to move on. Same goes with my aunts. By talking about him. To be honest, I don’t know their relationship with my grandfather when they were younger or when my grandfather was still alive.

Uh anyway, I only did this post because adults and you kids out there who are reading this should learn from this post too. Like tell your /future/ children about your departed ones. Tell them the reason why they died. Whether they died because of an illness or because of an accident tell them. Straight up. No bullshit. And if they have questions, answer them. Don’t sugarcoat anything. Tell them what was it like or your memories with them when they were still alive. It’s okay to reminisce about the ones who have passed. It’s also okay to miss the ones who passed away. But you need to know that life has to go on for you too.



Poetry, anyone?

Tonight, I’m unleashing my inner Edgar Allan Poe. haha. For those who doesn’t know, Edgar Allan Poe was not only an author but was also a poet. An exam of a poem he wrote was “Annabel Lee” which is still my favorite piece. I learned it (believe it or not) when I was still in kindergarten. My teacher made us perform it during a school event.

Oh and before I share the things I made, I want you to read the poems I saw from Tumblr. These are all from one blog. I stumbled upon this blog last May? And I fell in love with the posts ♥ I could somehow relate to them.

These are my favorites. Credits to writinqueen. There are a lot of posts like this on Tumblr. I want to share those posts I like too but I can’t find the direct links to the owners. That’s why I only chose the posts of Julie Martinez 🙂

♡ ♡ ♡

♡ ♡ ♡

♡ ♡ ♡

♡ ♡ ♡

♡ ♡ ♡

So the following are the things I wrote (no wait, I really didn’t write the first one. It was a line from Awkward, that’s why it’s credited as “J.H” as in Jenna Hamilton at the end of the first one :))


♡ ♡ ♡


♡ ♡ ♡


That’s all. Omfg I know I suck. HAHAHA. But at least I tried? 🙂 Have a goodnight everyone! And goodluck to those who are going to school tomorrow. Have a fun week. Oh, and happy father’s day to all the awesome dads out there! 🙂


Dumb ways to die

So many dumb ways to dieee.

This game made me cry because it was too intense. No joke. I almost threw my iPod across the room when I die. Haha. Plus the “theme song” of this game is catchy too!

You guys should download this 😉 And solemnly swear to not do dumb stuff around trains.

That is all. I want to do the 80’s movie thing already but I’m not yet done watching all the classic films 😦 I promise to do it before May ends! Plus I’ll post another playlist, and some more random things before I go back to school. Have a good day, everyone 🙂


Doctor Who


It feels like Summer 2012 again. But this time, I’m watching Doctor Who instead of HIMYM or Friends. Woah.

(I’ll be back later before I watch the 2nd season. I need the feels to go away so I can blog properly)


…It’s not Thursday. Boo 😦 Anyway, since I’m bored and I don’t have a social life. I’d like to share my Top 5 favorite TV commercials of all time.

Your childhood’s not complete when you never played the game wherein you have to guess what commercial is going to come next. As a kid, there weren’t really much channels in the late 90’s and the early 2000’s (well in my country). I can recall, there were only like 50+ channels you can choose from.

Growing up, my mom only allowed me to watch some Tagalog shows on TV. Like, the local news every evening, some local game shows and after that I’m back to watching Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. So when I started school, my Tagalog skillz were poor lol. But I worked hard on that because I didn’t want to suck at Filipino later on in life. Eventually, I succeeded and now I’m awesome and tbh I rarely speak in English now. Hahaha. I know simple words like pula, to deep words like makapagdamdamin and bad words like Punyeta etc. HAHAHA WAT NOW =))

Fun fact I was 4 whn I watched my first Tagalog movie. It was Judy Anne and Piolo’s movie. Hahaha. I forgot the title but yeah. I’m allowed to watch Tagalog TV shows already 😛

Okay then. Let’s get started

 ☾ Gina and Karen, McDo ☽


This commercial never gets old :’) It’s the commercial that touched the hearts of almost all the Filipinos out there.

☾ Gusto ko lang naman ng fries eh, McDo ☽

THIS COMMERCIAL IS TOO CUTE I JUST ASDNAKSFNA Too bad it didn’t air longer because some people thought it wasn’t proper for the children to have a relationship at that age. Oh well.

☾ Red sports car, Fita ☽

I laughed so hard when this came out!! Omygod hahaha. And whenever I eat Fita, I instantly remember this commercial and laugh.

 ☾ Closer You and I, Close Up☽


☾ Goodbye Carlo, Purefoods Tender Juicy ☽

I wasn’t born yet when this was aired, but this has got to be my favorite. I only found out this TV ad because someone posted it on Tumblr. I COULD ACTUALLY RELATE TO THIS?! “Dear diary, Carlo sat beside me today. He’s so cute. Sabi niya I’m pretty. Kaya lang I’m fat. 😦 I eat too much kasi eh. Kaya ngayon, goodbye chocolates, goodbye spaghetti, goodbye hotdog *sees hotdog in her side table* *scratches out goodbye hotdog in her diary* GOODBYE CARLO “ hahahahaha oh mygod this commercial is so benta i’m crying. I was reading the comments, does this commercial really have a sequel? The one where Carlo was played by Patrick Garcia a.k.a one of my childhood crushes… until he had his braces off. HAHAHA. Can someone upload it? Please? Thanks.


☾ First Love, McDo ☽

Okay. Mcdo really makes the best TV Ads. Hands down. Haha. I think they thought of this concept because there’s a line in the song “Huling El Bimbo” by the Eraserheads (the song playing in the background) “Lumipas ang maraming taon, di na tayo nagkita. Balita ko’y may anak ka na. Ngunit walang asawa. In english meaning: “We haven’t met in years. I heard you have a kid now but you don’t have a husband.” But she had a husband in the commercial. ((and spoiler alert, the girl died in the song bc she was hit by a car)) aWWW. Anyway, another thing. This was released 2009, if I’m not mistaken. The legendary band Eraserheads who released Huling El Bimbo in the early 90s, had a reunion concert which served as their first in years and their last, ever. So maybe, as a tribute, McDo used the song since it gives this nostalgic feeling to Filipinos.

♛ ♛ ♛