We got the beat

As promised, here’s the post about the 80’s movies I watched for the past few weeks. (See, even the title of this post is 80’s-ish.)

Here’s a quick story about why I decided to do an 80’s chick flick/highschool movie marathon. There was a quote in the movie, Easy A which was:

“I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an 80′s movie, preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason. But no, John Hughes did not direct my life.”

So I googled John Hughes and then read the wiki page about him and the rest was history. Since l devoted my summer last year watching Friends (which began in the 90s) and watched a few 90’s movies, I thought I’d watch 80’s movies for a change this summer. Especially that my parents were 80’s kids (Wait, I think they were already teenagers in the 80s…). Anyway, I wanted to know what movies they watched, the actors they fangirled/fanboy-ed about and the bands they listened to.

First off, I watched The Breakfast Club. I watched this sometime in 2012, though the quality wasn’t that good since I watched it online.
This movie is about 5 teenagers who come from different backgrounds, different cliques, who spend their Saturday having detention. Their personalities clashed first, but they became open to each other (with a little help of marijuana). You know, if this was set in the present time, the characters wouldn’t even bother being friends. They will all just bring out their phones and text. Lol. Anyway, this has got to be my fave Brat pack movie! And you guys should watch it too. Heh. Oh and Victorious did a parody of The Breakfast Club but called it The Breakfast Bunch. Haha.

The next movie I watched is: Yes, Sixteen Candles. It’s about this girl, Samantha who turns 16 but her family forgets about it because they were all busy with her sister’s wedding the next day. Then, a series of unfortunate events happen to her the rest of the day. And then, there’s this guy named Jake Ryan who waits for her outside the church on her sister’s wedding. Then, they celebrate Samantha’s birthday with a cake and a kiss. It’s a pretty simple plot but if you look at it, it’s pretty sweet.

Next, Pretty in Pink. Fun fact: I thought Duckie was Michael Hall before I watched it then I found out the role was only offered to him and Jon Cryer was Duckie. Okay here’s the whole movie summary. This girl Andie isn’t rich. Her mother left both her dad and her. Andie works at a record store and one day sees a hot boy, Blaine. The next day, Blaine chats Andie asking her out. Oh and by the way there’s a character named Duckie who is Andie’s bestfriend. Duckie likes Andie but Andie likes Blaine. When Duckie finds out Blaine asked Andie out he convinces her he’ll only leave her but he failed so he storms out the store (by the way before that he had an awesome dance scene). Fast forward to the prom scene. Andie went alone because Blaine and her fought earlier. Duckie sees Andie and decides to escort her but then he decides to let go of Andie and make her chase Blaine. In the end, Blaine and Andie share a kiss. Thus, the end of Pretty in Pink. I’m sorry if you didn’t understand? I skipped a few scenes haha. Just watch it okay? 😛

Some Kind Of Wonderful. Fun fact: I thought Molly Ringwald was in the film. While watching the movie, I looked for her. Only to find out she’s really not part of the cast. Summary: Watts considers Keith as her best friend. Keith asks most popular girl out. Watt realizes she has feelings for her best friend. Popular girl’s boyfriend causes trouble for Keith because he didn’t want to lose his girlfriend to a loser. Oh and the end Keith leaves Amanda for Watts and giving her the diamond earrings he originally bought for Amanda.

Weird Science. This movie has a really simple plot and makes me laugh because in reality, you can’t really make a perfect girl out of a floppy disk. Nevertheless, Geeky Anthony Michael Hall never fails to make me laugh… (and sort of fall in love)

Johnny Be Good. IN THIS MOVIE YOU CAN SEE FETUS ROBERT DOWNEY JR. Hahahaha. Johnny is this beyond amazing football player and there were a lot of universities asking him to play for them. There were a lot of offers and the universities used his friends and family so Johnny would choose them. In the end, Johnny decides not to go to the big universities and just play of the State Uni. Oh and in this movie, Anthony Michael Hall isn’t a geek anymore.


Somewhere In Time. This movie hurts my brain??? Because of reasons I don’t want to talk about because it’s freaking too complicated to explain here. It’s like Back To The Future but without the romantic shiz going on between the characters and it doesn’t involve a flux capacitor and a DeLorean that needs to go on 88 miles per hour to work. This movie is bittersweet because Richard dies in the end but yet reunited with Elise. I don’t even know why I downloaded this because we have a VCD of this. Haha.

Last is, Can’t Buy Me Love. I’m really lazy to tell the whole summary. You can either watch it or read the summary yourself. But all I can say about this film is that this is where Patrick Dempsey rides a lawnmower with a girl. Hahaha. Yes. And since I’m going to be a senior this Monday, I want to make the last year of high school big too. So umm, should I hire a popular boy to be my boyfriend? HAHAHA. KIDDING.

Okay that is all. I watched a few more like  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back To The Future, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Dirty Dancing etc. But I’m too lazy to include all of it here. Sorry. There are a lot more great 80’s movies there, not only the ones I mentioned. Just google it haha. I really hope you guys could watch these amazing movies. 🙂  x

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The Breakfast Club

I watched some of John Hughes works the other day. I’ll make a separate post for all the movies I had watched because I’m not yet done watching all of the films John Hughes directed and all the 80’s movies 🙂 I will also include this in the separate post because this isn’t really a movie review/summary.

Anyway, I watched The Breakfast Club (2nd time lol)  Can I just say that I’m attracted to 14 year old Anthony Michael Hall?! Whaaa. Hahaha. Seriously, if I was born in the 60s or 70s I would probably have a huge crush on him and fangirl over him :\ But I was born in the wrong generation so… P.S I only have a crush on TEEN Anthony Michael Hall, NOT the adult Anthony Michael Hall. (He’s like the same age as my mom, he’s only a year younger, I think and I’m only attracted to him because of the braces)

I could actually relate to all of the characters in the movie, somehow. Because they’re teens like me. There’s a little bit of Bender, Andrew, Brian, Claire and Allison inside of us. Don’t even try denying it. And the only thing that we don’t have in common with them is that they have a boyfriend/girlfriend after that Saturday. And we don’t. *ugly sobbing*

“We’re all pretty bizzare. Some of us are just better hiding it. That’s all”

I’m like Bender because he said “Peasants” a.k.a my fave word oh and finally, I knew where the “Eat my shorts” quote came from. It was Bender who said it! Actually, I only like Bender because he tells people rude stuff but he’s actually telling the truth, I want to be like that too it’s just that I can’t afford to be mean to people. I could only act like that in the internet. I’ll be getting my ass kicked if I was THAT rude in real life.

I’m like Andrew not because I’m an athlete but because of what he did to get in detention. He hurt someone because his dad told him so. No, no, my dad doesn’t tell me to hurt people. Haha. Sometimes, it’s the people around me who make me do hurtful things to others. Other times, it’s just the demon inside of me telling me to hurt someone so they would know I’m not always nice. Either way, after I hurt someone, I always regret it. I can’t sleep at night thinking of what I did and what the person felt after that. Then, I try to be all good again but do it again. It’s an annoying cycle I can’t really avoid, you know.

I’m like Allison because people ignore me… and I’m hella weird. I bring up my problems and don’t tell the whole story and tell people to forget about it but I end up telling about it because eVERYONE BEGS ME AND THEY DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE IF I DON’T TELL THEM. I’m also like Allison because if I sit at the back or even in front, people won’t notice me and they have the gUTS TO STARE AT ME LIKE I KILLED SOMEONE. I’m also this quiet kid like her and when she talks, people get annoyed heh. Oh and let’s add something to the things I have in common with Allison, I’m an anti-social loser too so yeah…

I’m like Claire because I cry whenever people throw harsh words at me and I could only say “Shut up”. And sometimes, I don’t answer questions with “yes” or “no”… I usually play with people’s minds and explain things to them not really related to the question. Lol. Do you guys get me?

(Notice how I made Brian last and it’s not a picture, it’s a gif? Hahaha 😉 Hint: I really find him cute. I have a thing with boys with braces when they were younger okay) And finally, I’m like Brian because I may or may have not contemplated suicide in the past years. Especially when I got failing grades. Hah. And I’m a dork but I’m feeling cool.

I want to meet people this school year that I can be friends with. You know, something different. I want to have a geek friend, a spoiled friend, a loner friend, a jock friend, a badass friend. I want them to not be friends with my other friends… just because. And we could call ourselves “New Clique On The Block” or “Cool Kids On The Block” or “The Haustus Club”. That would be so cool. And so much cooler than the existing clique names in school. And we’d only be friends online or in secret because in reality we have different cliques. Yes yes yes. And we’ll make our own shirts like “Hipsta Please” or “Too hipsta for you” or “UNAGI” or “You Can’t Sit With Us”. The thing is who should I be friends with? Lol I think no one’s like that in school :\ And no one wants to join a clique with me in it. S i g h.

Anyway, I leave you with this.