Float like an eagle

Hi. Hello. I know I’ve been away for a month, but don’t worry. I’m still alive. I know you’re wondering why I haven’t posted for the whole month of February. I have lots of reasons why I didn’t have  write a blog post after my monthly playlist. I felt like this was turning in to a ~music blog~ because most of my posts from the past year were monthly playlists. Don’t get me wrong though, I love making my monthly playlists. I’m just not intending my blog to go that direction.

I just really don’t have time and energy to have side projects. My creativity is gone, man. G O N E. It got drained by the course and subjects I’m taking up and it’s continually fading as the clock is ticking. To be honest, I even questioned myself was creativity there from the very start? Or did I just consider myself to be creative because I believed the people who kept telling me I was.

Another reason why February was a little tough because I felt like the universe kept testing me??? As in wth. The week would go on smoothly but then the weekend comes up and I get 2932942 problems I have to to deal with during the next week. (filed under: family gathering, my ecol class, the future i’m so unsure about everything). I’m grateful I actually surpassed all the challenges life put me in. I’m just asking for it to tame down like let me enjoy life, let mE LIVE IN PEACE. I get that you grow through bad times but wow I just really want to feel good 😦

Despite all the doubts and negative thoughts, I have decided to keep this blog and continue running it.  Lolz.

Anyway, Riverdale, Ed Sheeran and Spotify’s Discover Weekly have been fueling my will to live.

Ok ok enough of this drama. HAHA. I’ll be back again with a better post, I just wanted to update you guys and just jot down my thoughts instead of bottling it up.

That is aall xx