Birthday month was so stressful wow. I’m glad it’s over? Jk nah. It’s already August tomorrow and I only have like 10 days before MY summer after high school ends.


San Cisco – I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. If you listened to the 8tracks playlists I’ve posted I included some of their songs there 🙂

Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan – This came out a few days ago and wow this song is so great. Also, is it bad that I want to get high to this song (wow I’m a good child okay I will never do drugs) (maybe) Here’s the songgg, if you want to listen to it. It’s v cool and you should also pre-order TRXYE 😉


Wattpad- Rekindled with a former flame this month. Hahaha. Follow me.  I also recommend reading all the fics on my reading list, especially 7:15. It’s an Ashton Irwin fic but it’s so so good. Wow the last time I read a fic that is as good as that was Publicity Stunts. (And that 1D fic, Lessons Learned back in 2012)



Baseball tees/Raglan shirts/Sporty shirts with print – I really like these types (yes they’re a bit boyish) but I feel so edgy (?) when I wear these kinds of clothing. Yaaas. Plus v comfy. So A+

Flannels – I’ve been really into flannels this month because 1) I like to pretend I’m wearing Luke’s because I’m his girlfriend and he loves it when I wear his shirts while he’s on tour. (pls don’t laugh) 2) You can wear the flannel or put it around your waist to bring back the 90’s.

Lace/Frilly socks – When I was a kid, I hated socks with lace. I found that they were just itchy. But now, that I’m a teenager I  just looove it because I saw posts on Tumblr of people wearing them with boots and those Converse high tops and it looks good. I want to try it with the all black Converse high tops but I just can’t find socks like those 😦 I think the adult sized lace socks are only available in Topshop. But the thing is, the city I live in doesn’t have Topshop. Uuughhh.

Vans platforms  – During my last year of highschool, it was the reign of the wedged sneakers and I wasn’t really a fan of it because to be honest it looks weird and it doesn’t look comfortable. But I saw a pair of Vans platforms and I was like bitch I will buy those and I’m going to start a trend. (This will look good with lace socks too aw daaamn I need to find those socks and quick)


Why We Broke Up – I read this book a long time ago? Like early last year, I think. And the other night (just because it was rainy and I wanted to be sad hahaha) I re-read this book and I fell in love and got hurt all over again with Ed and Min. I just love it.

“Either you have the feeling, or you don’t”


 Forever 21 backpack – Okay so as early as March I already had a school bag for this school year hahaha. I had this “Omg rucksacks are the bomb” phase late last year and early this year, but because the rucksacks that are being sold here are either too common (meaning everyone has it), or too expensive, I asked my dad to find me a rucksack because it’s less expensive there (duh bc no tax). And yaaa that’s how I got a school bag 4 and a half months before school.  Haha.

Kim Kardashian Game – If you don’t know this game, I don’t know where you have been this past month. Were you hiding under a rock or are you still playing Flappy Bird? Also, Willow Pape is irrelevant and I’m pretty sure she’s 2014’s most hated.

That is aaall xx


✖ magic in my veins ✖

Holaaa. First of all, this is my first post as a sixteen year old *virtual highfive*. Anyway, I made another mix on 8tracks so please listen to it. 🙂

I’ll be going back to school in like 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks will be so cray I just  cannot. Wow. I have to go back to school shopping (clothes now included because I won’t be wearing uniform anymore), go to the dentist because believe it or not I didn’t have time to go this summer,  and also hang out with some friends before we officially separate *ugly sobbing* jk. I can’t believe everything is going by so fast I can’t cope can time slow down for just a bit?

Okay and a lot of this happened this week too other than my birthday. 4/5 in suits, One Direction’s 4th anniversary and Niall making us emotional, 5SOS everywhere and they’re like super famous now they’re getting mobbed. Remember when they were my dirty little secret? Plus 4 new songs, PointlessBlog (Alfie Deyes)’s 5th year on Youtube, by the way go check him out heh he’s a hottie and he’s videos are dabomb.com. Oh wow. haha. And let”s not forget Michael Clifford dyeing his hair purple again and getting an eyebrow piercing. HA HA. This was one hell of a week. Too much for my little fangirl heart.

That is aaall xx


15 x 16

Hiii. I’m turning 16 tomorrow and I’m so ugh. 16 is v old. Can I be like nine again? Idk. Anywaaayy, I won’t be doing a birthday wishlist because I’m really happy right now and grateful that I got what I wanted 🙂 /But if you want to give me anything, feel free. Also if  I really mean a lot to you and you want me to be extra happy for my birthday, you can give me  a pack of Milky Way or a 5SOS poster./

Here are 15 things I learned the year I turned 15 (?)

i. Do not mix dragon fruit with milk and cereal.

ii. Do not “mix” yourself with people you don’t want to be with. If you don’t want to hang out or stay with them, go out of the circle.

iii. Learn how to say no. Also, learn how to say yes. Learn how to take chances.

iv. If you believe in something, fight for it. Just because someone opposes to what you believe in, that doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. Everyone is different.

v. There is a difference between being sassy and rude. Know it.

vi. Sometimes, you just have to choose kindness over being right.

vii. What matters now probably won’t matter in 5 years. Who cares if you failed math when you have a good job not doing math. Who cares if someone called you stupid in high school when someone’s going to call you “boss” in the future. 😉 #DREAMBIGORGOHOME 

viii. Society will always judge you.

ix. “Forgive not forget” is irrelevant. You better forgive AND forget 🙂 Start over and don’t bring up the past.

x. But it is okay to visit memory lane. Just don’t live there.

xi. Had a bad day? That would make a great story someday. Remember that it is not a bad life. Also, be grateful. At least you’re still alive and breathing.

xii. Get rid of hate. Show your love more.

xiii. Wake up before the world and watch the sun rise.

xiv.  Bands/music you listened to, books you read when you hit an all time low at one point in your life did not save you. It/They gave you the motivation to do it. At the end of the day, you are your own hero. No one is going to save yourself but you.

xv. I learned that it is worth sticking around just to see what happens. Unexpectedly, good things can come out of nowhere. It would be a shame not to be around to experience them. 🙂

So here is to more brighter days and being sixteen? 🙂 /Well technically I’m not sixteen yet but I will be in 4 hours?/

That is aaall xx


too productive

HI I MADE 2 MIXES TODAY HAHaHA AND I’LL ALSO POST SOMETHING TOMORROW *insert infinite sparkle emojis here*

YAAAAS HERE’S TO BEING PRODUCTIVE 🙂  I’ll probably make an Michael and Ashton mix next week. Yey.

That is aaall xx


JULY PLAYLIST // dis·con·nect·ed

Better late than never, right? 🙂  This was supposed to go up a few days ago but I had to delete some songs because it didn’t really fit. Anyway here you gooo

Updates on my life:


5SOS is  slowly ruining my life.

I was supposed to go to my friend’s birthday yesterday but I didn’t because I felt really dizzy and felt like I was going to faint (no I am not pregnant HAHAHA) And I feel bad because she’s one of my really good friends aW 😦 But I promised to make bawi. Bad friend of the decade goes to me.

I’m going back to school in exactly a month. Should I cry or fling myself into the ocean.

Wow college gurl :\

Basically, my phone isn’t activated yet and my carrier told me it would get activated yesterday. Ha ha. Joke’s on me, I guess?


That is all for nowww xx Sorry for the lack of posts. I live a quite busy life. Jk.