✖ magic in my veins ✖

Holaaa. First of all, this is my first post as a sixteen year old *virtual highfive*. Anyway, I made another mix on 8tracks so please listen to it. 🙂

I’ll be going back to school in like 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks will be so cray I just  cannot. Wow. I have to go back to school shopping (clothes now included because I won’t be wearing uniform anymore), go to the dentist because believe it or not I didn’t have time to go this summer,  and also hang out with some friends before we officially separate *ugly sobbing* jk. I can’t believe everything is going by so fast I can’t cope can time slow down for just a bit?

Okay and a lot of this happened this week too other than my birthday. 4/5 in suits, One Direction’s 4th anniversary and Niall making us emotional, 5SOS everywhere and they’re like super famous now they’re getting mobbed. Remember when they were my dirty little secret? Plus 4 new songs, PointlessBlog (Alfie Deyes)’s 5th year on Youtube, by the way go check him out heh he’s a hottie and he’s videos are dabomb.com. Oh wow. haha. And let”s not forget Michael Clifford dyeing his hair purple again and getting an eyebrow piercing. HA HA. This was one hell of a week. Too much for my little fangirl heart.

That is aaall xx


too productive

HI I MADE 2 MIXES TODAY HAHaHA AND I’LL ALSO POST SOMETHING TOMORROW *insert infinite sparkle emojis here*

YAAAAS HERE’S TO BEING PRODUCTIVE 🙂  I’ll probably make an Michael and Ashton mix next week. Yey.

That is aaall xx


All my heart

Hollaaa. I won’t be telling you guys what happened to me this week because too much drama. And when I say too much, I mean it.  Let’s just say school has been shitty-er this week. Teachers getting mad at us (because they hate us), too many requirements,  my scores in seatworks plus my first long exam in Physics are low  and all the shit. Sigh. I CANNOT WAIT TO GRADUATE AND (HOPEFULLY) LEAVE THIS TOWN BECAUSE TO BE HONEST I’M REALLY SICK AND TIRED OF CONSTANTLY FEELING LIKE SHIT AND I JUST WANT TO START A NEW CHAPTER. DID YOU KNOW THAT SCHOOL USED TO BE FUN BACK IN THE DAY? 

Oh well, enough with that rant. I’m telling you guys the things I’m starting to be obsessed with lol. 

▼ Stydia. (Stiles + Lydia).

If you guys  follow me on Twitter, you know that I just started watching Teen Wolf. Heh. And I’m almost done with Season 1. 🙂 I ship Stydia so hard (more that Sterek tbh). I like Stiles so much because he’s adorkable. Hah yeah, I just used the word ‘Adorkable’ #iregretnothing. I spent the weekend watching fanmade videos of them and listening to Stydia mixes on 8tracks. I want to share my favorites I found.


Sterica (Stiles + Erica) 

I’m not kidding. Erica’s really the name of the character. Haha oh and yeah, I let another TV show ruin my life.  Here’s another pair I ship from the show. Too bad Erica died 😦 Yes, I know she died even though I’m still watching season 1. Tumblr is a a website full of spoilers. Here’s a link of a one shot I cried over at 1 in the morning the other day.


Lang Leav’s poetry

I’m starting to like poetry /again/. It’s been awhile since I read some really good poems.  Here’s her website and here are few of my favorite pieces from her. 



Spoken Poetry (Phil Kay and Sarah Kaye)

Both of them are so freaking good. They are amazing oh my god. I wish I could deliver a piece like they could. :\ Here are my favesss. You guys should watch their other videos on Youtube, they’re pretty good too.


That’s all for now, I guess. Haha. Goodnight and have a great week, everyone! Xx


Zayn feels

Idk I made a sad Zayn mix because I refuse to believe that my bby’s engaged? hahaha. Um yeah, here you gooo. (I forgot the track list but the first 9 songs are supposed to be about Zayn and the songs after that are set in Zayn’s point of view.


Before it ends: Part 2


This will be uploaded soon on 8tracks 🙂 I didn’t have time to download the songs so… yep. Haha. This is playlist contains the soundtrack of my summer. So enjoy. And please wait for this mix to be uploaded on 8tracks, I’ll do it probably tomorrow or on Monday.

She Walks Like Rihanna by The Wanted

Don’t You Forget (About Me) (cover) by Victoria Justice

Everybody Knows by Avalanche City

Hideaway by Passion Pit

End of the World bu Before You Exit

Thrift Shop by Macklemore

Pink Champagne by Ariana Grande

Colours by Grouplove

Now Is The Start by Fine Frenzy

Take A Chance by Luigi D’Avola

If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland feat. Katy Perry

Teen Idle by Marina and the Diamonds

Sugartown by Zooey Deschanel

King and Lionheart- Of Monsters and Men

Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds Of Summer

Growing Up by The Maine

Rock Me by One Direction

Pom Poms by Jonas Brothers

Hey Beautiful by The Solids

Try by Asher Book

Sofa by Ed Sheeran

High Maintenance by Miranda Cosgrove

And the song that defined my summer: Here’s To Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne!!!

That is aaall. Haha. I’ll be adding more songs if I upload this on 8tracks. Okay. Have a good night, everyone! Oh and if you watched tonight’s episode of MMK, please build a bridge and get over it. Seriously. PGT na, huy. 😛


Catching rays

Hello my nuggets :mrgreen: It’s a new playlist! I did something newww hehe.  Um, I got this idea from Aria Clemente, so credits to her. Heh. I like going adventures on 8tracks and that’s where I find almost all the songs I listen to. This is also different because this playlist is only filled with feel good songs 🙂 The reason why I did that is because I’ve been sad for a few weeks now.   Soo to make me happy and to make you guys happy, you should listen to this. IF YOU’RE SAD, CHEER UP GUYS. IT’S SUMMERRR. You don’t want to waste 2 months of freedom now, don’t you?  🙂 ☼☼☼



Relax and stay young xx


P.S: If you haven’t used 8tracks before, you should know that you could only skip 4 tracks per mix.