Can you hold me

I’m back and I’m feeling a little inspired to do a post today. And I think I’ll do 2 movie reviews right now, so you’re in for a treat hihi. I’m sorry if I’ll be including some spoilers. [Fergie voice] CAN’T HELP IT GIRL CAN’T HELP IT

I’ve been binge watching lots of movies since the start of my break so I lost count of how many I watched at home but I watched 2 movies in the cinema this month.

First one is The Conjuring 2. I don’t know if I have mentioned this here or I told my friends about it, but when I saw the trailer of this movie I thought this was gonna be lame because the concept was too cliche already. I could name 10 movies that has the same concept and storyline. Then, my mom told me we should watch it and obvi I had to go see it since it’s free and I want to prove to myself and everybody else that it was gonna be a shitty sequel, like most sequels are.

Well, 3 minutes in the movie, I was already terrified and I wanted to pack my bucket of popcorn and leave. After the first scene was done, everything was calm and reminded myself it’s not gonna be that bad and they’re just building it upr. But after that night when the little girl changed her voice while talking in her sleep, I knew I was wrong and I knew I wasn’t going to sleep for the next few days. Everything just went down spiral after that and I don’t mean it in a bad way. The child terrified me so much like?!?? CHILD CHILL THIS IS UR FAULT.  I had to go to the comfort room in the middle of the movie, I ran for my life.

I was wrong in watching the movie, I shouldn’t have watched it because I couldn’t rly sleep and the song that the choir was singing (it was in the trailer), gave me so many chills because I sang that in our Cantata. I know there are a lot more cases the Warrens handled and I want to see more in the future. Would deffo watch a third part but hopefully that would be the last one because like Adele, I also believe in trilogies.

I’m gonna rate this movie a 8/10 for the scariness but 4/10 for the story line.

Next I watched Finding Dory which I watched twice because Me Before You wasn’t showing anymore so my friends wanted to watch it and I just yolo-ed because everything Pixar is worth paying for and I waited 13 years for this but who’s counting. Lelz. Anyway, since it was a G rated movie there were toddlers screaming and crying and looking for Nemo. Sweetie, we’re done looking for Nemo. But can I just say the adults are so much friendlier in G rated movies haha.

Okay so I was super pumped to see this because who hateees Dory? Not meee. Dory reminds me so much of Phoebe from Friends especially that Dory grew up all alone. I think I was the only one who cried especially when Dory told her new friend, “I think I’ll remember you” *cue the waterworks*. My heart kept sinking during the flashback scenes because lil Dory lived a difficult life because she was suffering from “short merm-merm-mermory loss”. Aahhh.

The character I adored next to Dory was Destiny the whale. HEHE. She’s my new spirit animal. Oh and if you want to see old characters you better stay until the end of the credits *wink wink*

Like I said, anything Pixar/Disney-Pixar is so so worth it so I just have to give this movie a 10/10 would def recommend. CUDDLE PARTY!!! (If you watched it already, you should get this reference heh)

That is aall xx


Ride that wave

I don’t really have anything to say because I haven’t really been doing anything lately which is sad because I just iasnfjga maaan, I don’t know what to do anymore lolz. I am not in the ~zone~ to do crazy adventures and also create quality content for my blog because I don’t know. It’s the time of the year when I just give up on everything. Pucha ano na gurl ayusin na natin life natin ha HAHAHA.

I don’t really have the greatest ideas at the moment for reasons I can’t really explain because I can’t understand them. But I hope everything will be okay. HUHU hope is oneeee big word but it’s what keeps me going (WOAH WOAH) HEH. I hope I get back to my old self or like move on to something better.

Anywaaay that is aall xx


You can throw your map away

Well, will you just look at that. I wasted another 6 months doing nothing productive. HEH. Anyway, here’s a playlist to make up for the lack of posts. And yes, I’ve been playing a lot of Kygo and Drake the past month so some of the songs have really sick beats/drops but some of them are #hugot :p


Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers

Look After You by The Fray

Everyday by Ariana Grande

One Dance by Drake

Fools by Collective Ransom

Famous by Kanye West

Fragile by Kygo, Labrinth

Stay by Kygo. Matt Noyes

Sometimes by Ariana Grande

Too Good by Drake, Rihanna

I Found You by Amber Run

143 by Johnny Rain

Warm On a Cold Night by HONNE

No Place Like Home by HONNE, JONES

That is aall xx