2014 life lessons with Erika

Read this in Tyler Oakley’s voice. So much happened in 2014. (LOL get it because of his video)
1. I cried right before 2013 ended. Realizing that I survived, I am alive and well, and a brand new start + brighter days are ahead of me.
2. Opened the year not so great. My laptop charger broke.
3. After relying on my Blackberry for 2 weeks I decided I just cant so I gave in and bought a new charger right before my exams lol
4. Passed Health even if I did not submit 2 requirements.
5. Got my formal yearbook photo shot
6. Aaand that was the day I found out I got rejected from my dream school woo
7. Had a HIMYM inspired photoshoot for my creative shot for the yearbook
8. Designed my own prom dress
9. Fixed my thesis
10. Last banquet happened and wow though the theme was Great Gatsby it turned out to be… 50 shades of Purple.
11. Speaking of banquet, let’s not forget that I used one of my classmates to get in the dancefloor and danced with him to Say Something aaand I had no choice because I wanted to dance with the guy I liked since freshmen year so yaa
12. Obvi I failed to dance with him aksjfjabd I was such an idiot because he was already behind me and I was going to ask my “I.D” to ask the guy I like if he wanted to switch partners but the song ended and the next one was already a party song. Talk about prom fail moments
13. Proved our PE teacher wrong and gave her the best performance of our lives lol jk love it when you prove someone wrong and also she could not believe that we have tango’d and chacha’d our asses off like that. Uhh please.
14. Fangirled over The Mother’s cover of La Vie En Rose from HIMYM
15. Zayn turned 21 and Harry turned 20. I forgot to include that earlier I just dont want to start the numbering again
16. Literally was on the floor, screaming core values at 9 in the morning,
17) got carried by my batchmates twice
18) got screamed and was insulted a million of times before 3 in the afternoon
19) asked what makes me remarkable and answered a stupid phrase
20) told my friend I felt like the backup friend
21) cried like a baby because of the duck walk
22 literally nothing can beat that experience because since that day I’ve been numb /jk I’ve been stronger. So much stronger
23)  And 16-21 happened within a span of 10 hours.
24) by the end of the day we sang happy birthday and got so relieved
25) No valentines day prank from my friends hell yaaa
26) Had a new motto, “just say yes”
27) our final thesis defense day came and we successfully defended it woo
28) celebrated with shawarma
30) You guys know the story of how I failed my Algebra finals and had to retake the exam so I could pass? Well yes. I was late for a good 15 minutes for the test because of hORSES. Yes.
31) Celebrated with some goood DQ after the test yummerz
32) Waited for about a week or so to know if I passed or not. But okay yes I did pass woo.
33) By that time the only problem I had was my Physics grade haha
34) Failed to do good during my Filipino talumpati. I was such a fail that time. The speech should be memorized but I only said the first sentence and could not go on with the next because my mind totally blacked out even if I had this 1/4 with all the points and shit. Got half the score anyway
35) Got my final gradess woo and frakin passed all of it
36) Did not go to school for 2 days bc ugh
37) By that time it wasnt still sinking in that I’m done with the academic part of highschool and also that part when there were literally 7 days left before I could say I was out of highschool
38) While my friends ditched school after lunch to watch a movie I went back to school and boom I went all Ed Sheeran and co-wrote the batch song.
39) Did not attend Palaro bc we had to submit the final hardbound thesis copy to school
40) Just went to school the next day for 2 school programs
41) I had my first ever lunch with my soul before the program started
42) We were all in costumes and my batch got assigned to 70s. I wanted to do 80s or 90s huhu
43) my friend got noticed by my crush and not mE TF
44) Experience my first ever moshpit… At the gym floor
45) That was one hell of an emotional afternoon tbh. After the tributes to teachers, angels, lower batches, etc. We saw our former batchmates’ video greetings, saw this video that got the waterworks flowing, and finally saying goodbye to our souls because that was kinda the formal goodbye because the next event after that was already graduation.
46) Saw a movie with my friends the weekend before graduation
47) wore my uniform for the last time, stood in line for half an hour before the graduation proper started
48) i got mi diploma woot woot legit highschool graduate hurr.
49) Had lunch then went home after because we had to wait for another hour. And I scraped my foot hahAH #instacry
50) OKAY SAVED THE 50TH FOR LIKE ONE OF THE MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014 hahahaha I have a picture with the crush hahahaa literally just the 2 of us, side by side. dont ask my how I got it dont ask me why… Just… Wow. I waited 4 years for this shit to happen.
51) I had like 4 months of summer hahaha
52) I started watching American Horror Story. Best decision I made this year
53) Officially enrolled college. The time I got my schedule… There was no turning back
54) Went to Manila, shopped til I dropped, saw lotsa cute boys, tried Jamba juice
55) went back to baguio and when I was on the bus I was watching the first WWA concert through vines.
56) Loved Eleanor and Park wow
57) Found out One Direction was coming here for a concert and let’s just say I flipped mah shit and started crying.
58) Didnt get to buy tickets for the first show bc it was already sold out tf but there was a second show announced woo
59) Started loving 5SOS and considered them as my babies
60) July came and after refreshing the ticket website for 4 hours and almost losing my mind… I got mi tickets to see my babies on March akajdjdkjsaka thank u God, thank u universe, thank u parents akajdjjdska Also after this, I started saving up for therapy. I’m gonna need it.
61) I got a new phone heh
62 ) turned 16 and got emotional
63) I forgot to say this earlier and again I dont want to mess up the numbering, I watched The Fault in our Stars and wowee I cried like a baby
64) 1st sem started and I’m glad I was blockmates with 2 of my batchmates
65) Failed Theo and I’m proud to say it
66) Had a low grade in Phonetics… Til this day I still question how it happened
67) Did I say that HIMYM ended and Ted and Robin got together?
68) Had a slight crush on my English seatmate but slowly faded away (And when I say English I mean the subject hahaha)
69) Ate lunch alone that one time
70) Struggled every afternoon to get a taxi
71) Found lunch buddies
72) Watched Annabelle and sat 3 rows from the screen itself. Obvi screamed like a little girl and unexpectedly saw some of my batchmates after the movie
73) got my PE classcard dropped and I had to get it back and that week I
74) also got sassed by the ladyguard and that was the time I missed the faculty/staff at my old school bc they were nice and ya
75) I forgot to update my journal and to this day I’m still stuck in May
76) Saw my crush and ya it was awkward bc I think he thought I was gonna approach him so slightly went my way but I changed direction and so did he
77) Fuk what else even happened this year adjfjsbaak
78) oh yeah um edited videos for a school project and felt like a Youtuber
79) Attempted to get OS 8 but failed so I still have 7
80) Got close to my 2 batchmates who are my blockmates
81) Skipped the first 25 minutes of Phonetics to pre enroll and went back. Aaand then skipped the first 30 minutes of History to finally pre enroll.
82 People who have no filter fukin annoy me and should be burned at the stake
83) Theo midterm grade went up by 17 points
84) Had a date with One Direction
85) Christmas af
86) Cried when I heard Four
88) went home at like 6 bc of the theo shiz
90) oh oh got my friend grounded bc of it lolz
91) My brain got fried because of finals
92) So this potential bae turned out to be another fukboi OH
93) Followed a random gwap boy at the mall but I think he found out we were following him (I was with a friend) LOL
94) Got a book and a condom (just for lols) for Christmas from 2 of my friends
95) Got shoes (Vans) from my mom and Roshes from my dad (shoutout to them thankerz yo heh)
96) Went out with some of my friends and had the annual year end heart to heart talk aaand milk tea
97) Umm I also got a new iPod because my 6 year old iPod is slowly dying and it needs to retire
99)  Watch Feng Shui 2 the other day and shopped for my NYE OOTD hahahaha
100) Literally rushed this post because I’m leaving in 2 hours for NYE hahaha.

Okay anyway that was 100 things I did this year. This year was just wow. Incredibly wow. I can’t really describe 2014 with just a word or any word in particular but it was just wow. Here are the lessons I learned this year. I know that earlier this year I already did one but that was for my 16th birthday, this one is for 2014.

2014 taught me that it’s okay to get rid of people who doesn’t treat you well.

2014 taught me that even if you lost everything, have nothing anymore, you still have hope. There will always be hope that will keep you going. 

2014 taught me that it’s okay to get out of your comfort zone once in a while.

2014 taught me that if you feel like some people just don’t fit in your life anymore or they treat you bad, get rid of them.  negative people in your life. Surround yourself with positive people who genuinely make you happy.

2014 taught me to not compare myself to others. 

2014 taught me that you are the number 1 version of you. I learned this from Tyler Oakley that in life, if there were a contest to being who you are there will never be anybody in the world who will beat you. Nobody will be a better you than you.

2014 taught me that time heals everything (naks naman)

2014 taught me to keep going. Stick around until the end just to see how it happens. 

2014 taught me to make. things. happen. If you want something don’t sit and wait all day, freaking chase it and make it happen. I swear. This is probably the best thing I learned this year.

2014 taught me you don’t have to control your life.  because if you do, then you’re just not living life to the fullest because you’re just choosing what you want to experience. God and the universe has it’s plan for you, just sit back and relax. Everything will fall in to place in time. Go with the flow.

2014 taught me that people who you thought you wouldn’t like are actually the best. You see I got to be with 2 of my batchmates this 1st sem. I never really thought I’d be close to them and open up to them and stuff like that. They’re actually great people, they’re one of the most fun people I ever met. I don’t care what other people think of them. It’s just because they never really took time to get to know them. HAHA ok

2014 taught me to not care about what others think. They don’t know you so don’t let their words affect you.

And finally, 2014 made me so so thankful for everything. I’d like to thank first and foremost, God. Thank you for another year of life and love. I’m so so thankful for my family and friends because they’re the only ones who tolerate my bs. I’m thankful for all the bands and Youtubers I’ve liked, you motivate me to do good in everything I do in life so thank you.

And also, I would like to congratulations to myself for another amazeballs year. You made things happen. You’re still here woot woot. I’m just so thankful for everything that happened this year. This year has just been so overwhelming. In a span of 12 months, I ended a chapter of my life and opened a new one. And wow. Just WOW ASDJAGNA okay. Hahaha.

2014 was a lot better than 2013 I can say that because it’s obvious. HAHAHA. Well, I hope to slay 2015!!! I just want 2015 to be better, brighter and happier. Please please please. 2015 will also be the last year of me being a minor so… HAHA wow.

And before I end this post, I just want to say a happy new year to all of you guys. If 2014 has not been your year, just remember that in a few hours, you are given a new start. You are given a blank book with 365 pages.  So start 2015 the right way. Leave out all the bad memories, hatred and bitterness in 2014 you have about 6 hours left to do that. Welcome 2015 with open arms, love and high hopes. And I hope you find what you’re looking for in 2015.

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.”

when that ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other, and not just tonight but all year long.”

So 2015 in a few hours… Well here’s to a good year, positive vibes and making things happen 😉


Last turn up for 2014

Last playlist for 2014, I guess. Woooo. What even though. Hahaha. So I’m including songs from 2014 and some old songs that have been meaningful (I guess) this year 🙂 ok ok I know I should’ve done this earlier today but I got up at like 1 in the afternoon awhile ago because I went to sleep at 4:30 because I wanted to see the sunrise but failed. And after lunch I had to do some stuff.

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City of Dreams by Alesso, Dirty South ft Ruben Haze

Last Night by The Vamps

Let Your Heart Hold Fast by Atlantic Fort

What You Wanted by One Republic

She Looks So Perfect by 5SOS

High Hopes by Kodaline

All I Want by Kodaline

One Of Those Crazy Girls by Paramore

1996 by The Wombats

Sweet Sweet Melody by Katie Sky

Cigarette Daydream by Cage the Elephant

Flaws by Bastille

Oblivion by Bastille

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

Oh Cecilia by The Vamps

High Hopes by The Vamps

You and I by One Direction

Forever Until Tomorrow by MKTO

Heartbreak Dream by Betty Who

Nirvana by Sam Smith

Stay With Me by Sam Smith

Latch (Acoustic) by Sam Smith (lots of sam smith just bc he is perf)

Stuck On You by New Politics

Cities by Nat and Alex Wolff

Magic by Coldplay

All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran

T-Shirt by Birdy

Disconnected by 5SOS

Bright by Echosmith

Cool Kids by Echosmith

Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan

Voodoo Doll by 5SOS

Amnesia by 5SOS

XO by John Mayer

Pour Some Sugar On Me (cover) by The Maine

Maps by Maroon 5

The Great Divide by The Mowgli’s

Back To You by Alex and Sierra

She’s Electric by Oasis

Red Lights by Tiesto

Long Way Home by 5SOS (and the acoustic version of this unf)

One Of Those Nights by Shawn Mendes

Constant Conversations by Passion Pit

Take Me To Church by Hozier

I Love You by Alex and Sierra

Reflections by Misterwives

Style by Taylor Swift

All The Way by Timeflies

Pumpin Blood by NONONO

Brighter Days by Saint Raymond

Two Lips by Hoodie Allen

I Know Places by Taylor Swift

Photograph by Ed Sheeran

People Keep Talking by Hoodie Allen

Uptown Funk by Matt Ronson ft Bruno Mars

Weekend by Priory

Yellow Umbrella by Eric Bay

Animals by Martin Garrix

Oh Calamity by All Time Low

Superheroes by The Script

Lost Stars by Adam Levine

Where Do Broken Hearts Go by One Direction

Don’t Say Goodnight by Hot Chelle Rae

Maybe Tonight by The Summer Set

Pursuit Of Happiness by Kid Cudi, MGMT (Steve Aoki remix also wowza)

All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran

Auld Lang Syne by Krissy

Night Changes by One Direction

Emosh post coming up next. That is aall xx


Reflections of you

Hey guys! I hope you had a wonderful Christmaaas! Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday. I was so busy since the 23rd because my dad and some of my relatives arrived. Also, I hope you guys received what you wanted for Christmas because I did. Yaaas. I’m so blessed and so so grateful. But if you didn’t, you should still be thankful.

Okay so I just finished reading My True Love Gave To Me by Stephanie Perkins and I loved the stories! I liked the ones by Rainbow Rowell, Jenny Han, Stephanie Perkins and Holly Black 🙂

I finished watching American Story. I didn’t really watch for 2 weeks and I didn’t watch the last half of episode 7 so I had a lot of catching up to do. And now I’m sad because the next episode will be on the 7th. But that’s okay because I mean duh who wants to watch Dandy kill another innocent person on the Holidays (Uhh me!)

Now I’m going to read Anna and the French Kiss.

That is aall xx



Uptown funky woop


Finally done with the first semester of college. Can you believe it? Can youuu? I survived 6 months of academic and emotional torture. Now I’m ready for Christmas break and my grades /well kinda/ Idk wow. HAHAHA. Anyway I learned a lot from my first sem of college and I don’t really want to go on with that because I’m not really feeling emosh/senti today.

So on my last day of school (which was Thursday) my highschool friends and I exchanged gifts. I gave one of my friends a shirt. I gave another friend a pair of sunglasses which I split with a friend, an aromatherapy lip balm and lip scrub for the Iguana aaand notebook/post its for my highschool batchmates who happen to be my blockmates so yeah. Also I gave my Block 1 Lunch Buddies mason jars with candy and chocolate.

And in return I received a book I’ve been wanting for so long. It’s Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins… with a condom as a bookmark. LOL. No I’m serious my friends put a bookmark inside the book and like fortunately I opened the gift at school so it was less embarrassing. Obvi I can’t keep the condom and what the hell would I do with it so I put it in the jar full of candies and told my friend who was going to the Cantata to give it to our classmate because idk funny and her mom’s not around most of the time so she could really keep it hahaha. And also the condom came from my friend’s blockmate HAHA bc they don’t really have the guts to buy one and I’m pretty sure they can’t because they’re still minors.

Now that it’s Christmas break and 2014 is ending in like 10 days I have a ton to do!! I need to update my journal because the last time I did that was still July? So I need to update that. Also I need to catch up on Vlogmas, AHS and Awkward. But I have a lot of time for that. I also need to do my year end posts (yes postS). So those posts would be up on the 29th-31st. 🙂 And I’ll be posting Christmas specials later or tomorrow. HAHA. Okay. And I’m back to watching Vlogmas and What’s in my car videos. Lolz.

That is aall xx





That is aall xx


shut up and dance

This isn’t an interesting post rly hah just saying (for the 3928th time), I’ll be back right after finals and that’s next week so yes. And I’m sorry really, college is so draining I swear 😦 And I haven’t even finished this week’s AHS episode because I had to finish the theo scrapbook uuughh. Okay wow I need to get back to work.

That is aall xx


Starlight look at us shine


(and technically this serves as the last monthly playlist of 2014?? WOW?)  (Shoutout also to my friend Kyla lolz) (Last 2 weeks of the first sem yeaa) (Also it’s so crazy that it’s already the last month of the year. Oh well, here we go then woot woot)

Superheroes by The Script

Where Do Broken Hearts Go by One Direction

Starlight (Could You Be Mine) by Matt Nash [Otto Knows Remix]

Marlie’s Song by Hoodie Allen

Summertime Of Our Lives by Cody Simpson

All About It by Hoodie Allen ft. Ed Sheeran

Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy

Run by Daughter

All I Want For Christmas by Michael Buble

Imma Be Cool by Cody Simpson

Everything You Are by Ed Sheeran

A Night to Remember by Betty Who

I Know Places by Taylor Swift

Long Way Home (Acoustic) by 5SOS

Different Colors by Walk The Moon

Starry Eyed by Lana Del Rey

In Another Life by Strangeheart

She’s Not Gone Yet But She’s Leaving by The Fratellis

Eat That Up, It’s Good For You by Two Door Cinema Club

The Sea by SWIM DEEP

Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

Everything’s Okay by Lenka

Froot by Marina and the Diamonds

When I Get Older by WILD PARTY

Thousand Miles by Tove Lo

Work Song by Hozier

You and I by Crystal Fighters

Shake, Shake, Shake by Bronze Radio Return
Girl Almighty by One Direction
That is aall xx