April Favorites


Told you there was gonna be a new segment on my blog. Hellooo everybody! Long time, no blog? Haha. From the last week of March to the whole 30 days of April, my life has been pretty crazy so I haven’t been blogging that much(?). Quick recap  I  graduated high school (Still pretty much in denial that it happened). I got my room repainted I don’t know if I mentioned this before that my room used to be a peachy coral color now it’s neon mint green.  Threw most of my elementary and high school things  because I need more space to put all my college shit. I am officially a college kid, yes, I enrolled last week and it’s so asknsgdn? My schedule is alright because I don’t have a 7:30 class unlike most of the people I know but I have Saturday classes which sucks, hardcore. And yeah.

Now let’s move on to my April favoritesss. If you don’t know or if you’re new to this poop, let me explain it for you. Starting this month I will be posting stuff that I liked/ stuff that I used throughout the whole month.


5 Seconds Of Summer – They are my faves and my bbys’ bbys. /Get it because they are One Direction’s bbys and 1D are like my bbys/ HAHA. Um I’ve been listening to their She Looks So Perfect EP, and you should too because it’s perfect.

The Vamps – I found this band early last year but I only listened to their cover songs because I didn’t know they had original ones at that time(?). I downloaded Meet The Vamps and wOW it’s so so perfect and so catchy. My favorites from their album are: Oh Cecilia, High Hopes, Girls On TV, Risk It All and Last Night, Somebody To You. Just listen to the whole album, okay. Too perfect.

Arctic Monkeys – I looove this band. I included some songs by them in some of my monthly playlists.


Finnegan and Jackson – Finn and Jack, The Harries twins.  If you follow me on Twitter, they are my profile header. And they uploaded a new video this week which made me so so happy. They’ve been gone for so long but idk it’s okay because the quality of videos just get better every time.


American Horror Story – I don’t even know where to start or how to start. This show is the most twisted, scary, and leaves you  “WTF JUST HAPPENED” after every episode. And I love it. I started watching the third season, Coven, because the last witch I cared about was Sabrina (#walangconnect). And after watching the third, I went on to watch the first which was Murder House. Which was kind of a mistake because I saw Franken-Kyle be a psycho, Cordelia a medium, Zoe a suicidal teenager, Fiona as Kyle’s mother (OOPS SPOILER ALERT HAHA). This show is just amazeballs. And Taissa + Evan’s chemistry = INSTANT OTP. I like the plot of the first season better because it’s freaking twisted plus I think they rushed Coven 😦 I cannot wait for Freakshow!


Wizard of Oz shirt from Uniqlo – I screamed when I saw this. Oh oh Uniqlo is now my fave store HAH

Boots – Yes, I bought boots. HAHA. I am that obsessed with AHS Coven fashion that I had to buy black boots.  The ones I put in the picture are the closest one from what I’ve bought only that the sole is black (Ugh I suck at describing things. I’ll probs just post a picture when I get a decent phone)

Daisy sunglasses from Forever 21 – I got them from my aunt as a graduation gift 😛  And I just cannot stress how much I love the design of this. Haha.

Arrow ring from Forever 21 – I FINALLY FOUND AN ARROW RELATED ACCESSORY AND IM JUST HAPPY. I started looking for this early December 2013 and I really wanted to buy it as a congratuwelldone gift for me because from what I have read, arrows can only be shot by pulling it backward so when life is dragging you back from difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. Hashtag deeper than the Pacific Ocean.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han – Proud to say I didn’t read the ending of this book before I even started. (Yes, I like spoiling myself bc what if I die halfway through the book??? So I’ll never ever know how it ends?) HAIL QUEEN JENNY. I have been a fan ever since the Summer series and I just jasnfsjgsgm. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO SO MUCH. It’s about a girl named Lara Jean who writes a letter to a boy when she doesn’t like him anymore and stores it in a box her mother gave her. Then one day the box mysteriously disappears and poof, the letters were already delivered to the boys she loved before. But the book isn’t all Boys + Lara Jean it also talks about Lara Jean’s relationship with her sisters.

I can’t believe I have to wait another year for the sequel. Apparently it’s called “P.S I Still Love You”? (If you haven’t read the book yet, scroll down NOW) I have this theory that Lara Jean broke up with Peter and he got back together with Genevieve, now she only writes to Peter and then Josh comes to the rescue and blah blah blah Lara Jean realizes it was always Josh and the book ends with a letter to Josh saying she still loves him. AWW.  OKAY I’M SORRY WHAT HAVE I DONE NOPE KAVINSKY + COVEY FOREVER AND I HOPE MY THEORY IS WRONG AND I HOPE JENNY HAN SURPRISES ME. I’M GOING TO RATE THIS BOOK 5 OUT OF 5 BC F E E LS AND I JSUT UGH CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BOOK.


Muji pens – I finally have Muji pens and I pretty much got crazy when I got to Muji and bought almost all the colors of the 0.38 line /except some that were not available that time/. I also bought 2 mechanical pencils and some of the colors from the retractable 0.5 line yeaaa. #MUJIFIED haha

Malibu Heat Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works – This is a great scent for the summer and I have been using it a lot because Twilight Woods (the one I have been using before) is more of a winter scent. I can’t find the it on the B&BW website because I think it got discontinued but it smells like coconut with a citrus-y, mildly floral smell.

Heaven Is For Real (movie) – I watched it with some of my friends last week and it’s such a heart-warming movie and I recommend you guys watch it with your  family 🙂

APRIL 2014 // Wanderlust;  a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world

And that is all for my first monthly favorites. 🙂 Did you know that I planned this since January but never really had the chance to post it haha. This segment will be up on the last day of the month while my monthly playlist will be posted on the first day of the month. Hyfr.

That is aaall xx



Semi-colon project 416 ; 2014



The photo above seems familiar huh? Well you probably saw that on a post I published exactly a year ago. If you haven’t read it, here you go.

Yes, I repeated the same photo because 1. I don’t have a decent camera 2. I don’t know where my pens are because my room’s not yet done and my things are everywhere.

Anyway, last year I said some pretty good advice but not actually good enough idk. So this year, I’ll just post some quotes/videos/ what not that hopefully would make an impact on to whoever is reading this or something. I’m including those quotes and all to avoid repetition (Duh I don’t want to repeat the things I said last year).

Even if you’re not suicidal, anxious, not going through something, I hope y’all learn from this and I hope you help people who are in need (and this does not only mean the homeless but also the hopeless) (Oh that just rhymed HAHAHA)

Alrighty then, let’s start with HOPE.

"Standing out in the rain. Need to know if its over"😊. EMILYSTRAW1 | via Tumblr🔥

Louise said it all okay. Haha. She’s just a truly wonderful and not to mention a strong person and I admire her for posting this video because it did really help me especially throughout my senior year and I hope it helps you too. (By the way, check her other videos out because she’s one of my fave Youtubers. Actually check out all the British Youtubers + Tyler Oakley, dailygrace + Troye Sivan because they’re all my faves okay let’s move on)

Just like what she said “THINGS WILL GET BETTER, THINGS CAN GET BETTER, THINGS DO GET BETTER”. Because it really does, just hang in there. As you all know (I keep repeating this but idc) 2013 was really the worse year so far and I just hope 2014 would be better. And it has only been 4 months but 2014 has been good so far. And I do hope it does continue on throughout the whole year.

This gives me hope💖

I want you to make it too. Experience all the things a person should and experience extraordinary things normal people don’t.

Hope Is | via Tumblr


I also want you guys to read the entries of “Live Through This”  on Rookiemag. All of them are really good but this one in particular is my fave. Sometimes, new (not to mention better) beginnings can come from bad things.

You are amazing ❤

Do you know the secret of having fun and living life to its fullest? Saying yes.

And I wish I knew this earlier so I would have enjoyed my last year in high school but I only saw this by the last months of senior year. 😦


To all the brokenhearted

You will love again and it will be magnificent. Be Ted Mosby. He waited, he got hurt along the way but he met the love of his life and it was worth all of the pain. “The One” for you is coming and he/she is coming as fast as he/she could.



I don’t know what to say anymore so here’s a few random quotes


Today's quote



^^ my sophomore year motto lol this really helped me a lot

So let go them !!!


I hope...

And if you’re sad, stop being sad. Be awesome instead xx I hope you guys have a good day ahead, and also a good life. No no, not a good one, A LEGENDARY ONE 😉 I just want you to know that if you want someone to talk to, I’m always here. My links are above and yep. Tweet me, ask me on Tumblr, idk. Also, I want you to know that somebody out there loves you xx

I don’t normally give hugs but here’s a big virtual hug for all of you >:D<

Draw a semi-colon. Your story isn’t over yet. Cut cakes not wrists xx

((pictures are not mine, credits to all the owners))



5 minutes of your life that you won’t get back

Holla my lovely nuggets x Here is a little something just to make up for the lack of posts hah. Umm, things are still pretty crazy because my room is getting re-painted, I still don’t know where to sleep later, books and clothes every where. And I don’t know where my laptop charger is so I’m pretty much screwed. (It’s probs there somewhere in a pile of junk I’m just too lazy to look for it)

But in other news, I’m working on a special summer blog post… sort of. Plus a new “segment” of this blog. So I’ll be back with all of that. In the meantime, here is Idiot ‘s Lantern’s cover of Jacksgap theme song 🙂  (Hence the title of this post yep)

That is all for now xx byeee



On a serious note

Hiii everyone. Throughout the 3 years of this blog, I probably haven’t posted a serious post wherein I talk about what’s wrong with the world, or have made a stand about something. So I would just like to take this moment to talk about something really important.

Ah, second hand smoking. According to this website, it happens when hen non-smokers are exposed to SHS (second hand smoke)  so non-smokers who breathe in SHS take in nicotine and toxic chemicals by the same route smokers do. The more SHS you breathe, the higher the level of these harmful chemicals in your body.

(For more info: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/tobaccocancer/secondhand-smoke)

So apparently, if you stand next close to someone smoking, and you inhale it it’s like you’re taking in the same thing they’re taking. Okay for the knowledge of everyone reading this, cigarettes (the smoke) include harmful chemicals like: Hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and a lot more which you can read about here . And the smoke inhaled by the people around the smoker can develop cancer; lung cancer to be exact, heart disease, respiratory illness.

So if ever you inhale smoke from a cigarette, immediately get out of the area. Close your windows, spray air freshener so you won’t entirely smell the smoke, cover your nose with a handkerchief or something.

And to all you smokers out there, drop that pack of cigs and find something else you can get addicted to. Like knitting, yes knitting! Or start a book club, exercise, find a good band and get addicted to it. You won’t kill yourself or somebody else with those activities.

So if ever you guys know some kind of organization that helps stop or that is against second hand smoke, please tell me. I would totally join and raise awareness about this matter. Thank you. Have a nice day ahead everyone xx

P.S: Wow this is really good haha. There are a lot of things that concern me just like why is it that it’s already 2014 and there are still not flying cars. I am sad and disgusted. Y’all people know how to do touchscreen TVs and shit but you don’t know how to make a flying car? Oh and if you have a stand on something, tell the world. You’ll never know probably someone out there has the same belief as you and both of you can start something to change something 😉 (do you get iiiittt hah)

P.P.S: Those above are just my opinions, don’t hate me for it if ever you don’t agree with me. We are 2 different people. I am cool, you are not. Pretty much like, I am Beyoncé and you are some basic loser. Byeee and I do hope you learned something from this xx


The universe has a plan


But I just noticed that HIMYM ended when my high school life ended.   HIMYM started when my grade school life started. So, I feel like this show grew with me.

Wait, I need to compare this to my high school life because I haven’t really posted anything graduation related and I left highschool a week ago. You see, the show started with Ted and Robin. The show also ended with Ted and Robin. Same goes where I started. I was at the gym floor sitting during freshman Social Orientation with eyes full of hopes and dreams and unclear what’s ahead of me, that was June 7, 2010. And that’s where it also ended, me sitting at the gym floor during Graduation. Still with eyes full of hopes and dreams, I know what I want but still unclear of what is ahead of me, that was March 24, 2014.

And like most HIMYM fans, I don’t know where to go from here. There won’t be any episode after this. Just like high school.  I also don’t know where to go from here. No more (well in my case) Chemistry, Physics, Music. And that’s just saaad… not. HAH 🙂

One episode, Marshall said “” … looking out and thinking, “Man, everyone here means so much to me.” A bunch of those people, you know, I haven’t seen them since.””  Then Future Ted starts to talk “And that’s how it goes, kids. The friends, neighbors, drinking buddies and partners in crime you love so much when you’re young, as the years go by, you just lose touch. That being said, I did manage to keep track of a few people.” I wish I would keep track of a few people from my batch. Though I’ve only known them for 4 years, they mean a lot to me. They’re like the brothers and sisters I never had 🙂

Also I want to include what Barney  said ” Whatever you do in life, it isn’t legendary if your friends are not there to see it.”  Truedat. To my friends, you know who you are, I love you all so so so much and I would like to thank you so much for everything. Oh and just what like Robin said, I promise to be there during the big moments. I really have a good feeling that I would still be friends with all of you and fyi, there won’t be hanging out anymore… Only catching up.

Before I end this post, let’s go back to the title of the post “The universe has a plan” yes it has. And it’s still in motion. This high school ending this is just one part. There are a lot more. 🙂

And to all the kids who are going to high school this year, enjoy it. Yes, high school is scary but it’s gonna be alright. It isn’t like the ones you see in movies so don’t worry. You’re going to find friends, awesome friends you will cherish the rest of your life. You will find someone temporary but you have no idea that that temporary person could change your life forever. You will fail but that’s okay because 10 years from now, that math test you failed won’t matter anymore especially when you’re on top of the world. You’re going to find people who you’re going to hate but once you find out the reason why they are like that, you’re finally going to stop and just understand. I hope you understand. I hope you fall in love, fall out of love, learn and grow as much as you can. Trust me on this.

You better hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. But it will be worth it, kid. Those tears, sweat, sleepless nights will be all worth it. 4 years may seem a long time but I swear time passes by so fast. It so surreal. But I hope whatever you experience, you would still stay legendary. 🙂 x

And I guess this would be the last post in the category, “Senior Year” 🙂