Us: A concept, an infinite playlist

I’ve been in the mood to write so um here you go. it’s a piece inspired by a boy i rly like hehez. thank you for inspiring me to do good things and to go visit places to where you’ve been and leave my mark there as well. thank you for being one of the reasons i still write. my heart still hopes for the day we meet. you seem like you have a good heart. we need more people like you here on earth. so that being said, here goes nothing.


“1…2…3… Go!” 

As the first note from Chris Martin’s guitar echoed the entire concert grounds, the crowd went wild.

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you”

I wanted to capture this using my phone because this was one of my favorite songs. But I was shaking so hard and tears were already falling from my eyes, I put my phone down. Knowing that if I were to continue to record this, it would pass by so quickly and I would regret not being in this very moment.

I looked at you and noticed you also put your phone down. You were singing so loudly and I could see tears building up. I remember that time I played this song and you told me.

“Yellow used to be my favorite Coldplay song.”
“Used to be? What’s your favorite now?”
“Magic. Ever since you came along.”

I. STILL. CRINGE. EVERY. TIME. I’m joking. That was really cute.

“And your skin, and yeah your skin and bones. Turn in to something beautiful. You know I love you so. “

By the time the chorus was done the first tear dropped from your eye and I started laughing at you. You looked at me and finally noticed that I was staring at you for the longest time and shrugged it off. You focused your attention on the band as they were playing the second verse.
I shifted my eyes to the stage, to give you a moment. And to finally sing along to the remaining parts of the song.

As soon as the song ended I was a mess from crying so much. That was only the second song of the night. Coldplay isn’t a band anymore. Coldplay was an experience. THE experience. . Tears were shed in some more songs, especially the last one. Up & Up. That one hit me right in the feels.

As the band said goodbye to Manila, I had to check my pulse because I was literally on Cloud 9. I cannot believe I just saw one of my favorite bands. With you.

We had to rush back to the parking lot before more people exited the venue, all still on a Coldplay high.

“Well, that was the most amazing concert ever.”
“I know. I still can’t believe I saw them. Literally what”

You laughed, as you started your car. It was a 45 minute drive back to my place. It was already 11 at night so you weren’t expecting any traffic. As we made our way out of the parking lot and out of the concert venue, I was staring out at the window, just trying to take in every high building there is and all of the city lights that light up so brightly.

You turned on the radio and played Trouble” by Cage The Elephant.

To enhance your carpe diem-ing experience, you said with the softest voice. Your throat probably hurt from all the singing and screaming.
“Thanks… and hey thank you for tonight.”
“Well the night isn’t over yet. Where do you want to go next?”
“I can’t. I have to catch the 2AM bus.”
“Oh right. Well, it is the end of the night for you. Haha.”

My sweet love, won’t you pull me through? Everywhere I look I catch a glimpse of you.

I was starting to feel sad again because the night was almost over. I was going back home in a few hours to attend school. I’ll be back to reality in a few hours and I’m not sure when I was going to see him again.

The next song that played was familiar. An oldie but a goodie. It was “This City Never Sleeps” by Jason Walker. A personal favorite of his.
We hummed along to the song because we were too tired from singing.

“Like all these buildings I will try, to leave the world behind til my head is clear. Draw a new skyline and change my atmosphere.”

A new song came up. I had to check his phone to see the title of the song playing. It was “Made of Something” by bvd kult and Will Heggadon

“This is such a nice song!!!”
“Shoutout to my Discover Weekly playlist”

A few more songs were played. With some close-ended questions and some conversation fillers just because we wanted to talk to each other even though we didn’t have enough energy to do so.
With just 2 blocks left before my place, I regained the energy and took his phone to play some songs I wanted him to listen to.

I played “American Teen” by Khalid.

“For the long train rides in Japan.”
“Righhht. I forgot to tell you I was going there. Who told you?”
“You snapchatted your luggage a few days ago. Lucky guess.”
“Sakura season. We all wanted to go.”
“Take me with youuu.”
“I don’t really want to babysit in Japan.”
“Wow ha.”
“I’m kidding. Maybe. Someday, soon.”

And though it was dark in your car, I saw you smile. There’s always this warm feeling inside that I get whenever I make you smile.
He turned right and we were about 10 meters away from my destination.

“When we get there can you park first?”
“Umm.. sure. Why?”
“I need you to listen to one last song. Just to wrap this night… For your playlist too”

We enetered the basement parking lot of the building which was well lit.
I took my phone and plugged in the AUX cord. I scrolled through my playlist and played “Closer” by Nick Wilson. We sat there in silent when the song started to play.

I’m on top of the world with you, so let’s admire the view.

If this were a movie, the camera would zoom out now. With the song playing in the background, while showing flashbacks of our moments in the concert and in the car, and aerial views of the city, I’ll end it with a closing monologue about him and how happy I was in that moment. And then screen fades to black.


Yeah, that would be cool. Let’s imagine that happened. That all of this happened.
Well, there was my attempt of writing a piece after sooo long. HAHAHAHAHA. You’re welcome for the cringe-worthy story. HAHAHAHAHA. Alright. Every single thing from the story is fiction. I’m still sad from not going to the Coldplay concert. huhu. I’ll get my turn someday lolz.

That is aall xx

Ever Since New York

Hi. Hello. Hi. I’m just going to skip the part where I say sorry coz I’ve been gone and tell you that I’m still alive but barely breathing because I’ve told this so many times for the past 2 years whenever it gets hectic or I’ve hit an all time low.
Let’s go to the part where I update to how I have been. I’ve been well. Well-er than ever to be honest.
Where have I been? I’ve been on hibernation since the last week of March and I haven’t really checked on anyone or anything (i.e this blog and Tumblr). I’ve been on break since Tuesday and I’m going back this Tuesday which I’m not really ready to go back because I don’t want to know my grades and once I go back I have to deal with Final projects and all that. Though I really want this sem to end already, I’m so scared and anxious because I still don’t have subjects for this short term and I’ll be a Senior when I go back on August for the regular term. Dude. A SENIOR. What!!! I really want to get as much subjects as I can this short term so it wouldn’t be such a hassle.
Anyway. Lotsa realizations about everything for the past couple of weeks. It’s been weird but it’s been refreshing trying to figure out my priorities and goals in life, also I’ve been prospecting people who I want to keep in my life. I need to cut the circle again coz people are getting toxic and or shady lol and I don’t need that in life.
{this is a little reminder to my future self that for the rest of the march and the first few weeks of april: khalid, riverdale, studio ghibli movies were your faves. not to mention that your most favorite boy in the whole wide world a.k.a harry styles just released a single and he’s dropping an album in a few weeks!!! OK DUDE MORE REASONS TO LIVE}
I just remembered I haven’t posted a playlist for April. This one is a bit different from what I normally do but I’ll only do this kind of thingy when I forgot to post a playlist for the month and it’s in already the middle of the month AND when I’m inspired by something or someone (Hala. hahahaha) Anyway, this ~playlist~ would be in another post which I’ll be posting right now!!! Go ahead refresh the page HEHE. It’s a lil sumthin for everyone who reads this blog. I hope everyone had a good easter! 🙂