January faves

It’s February tomorrow… I do not know how to feel. Wasn’t it just New Year’s Eve yesterday?? Woah woah. But to be honest with you all, it has only been 4 weeks but I feel like it’s been 12 months already because a lot of things have happened this month. Did I ever tell you the story of how my friends and I almost died HAHAHAHA wow OA, 1/2 jk… we could have died, but thank God the crash wasn’t that serious. A jeepney crashed the back of the taxi we were in and yeah. It hit left blinker and I didn’t feel the impact because I was seated in the passenger’s seat but my friends who were at the back felt it and their necks started hurting after the accident /They’re fine now, don’t worry/. Anyway, just told that for you guys to always pray, drive safely, wear seat belts and value your life!!! That’s why I’m including my whole life in this monthly favorite. Actually, I’m including it in all of the monthly favorites I’m going to do. HAHAHA

wow that was sort of a long one. I miss just telling stories of what happened to my day/week in this blog. I need to do this more often haha okayyy January faves here we go




M U S I C 

McBusted – Okay so I just heard their album the other night and it was just so amaaaze. 10/10. Go buy it on iTunes. Ngl, What Happened To Your Band is my fave out of all the songs! 🙂 Also, they’re going to open for the Australian leg of OTRAT. I cannot waaait to hear them perform their new songs live.

T V S H O W 

AHS: Freakshow – For the last time. Yes. This wasn’t the best season (Bc I’m forever Murder House and Coven af). The ending was so?!?? okay the ending wasn’t as great and my theory was correct that Mordrake was going to get Elsa but plot twist she didn’t go with him, instead she went to the limbo with her freaks. I still wish Mordrake got NPH instead because you know… it would have been Legen-wait for it- dary. (LAUGH WITH ME) I cannot wait for the next season though.  And I hope Taissa comes back ++ the connection of Season 1 with Season 5. Or just connect Season 1 to any season puhhleaaase.

House of Carters – instead of doing school work yesterday, I finished all 8 episodes of House of Carters. Basically it’s an old reality TV show featuring Nick Carter (you know the hot blonde one from the Backstreetboys) and his family. Also I just observed that Nick looks like Joey Graceffa and Aaron looks like Joe Sugg. I don’t know. bye


Colored jeans – If you know me, I’ve always be a black jeans kind of girl. But this year I’m trying something new?? I just bought a few pairs of colored jeans because I just need a pop of color in my wardrobe. Because literally everything I wore the rest of last year was monochrome and a bit of pink.

Anything yellow – This obsession with the color yellow probably started when I found out “the bae”‘s favorite color is yellow. So like I wore a yellow top on NYE… you know. Just incase he wears his yellow watch or fave yellow jacket. #matchymatchy HAHAHAHA /as usual, the bae does not know me/

Nike Roshe – I don’t know if I said this already in a previous post but I got a pair of Roshe for Christmasss hehe. And it’s so freakin comfy!! My pair doesn’t really go with everything because it’s like a subtle hot pink.

Socks with cute patterns – Don’t ask.

B O O K S 

Mara Dyer trilogy – I read this book in 2013 but did not finish it because… I don’t even remember haha. But one of the reasons why I didn’t finish it was because obvi I lost my iTouch (~still a sensitive topic let’s move on~). Since the third book is out, I’m going to have a Mara Dyer trilogy marathon soon after I finish the Anna and the French Kiss series (Yes I’m not yet done with that book) hahaha.

All The Bright Places – I have only read the synopsis of this book and I just fell in love. Let’s wait until I finally read it so I can really fall in love. Plus one of the main character’s name is Violet and this book is about love and suicide… so umm I guess let’s see if this Violet’s boyfriend is a psychopath killer or nah.


B&BW Pocketbacs – Everytime I go to the comfort room in school, I always A L W A Y S wash my hands then put some alcohol. But idk I just wanted something with a scent so I bring both alcohol and a B&BW sanitizer with me.

QuizUp – It’s an app where you can take quizzes and compete with others. Okay so I don’t know if I’m just too obsessed with Youtubers and or watching Youtube videos but basically I’m in the Top 3 player in the Philippines in the Youtube category of this app. HOW CRAY. VERY CRAY. I’m writing this on my resumé.

Podcasts – Okay I only listen to 2 podcasts. PsychoBabble of Tyler Oakley and Not Too Deep by Grace Helbig. Their podcasts are sooo funny. And because it’s half an hour long, I listen to it while waiting for my break to end or on the way home. You should listen to them too haha.

That is aall xx


Sugar yes please


Aaaand I’m lazy to make a post. But I’m gonna miss sleeping at 3am and waking up at 12pm. I can’t do that anymore because I have 8:30 classes everyday gaah. At least I’m dismissed early yaaas. I hope everyone enjoyed the break too! Back to reality, back to chasing my dreams.

That is aall xx


just like the morning sun

Hello 2015!!! Okay so January hasn’t really started out nice for me but I promise to turn things around and be more positive as days go byyy. But this week has been cool I guess? I went out with friends and got my grades which I’m really proud of because I didn’t fail. Anyway, let’s talk about goals this year.

So since last year I’ve always had a theme haha and last year I had “JUST SAY YES” and dedicate my whole year by doing things I haven’t done and stepping out of my comfort zone. Basically I have decided that this year is all about being a better person over all. So this year I will “LOVE MORE, LIVE MORE, BE MORE.”  

#1. MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN. – I don’t want to sit around and wait for a miracle to happen. I need to get down to business 😉

#2. TRY TO GET FIT – Okay so if you’ve been a reader of mine for so long I know you might have read some posts about my struggle with losing weight and all that. Last year, I did it but gained all the weight again. So that means that I could really do it. I want to eat healthier and try to go to the gym. I’m doing this for me and not for anyone else.

#3. DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY – This is one of my main goals this year to be honest. Recently, I’ve just been so sad because of multiple reasons that just stacked up. I shouldn’t really mind those sad, negative thoughts of mine. It’s all about getting out there and being happy this year. 🙂

#4. SAVE UP. I don’t want it to be like last year when I started the year broke and ended it broke also. I have already a list of things I want and need so I just have to save up for that. Also I need to save up for my friends’ 18th birthday gifts. Yes, yes, they’re all turning 18 this year.

#5. GET A DRIVER’S LICENSE – I need to get this this year because I’m turning 18 next year so that means I’m no longer a minor so I need a legit ID other than my school ID.

#6 TRY TO DO BETTER IN SCHOOL – And I’m not only talking about academics. HAHA. I should really know how to prioritize.

#7. TRY AND NOT HATE PEOPLE AND DON’T HOLD GRUDGES – Believe it or not, this has been an issue for me for yeaaars hahaha. And there’s this saying wh


#9. HAVE BETTER BLOG CONTENT -As you have noticed during the last few months of 2014, I have been posting shit that doesn’t even have good content so I decided I’m taking this blog to another level 😉 I have plans and let’s just hope that time permits especially that I don’t have much of a break this year because I have to take up classes during the summer. And I have plans to collab with other people and bloggers or maybe a new domain and a new category (oOOHH).

#10. DON’T BE A GRINCH, GIVE. – I just noticed this before the year ended when I gave my friends some gifts and like they were happy (I guess) with what they received. And I was like “Oh okay, maybe next year I’ll give more.” And okay yes I will give more this year but not to the extent where I don’t have anything anymore. I want not only to give friends and family gifts (material things and my time and love hahaha) but also to the ones who have less.

Anyway, I hope I achieve these goals (or achieve even more) ;). So what are your goals/resolutions for this year? Comment down below 🙂

That is aall xx