I don’t even know one thing about you

Holla. I have 348954 requirements to cram but I just want to update everyone that the Monthly Favorites will resume 🙂 So watch out for that.

This week has been stressful as usual even if we were on the Holy Week break. Requirements are everywhereee and there’s more to come but I hope I finish them all so Lord please help meeee.

I’ve been editing videos for the past 3 days or so for my English class and that’s pretty much what’s the cause of stress of everyone I know.

Anyway, one of my friends asked me to help her in writing a poem about water last night and I don’t know I was glad to help because I just wanted to write because I haven’t written anything in awhile (Like to express my feelings and thoughts and hugot type of writing). And I just missed writing so much 😦

And last night, I dreamt about Kian Lawley lending me his polaroid camera. After that we ate dumplings while watching the sunset. HAHAHAHA. Weird but qt. I wish for a Kian in my life.

That’s sums my Holy Week 2016.. Happy Easter everyone! 🙂

That is aaall xx


We get so disconnected

Just because the title is from a 5SOS song doesn’t mean this is a PCD post about 5SOS lmao. It was my decision not to go though because I can’t afford to skip class especially that I learned how to be grade conscious already and I haTE IT. HAHA. I don’t want to repeat a subject because I just want to graduate ASAP (even if sometimes I tell people I’m not in a rush to graduate… but I really am because idk I just want to explore what the world has to offer. I just use that excuse as my defense mechanism) Anywayyy. Maybe next time I’ll go when they come back but this time #priorities. 😉 Sorry bbys.

This week was just too stressful and I think my attitude was terrible in dealing with people. Like I swear it was sooo hard for me to be nice to people because they’re all just too annoying this week partly because they’re also stressed about everything that’s happening in acads. The subjects we’re taking are all too demanding GAAH. Cannot. Even. 😦

Yesterday, my friend and I were in the mall and we heard this band soundchecking and we watched them. Solid parang free concert hahahaha. The vocalist was sOOO good. He’s good in the studio versions of their songs but his voice is better live. To think it was only a soundcheck huhu. Should have bought a ticket 😦 We stayed for a little while knowing that our other friend’s favorite rapper was also there to soundcheck.

Awhile ago, I went out with my friends to de-stress HAHA. It was so nice catching up with them again and having great conversations. Luv ettt.

That is aall xx



I’ve ran too far away

Do not fear, I am alive. Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot 😦 This is another playlist post but I do hope you enjoy it HAHA. I swear I will be bringing more quality content really soon! To update you about my life, my exams are done and it’s already the middle of the sem. Like legit I only have 2 more months of school remaining so yeaaah.


Dancing On The Grave by Passion Pit

I Forgot Where We Were by Ben Howard

Migrane by Twenty One Pilots

Role Modelz by J. Cole

Day Two by Lemaitre

Chasing The Wind by This Providence

It’s You by ZAYN

New Constellations by Ryn Weaver

Work Song by Hozier

Simple Things by Miguel

Come Back Home by LAUV

Catch and Release (Deepend Remix) by Matt Simons

Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco

Beautiful Lies by Birdy

Chaos by Frankie

Science and Faith by The Script

For Emma by Bon Iver

First Love by Adele

Modern Love by Coasts

Dynasty by MIIA

See How by Coasts

That is aall xx