Long time, no post

Happy December, everyone! 🙂 Hope your December wish/es come true. (For the GIF, credits to the owner 🙂 )

It’s so good to be back here on WordPress! Haha. I missed posting random stuff here. Don’t worry, readers. Christmas vacation is just 2 weeks away (I think… LOL) and I’ll be active here again 🙂

By the way, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year (Well, next to my birthday.. but it’s not a holiday. Though, I consider it one! haha). Why is it my fave holiday? Because it’s time to give back to people who helped you throughout the year and it’s a time to receive things too! HAHAHA 🙂 And aside from giving and receiving, it’s also a time to spend time with some family members and friends! (Also, I love Christmas because of the food during Noche Buena hahaha. omnomnomnom)

I’m sooo looking forward to our Christmas party! Because last year was a total flop  Kidding! It was simple yet fun. Though I didn’t enjoy our Christmas party 100%. I dunno.. ’cause at some point, it turned out kinda boring. haha! And instead of having potluck, we just paid for something and had chicken and pizza.. i think! But all I can remember is chicken and pizza. I didn’t even enjoy my chicken because it was hard ! Lol, okay. I should stop complaining about our christmas party last year. Hey, Astro.. even though our Christmas party was kinda boring, I still love you guys and I will forever be an Astronomist!  Hehe GO ASTRO!! :”) 

Things I want for Christmas 2011?

•To see Elmo Magalona in person 😉 Hehehe. Yes, the Elmo Magalona. He’s kinda my crush for about 7 months now :”> #alamna hahaha!  I seriously want to see him!! And have a picture with him 🙂 or just say hi to him and tell him that I love him and that I’ll wait for him asdfghjkl; chos 🙂 If only.. sigh. I think it’s kinda impossible. But a girl can dream, right? 🙂 Okay, fangirl mooode.

• An iPhone 4S! But I think it’s not yet released here in the Philippines :p

•New Vans! I have Vans, but I want a red one this time.

•A Lomo Camera! Hehehehe 🙂

•An Elmo stuffed toy! 🙂

•Cute rings 😉 You know, the rings that are made out of polymer clay.. I think O.O

•A “Keep Calm And Whip Your Hair” shirt! I saw one online, I’m still thinking if I’ll buy it.

•A panda stuffed toy! Lately, I have been addicted to pandas. I find them cute :”) hehehe ☺

Wheww! My Christmas wishlist is kinda short this year. haha!


Superikaa ♥☺