Guys!!! Fun fact: I srsly hate surprises bc I cry 😦 But my friends surprised me today [screams in 37 different languages] hyfr HAHA. I won’t tell everything but they gave me a dozen of empty eggs with letters and a fighter fish I named Harry!!!

Since words can’t express how I feel right now, I’m going to tell it in a song (Naks Tom lang ang peg). Oh and this is based on Mcfly’s songs and Tom’s wedding speech (Basically, I just re-wrote the whole thing) =)) If you want to sing along, I suggest you play this one first and try to fit in the words.

[1st song in the vid, Obviously]

Recently I’ve been having a birthday. I’m already 15 but I still feel 14, believe me. And I am so grateful to so many people, but I’m saying thank you to only a few, I’m sorry. So if I don’t thank you, it means that I probably just hate you. But obviously, that doesn’t mean that I’m not thankful, it’s just that I hate you. So I’m sorry if your name’s not in the this “song”. Oh no, I hope I don’t get this wrong.

[3rd song in the video, Sorry’s Not Good Enough]

Close friends, I can’t stop thanking you. You guys are amazing, I wish I could surprise you too. You guys are so special and you mean sooo much to me. Oh yeahhh, thank you’s not good enough, to Trisha, Bea and Aika. You’ve put up with so much stuff so please don’t go changing. Thank you’s not good enough, to Vencis and Anna. You guys have done so much, so please don’t go changing. Thank you’s not good enough, to Justine and Fraya. You’ve been there when times are rough so please don’t go changing.

[4th, Room on The Third Floor]

Thanks to my close friends, you are the best close friends that I know I will ever have. You’re more like sisters and sometimes brothers but we won’t tell them about that. We’ve been together for what feels like forever, but I’d do it all again and again. But we’re only getting started and I know our friendship will never end. Alex and Kyla, you’ve been there for me through all the good times and the bad. Ninfa without you, I don’t know what I’d do, but I know my life would be sad. Thank you Kathlyn, for making me happy by doing the egg and balloon-y thing. Because times like this remind me, that I’d miss all of you when high school ends.

[5th song, The Heart Never Lies]

Thanks to Migs and thanks to Donrey. You’ve both been the best cool guy friends I could have. I won’t say too much, ’cause I’ll start crying. You taught me amazing things, from laughing to singing. I won’t be like this without you. So I hope I’ve made you proud. You guys changed my life, and the egg never lies.
Thanks to Yvanna, she’s a Chinese iguana. I wish that I could turn back time. And go back to the freshmen life. Yvanna I miss you and green-ness (naks). Just look into my eyes, ’cause the Egg never lies.

JANNEEHHH JANNEEHHHHH. You deserve a medallion ’cause you’re such an amazing friend. I’ll remember you all my life and the egg never lies. She cries tho. Haha

So thank you friends. Thank you so much, this is the last song so yes…

[Last song, All About you]

Yesterday, you asked me something I thought you knew. But today you made me smile by saying “SURPRISE”. Then I shouted in your ears and I said “THANK YOU PEASANTS”. You have made my 15th worthwhile, by saying surprise. And I will answer all your wishes, if you asked me to. But if you annoy me one more time, I will disown you. So here’s my post, or really it’s just a song I rewrote. And this should make you smile, ’cause guys it’s all about youuu

It’s all about my friends. It’s all about you peasants. It’s all about youuu. It’s all about youu. And I won’t wash up all the dishes even if you asked me to. I won’t dry and put them away ’cause I’m your queen. Don’t hug me, just say three words like you used to do. Singing on the platform, yes you guys made my life worthwhile. So I told you with a smile…. And I will answer all your wishes if you asked me to. But if you don’t accept Harry Styles, I will disown you. So here’s a post, please like and follow my blog. It’s to my wonderful friends from 3 years ago to all of my life, especially on this beautiful day. Itt’s all about youuuu. (Not really it’s all about me)

Thank you, friends ❤ 


Looking back


And tomorrow, when I wake up. I’ll be fifteen. Say whaaat. Yes, yes. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Yayyy? 🙂 Haha.

Looking back, being a fourteen year old was pretty awesome 🙂 I experienced a lot of things. The bad things that happened to me throughout my 14 year old life really made stronger. Like dealing with mean, heartless, people and finding out that I failed Physics and Trig on the same day. Also like people calling me names infront of me and behind my back and all da shit I’ve been through for the past 364 days, made me stronger.

And of course I won’t forget the good things that happened to me in my 14 year old life, those good things made me realize that I need to hang in here because if I stop and look around, life is still pretty amazing 🙂 Like the sun at 4 in the afternoon, fluffy blankets, hanging out with friends, milk tea and fries after a long day at school. Oh oh and when you get a high score in a L.E in Physics hyfr.

So here’s to new memories, and a new start. Here’s to never growing up. Cheers to the teenage years 😉 xx


15th birthday wishlist

For those who doesn’t know yet, I’m turning 15 on Sunday 🙂 Hyfr hahaha. The only reason why I’m excited to turn 15 is because of all the songs people could sing to me. Like Fifteen by Taylor Swift. HAHA.

If you are generous enough, and you want to give me a gift for my birthday. Here’s a wishlist to help you:

MUJI PENSSS!!! AAHHH. I’ve been wanting one forever but it’s only available in Manila :-/

iPod Touch 5th Gen. I want a black or a green one. Haha. Pleaaase.

A MacBook with Retina displayyy.

Floral Doc Martens!!! I used to have a pair of Docs when I was younger. I remember it was brown lol I don’t know where it is now (Size 7 or 8)

Red Keds the Taylor Swift collection. Yes, I don’t like Taylor Swift but I like some of her songs and the RED Keds collection 😛 Watevs (Size 7 or 8)

Washi tapes! I already have a lot but I still want moreee ahhh (I want the ones from Hey Kessy l o l)

I want a big jar of glitter. Yes. I want glitter for my birthday because I’m cool lyk dat

Flower crowns. Out of all the things listed here, I want this the most!!!

A Hipsta Please shirt so I can tell everyone that it’s Harry’s and he let me borrowed it because I spent the night at his flat L O L OKAY.

A pink ukulele because I’m jealous of Tom Fletcher. (I promise that if you guys get me this, I’ll learn how to play)

A purple iPod Nano 7th gen. I need a new iPod because my iPod now has been with me for about 5 years now. Though it’s still functioning, it’s already full of scratches and the hold button isn’t working anymore *cries*

A studded backpack because people keep on complaining my bag’s too big. But idk I might buy this for myself as an advance birthday gift, with my own money. The one in the picture is different from the one I’ll be buying. There would be a lot more studs lol.

If you don’t have money to buy the items above for me , you could still buy me COTTON CANDY FRAPPE A.K.A THE BEST FRAPPE EVER. Make sure it’s Venti tho. Loljk Um actually, this isn’t in the menu. But you order a Vanilla Bean Frappe with 1.5-2 pumps of raspberry 🙂

One Direction standees?

Fluffy from Despicable me and or a minion stuffed toy (seen at the background) Lol. I saw these at Toy Kingdom one time (Don’t judge me why I was there. What? An almost 15 girl can’t visit a toy store anymore? :P)

Monsters Uni shirt from Giordano! Hahahaa. Large.

But if you don’t have money or you don’t know where to get all these things, you could always give me a nice fake letter from Niall Horan or Harry Styles and make sure I would be kilig after reading.

And you could always give me this….

or this…


the other one… If you know what I mean LOL KIDDING

Umm, I guess that’s my wishlist. Haha. I won’t be posting anymore the summary of what happened this week because nothing special happened except that I almost cried because we still don’t have a thesis title. But my groupmates and I will search tomorrow. We switched from Bio to Physics so it would be easier and faster because there would be people willing to help us hyfr. Okay, please please pray for us that we would find a good thesis title!!! 🙂

{All photos are not mine. Credits to the owners.}


Rest in Peace, Cory Monteith

“When it gets cold and it feels like the end…

2010 was a depressing time of my life. I was a freshman that time, and let’s just say things weren’t okay at home and I wasn’t okay. At night, when I feel alone and sad, I put in my earphones and listen to the songs of Glee. And instantly, it made me feel better and it made me smile.

On my first day of highschool, I was listening to the Glee cover of “Hello, Goodbye”. And I listened to that for weeks because it made me smile and forget the things that were happening.

There came a time during that year, when I thought of committing. I thought about it and then I decided not to. There were a lot of reasons why I didn’t do it. One of them, is Finn a.k.a Cory and the whole Glee cast. I was a big fan of the show and cast.

Cory was my inspiration during my 1st year in high school. I was the only Finn girl in class and all of the girls (including the boys) had a crush on Puck. They even teased me “Finn Gay” and I still know how said that because I have a list.  On the last 4 months of 2010, things got better. I got better. It was all because of Cory Monteith and Glee’s music.

Just a while ago, there were reports that Cory had died. And sadly, it was true. Obviously, I didn’t believe it at first. But when tweets started pouring in and verified accounts started tweeting “RIP Cory”, ofc I already did. And that’s when I started to cry hysterically because I loved Cory so much. And I had like flashbacks of freshman year. I just imagined how hard life will be after this for the family, friends and Lea Michele (his fiancee). I will include the soul of Cory and his loved ones in my prayer tonight.

Cory, I just want to say I love you so much it actually hurts. If I could turn back time and I had a chance to meet you, I would hug you and tell you thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You might not know I exist but yes, you were one of the people who saved my life and gave me a reason to continue living. I promise I’ll hang in here, no more attempts of ending it. I love you and I’ll miss you so much. You’ll forever be in my heart. I’ll see you on the other side someday, buddy :-* 

Today, heaven gained another angel.

RIP Cory Monteith

“There’s no place to go, you know I won’t give in.”


Last night, I fell in love without you

This week has been so stressful I cannot even. So here’s a rundown of events that happened to me this week (Oh shoot, I forgot to do something like this last week. I probably will after this):

• Currently weerkkiin on our thesis. I always thought doing a thesis would be so easy because you just have to research on stuff and do paper work. But no, no. It’s not. You have to do experiments PLUS the research and paper work. I swear if we finish and our thesis would be successful, I will cry. Not even kidding. We really don’t care if our thesis will make it to the regionals. Oh and the fun part: Apparently our experiment exploded before it even began. Is that normal or are my group mates and I doing it wrong?

• Physics is easy and as usual, Algebra is a pain in the ass.

• During P.E, my teacher showed all of our videos when we were in 3rd year. I almost went out the room oh my god. My group’s video was so embarrassing you have no idea. It used to be uploaded on Vimeo but I deleted it because after watching it 2033958 times, I found it embarrassing already.

•I’m starting to dislike the boy named *RIVER in my class who sits at the back and makes yabang to everyone and makes jokes which are so freaking rude. Go AWAY WHY ARE U EVEN IN MY CLASS (*River isn’t his real name, but it’s close to that. Oh and his name is actually a play.)

• Batch meetings are stressful. Like can I not go to the batch meeting and just not exist. I really don’t care anymore what’s will our batch name, batch colors, design of the batch jacket be. 😛


• GUESS WHO THIS IS: *deep low voice with slang* “Shhh settle down” hahahahaha. hashtag swaggie lol jk

• I’m starting to be nice to all my classmates or at least I try to.

• The girl who was once my friend in grade school is now so annoying. I mean she whispers all the time to her seatmate about everything and after that they laugh. Oh and did I mention she’s like right in front of me. NO DAY PASSES BY WITHOUT HER WHISPERING IN SOMEONE’S EAR. I don’t even get why she whispers I mean you can always tell someone something without whispering it. I have a feeling it’s something mean about someone. She’s like begging me to stab her with a pen. Can you not?!? (I had no idea how annoying she is until now. I mean I’ve been friends with her for like 6 years before but idk) Oh and yeah, she was the friend who only hang out with me bc I used to give her and all my other friends stuff. So yeah… fuck you. I WAS A GULLIBLE CHILD AND I THINK I STILL AM OKAY.

• Can I just say that if it’s brownout and you’re room is located in the basement of the school, it’s like you’re at the gates of hell because sHIT IT’S SO HOT AND SO DARK I CANNOT EVEN.

•I’m starting to arrive late again.

•My 3 classmates are fangirls. I have a feeling I’m going to be close with them but I just don’t know how =((

• 2 of my friends are fans of McFly!!! Aaahhhh 🙂

•I watched Despicable Me 2!!! 🙂 So so awesome *sings I Swear in Minion language*. And watching Despicable Me 2 was the highlight of my week. It’s the only thing that made me happy, okay? 😛 Haha.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! I will be back to post what happened last week. 🙂