Hiiii 🙂 x


•Just came back from my 2nd to the last Immersion Camp 🙂
• It was a lot, and I mean a lot of fun!
• Because it was only Juniors and Seniors. And there were no camp rules, unlike the other years we had to do this and that and we have to be punished if we violated any.
•No one got punished? Oh except for the ones who went to the beach and swam.
•I don’t want to talk about adopt a family because it was a little bit annoying. Well, not the family. The family we adopted was really nice. It’s just that ausrbfsjzbd ok
• The bus ride going to La Union and back to Baguio was sooo fun! Hahaha. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but Rad you win this round. Hahahaha. It was fun because of the boys teasing Ninfa and stuff 🙂 “NINFA YUNG CHEESCAKE” Hahahaha. They were so noisy they annoyed the seniors on the bus and even the teacher in charge. But it was a lot of fun, seriously!! 🙂
• Batch night was a bit boring, last year’s batch night was more fun! Batch night was like a Zoo reunion. Hahahaha! It was so much fun. We didn’t win any round, at all. We didn’t give up tho. And after the last round, we thought we were the ones who won. But we were wrong. And then the judges announced that the winner overall is Zoo. HEHEHEHE.
•Okay, Immersion was bitin. But again, it was sooo fun! I can’t wait for my last Immersion next year. I hope it’s gonna be as fun as it was this year.


It’s a feeling I won’t forget… I’m in love now  (Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran tho ♥ My forever favorite. Hehhh.)

It’s already February! Aaahh. What the actual ajeidrh 😦 Here goes the “Who wants to be valentine” tweets, and statuses everywhere. I actually missed blogging! I was too busy for the past month and I think I’ll be busy again for this month because Prom is coming up in a few weeks. WOW PROM. It only comes twice in your life. First in your Junior year and last in your senior year. You’re lucky if you had prom when you were in grade school. But in my school, we didn’t have prom. So the prom I’m going to this February, will be my first. 🙂
Anyway, I miss posting playlists. The last playlist I made was for the year ending post. So umm, here.
Say Something by Austin Mahone
Can I Have This Dance by Gabriella and Troy (HSM)
National Anthem vs. Bubblegum Bitch by Lana Del Rey and Mariana and The Diamonds
Truly Madly Deeply by One Direction
Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg
Hold On by Michael Buble
A Thousand Years (Part 2) by Christina Perri (Oh and listen to Glee’s version of this one)
Without A Word by Birdy
Obviously by McFly
I Wish by One Direction
The Heart Never Lies by McFly
Crush by David Archuleta
A Little Too Late by JoJo
Love Song For  No One by John Mayer
For The First Time by The Script
Goodbye by The Maine
Superstar by Taylor Swift
Grow Old With You by Daniel Padilla (huhu I’m not a fan of him but I like his version)
Aaaand happy happy birthday to the boy who makes me happy and makes me kilig everyday, Harry Styles ♥ I love you so much I can’t evennn. I’m in love with you and all your little things and your big things too. Yeah. Okay. Hahaha. WHY ARE YOU 19 BBY 😦 W H Y YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE FOREVER YOUNG. But even though you’re already 19, you’ll always be my cupcake baby ❤ hehehhh And keep in mind that I’m always here to support you. I’m proud of you. 😉 x