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Okay so I should’ve started this post 6 hours ago. But because I’m the queen of procrastination, I’m only starting it now.

So like whenever someone asks me what I look for in a boy I always answer “If someone is my type. They’re my type. If I like them, I like them. End of story” and they’re like oh okay

But recently, I stalked an old friend’s Tumblr. And umm she’s been posting “My Ideal Boyfriend” “What I look for in a boy” stuff. Bleh. Typical Tumblr jeje blogs. I mean there are really good blogs on Tumblr that are worth reading even though it’s Tagalog. Let’s just say her’s isn’t really that type of blog. I’m sorry if I’m mean but I’m telling the truth: Flashy theme and autoplay. Does that sound familiar to you? 2010 Tumblr.  (Okay fine let’s face it we all had that phase when we were just starting, but good thing we got over that okay).

Moving on, I just thought that I do have a type. I just don’t like boys. Because most of them are icky and gross. I like boys WHO ARE DORKS BUT HAVE PERFECT HAIR. On the outside their cool and shit but deep down inside there’s this one thing that triggers their dorkiness. I like adorkable boys. Lol. Examples of “adorkable” boys are Harry Styles, Dylan O’ Brien, Tom Fletcher and Niall Horan. Okay fine let’s include Marcel from BSE. Hahaha.

So if you’re a boy and I find you dorky. I’m sorry because I might fall in love with you.


Now is the start



That feeling when you hear the final bell for the first semester >>>

And don’t forget  the sweet smell of homework-less nights and waking up after 10. I don’t know what to say right now because this week has been kind of shitty because I’ve been let down a lot of times but I don’t care because I’m still awesome and Story Of My Life came out yesternight *virtual highfive mofos*

I got a lot to do this sembreak and I haven’t accomplished anything from the to do list yet except paint my nails and buy those shades I’ve been eyeing on for weeks now. Haha. Anyway, it’s just the first day. So maybe tomorrow? 🙂



You need to get lost, before you get found

So um yeah. I had another college entrance exam today. And I have a feeling that this would be it. You know what I mean? Like, I might be staying here for another 4 years. I won’t be away from home.

A few days ago (Lol like Thursday night), I decided to completely drop my hopes and dreams of being an architect. No more T-Square. No more tech pens. No more staying up until the wee hours of the morning finishing a plate. No more going to New York and being the female version of Ted. No more Archi.  [sobs uncontrollably] 

It’s really sad when you exchange your dreams for reality. And that’s the hardest part of growing up. But it’s life, I guess??? I should start taking risks. I should step down the sidewalk for once and walk at the side or even at the middle of the road.

Marketing is pretty good too. And I’m guaranteed (*crosses fingers*) to have a job in the future. Unlike Archi. Who knows if there would still be empty lots/spaces and people hiring architects to design a building in the future?

So yeah. And my parents wanted me to take up a business course ever since. They just didn’t tell me. They were happy when I told them I changed my mind and I’m taking up Marketing. And that made me realize to stop crying about me not being an architect. I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to give back to them for the love and care they gave me for the past 15 years. So that’s why I’m doing this.

I dreamed of being an architect. I wanted to experience the sleepless nights just to finish a plate, the sweat, blood. tears and hardwork just to pass a subject. I wanted to apply in a huge architectural firm and be successful. I want to live in New York and see my “masterpiece” every morning. But no, no. 

Instead, I’ll be a marketing girl. Yeah mofos. MARKETER LIKE MARCEL. NYEHEHE. 


I’m coming back and bringing you

Mondays and Tuesdays are the most stressful days of the week for me. I have to stay 8 hours in school and after the final bell rings, I have to rush to the tutorial center for my 6-7 tutor.  But there’s a new reason why I should look forward to Tuesday and not hate it that much. 5 words. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. 

Season 9 just started a few weeks ago. And jeezus I have cried every single episode. Why?

1) Because I have been watching this TV show for the past 2-3 years.


3) I’m still hoping Robin says the wrong name at the altar. I know, Evil Erika is Evil.

4) Every single episode is the last for the series. Like for the first episode of the season, it’s the beginning of the end. Do you know what I mean?

5) I’m torn between wanting this TV show to end and for it not to. *cries*


Episode 2 has been asikdfsdg. At the end of this episode, this happened. (@ 3:10) Thus, the title of this post.

Episode 3 has been asikdfsdg too. If you guys still don’t know, Ted’s moving to Chicago after the wedding. It is said that they’re going to see each other at the wedding but meeting at the train station. (I’ve spent the last weekend reading theories of HIMYM. Yes, I know I don’t have a life.)  And Ted made a list of things he’ll be doing right before he moves. The thing that moved me was Lily’s speech.

“Hey Ted, you wrote down all these things to say good-bye to, but so many of them are good things.

Why not just say good-bye to the bad things? Say goodbye to all the times you felt lost… To all the times it was a ‘No’ instead of a ‘Yes’… To all the scrapes and bruises… To all the heartache…

Say goodbye to everything you really want to do for the last time, but don’t go have one last scotch with Barney, have the first scotch toasting Barney’s new life. Because that’s a good thing, and the good things will always be here waiting for you.”

I just want to write that on my walls, on the page of my yearbook, on my forehead, get it tattooed on every part of my body because Lily’s speech is too relevant right now. Oh my god. Okay.


Chances are…

This post will serve as my October playlist. Last year, I’ve made a playlist about “Falling”. The songs were about falling in love and falling out of love. For this year’s playlist, I’m staying away from the world of the “mushy gushy” stuff and the land of the broken hearted and unrequited love (I’m saving that for the February playlist, so watch out for that 😉 )

So this year’s theme for the October playlist is *drum roll*

Yeah, you guessed it. It’s about


No, I’m not talking about love tho. I’m talking about chances you missed; a huge thing that was right in front of you but you didn’t take it. The chances you thank God for because if it weren’t for those, you wouldn’t be where you are right now. Also, a chance to start again. So I hope you guys enjoy this playlist because to be honest, this is my favorite one out of all the playlists I have done over the years. 🙂 (I added a few songs that are not connected… just because. Haha)

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                                                                    Chances by Five For Fighting

Always Love by Nada Surf

Sparks by Coldplay

Live It Up by Lee Dwyze

Past Lives by Ke$ha

Diana by One Direction (Speaking of this song, I made a mix for this but 8tracks deleted it U G H)

Warrior by Demi Lovato

Everyday by HSM (omg hashtag throwback)

This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plan

Step by Vampire Weekend

Strong Enough by Kinna Grannis

Wherever You Are by 5SOS

Silly Boy by The Blue Van

Taking Chances by Glee Cast

Nicest Thing by Kate Nash

Lucky Ones by Lana Del Rey

Next Year by Two Door Cinema Club

In The Sun by She & Him

So far, October has been okay. Thank God September is over. Enjoy your October! 🙂 Isn’t it weird that 2013 ends in 3 months…