I feel like I’m always dreaming

hi yey it’s another lower case post because i still have a lot to of school work to do even though i’m watching youtube videos yey. the reason why i didn’t post last week was because there was a typhoon and obvi we didn’t have electricity. anyway, short update on my life classes got suspended last wednesday and thursday because there was a typhoon (again). no like, it got suspended wednesday afternoon but i was already in school since 8. we had to stay behind though because we had to finish setting up our exhibit. anywhooo, at least 70% of the activities for midterms is done and i didn’t stab anyone nor get stabbed. tHANK!!!  also sorry for the pointless posts, i’ve been so stressed because of school. i know i say this every post i do, but i really am struggling because even though i only have 8 subjects this sem, half of them are major subjects and the other half are making me life miserable because it’s so difficult my brain is having a hard time understanding 🙂 🙂 lol 1/2 jk don’t worry im still alive. oohh btw long weekend next weekend yey but before that i still have 348922 final quizzes. lol um ok have you guys seen the latest episode of ahs!!! dude ryan murphy made evan + sarah happen, he could probably get taissa + evan back. ryan murphy pls hear me out. if adele could make a comeback, i think parmiga could also!!!

That is aall xx


Give me something to love

IT’S OCTOBER!!! I can’t believe we’re down to the last 3 months of this year. I mean whaaat. But here’s the October playlist, here ya gooo


This Town by Niall Horan (i’m freaking out while typing this my bby released a single what)

Give Me Something to Love by Kid Runner

All We Know by Chainsmokers, Phoebe Ryan

Nights by Frank Ocean

Nobody’s Better by Z, Fetty Wap

Future Looks Good by Onerepublic

No Place Like Home by HONNE, JONES

Drum by MØ

22 (over s∞∞n) by Bon Iver

00000 Million by Bon Iver

Sunset by Grayson Gibson

Sweater Weather (cover) by James Harris

The Universe We Dreamt by Matt DiMona

Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran

Dancing On My Own (cover) by Calum Scott

Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers

That is aall xx