Love on me


This week, I’m going to do the weekly post differently. As you could see above, there’s a title with sparkle emojis. So what does that mean, Erika??? Are you creating a fanfic? Well, voice in my head, this isn’t 2012 I’m not making a fanfic. I’m just doing this because (for the first time in forever), I’m actually motivated to write. It’s the first episode of me attempting to write again.Also, the word/phrase right after the episode number would be related to the content of the post.

This won’t be the format of the weekly posts, this would only be done when I find motivation/inspiration to write. I just haven’t written in so long and with all the things that have been happening to me, I guess I should do a comeback. So this would be the first “episode” from a long hiatus. It’s so refreshing just jotting down my thoughts and what happened to me for the past couple of weeks. Someone once said, there were 2 best times a person could write. One when they’re at their highest and the last when they’re at their lowest. And for the past couple of months, I’ve been feeling both. A rollercoaster, to better describe it.

FINALLY (adv.)

after a long time, typically involving difficulty or delay.

-as the last in a series of related events or objects.

-used to introduce a final point or reason.

Got my Mgmt 5 grade up by 9 points! I wasn’t expecting it at all. I thought it was just going to go up by at least 2 points.

The Product Challenge we did as a requirement for one of our majors is finally done. We went to a school to test out 3 similar products to children. Lol sounds wrong but I can’t really explain well. Anyway, that was done. And my groupmates and I went to hell and back for this requirement. From passing the consent forms, getting the consent slips (which made me wait an hour in the Principal’s Office just to get it! But props to the principal and the really kind teachers the school had aahh thank God for them), spending about 1000php for the products + requirement paraphernalia, finding 6oz styro cups and finally getting them from the market,  getting stuck @ McDo trying to figure out how we were going to transfer the files from my friend’s phone to my USB so I can edit and literally calling all my friends who were in the area to ask if they had a 5S cord and eventually having to borrow a cellphone repair shop’s cord lolz, the struggle of rendering the video in Vegas Pro ugh but finally getting it to work, straight to the anxiety filled hour during the video presentation of it because if the video didn’t play in the DVD player your group gets zero. And good thing I searched the compatibility of the video format before I rendered!!! I only had 4 hours sleep because of it but it was totally worth it. My group mates and I finally ~celebrated~ with White Chocolate Nips for a job well done.

Finally found something about someone who has been getting on my nerves lately. It gave me another reason to be kind and see the good in everyone.

There are lots of things happening to some of my friends like they’re going through a rough patch right now. And I just wish I could take away all their pain and the bad things but I can’t. For the first time, all I’m asking for this Christmas is for everyone to get better and be happy, myself included.

I have a new Tumblr URL. It was time to let go of my old one. I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I’ll update the “Elsewhere” page soon. 🙂

I also went out with the fam today. It was a good day. 🙂 I got to hang with my aunts and my nephew + niece and toddler cousin haha. #erikagoesbabysitting HAHAHA.

TAISSA FARMIGA SHOWED UP IN AHS ROANOKE AFTER 3 SEASONS OF BEING M.I.A. Her character was a plot filler, but like whatever. Ryan Murphy still included her and I got to see Evan and her names in the credits in one episode for the first time since Coven. Aahhh. High hopes, my Parmiga friends. Can they do a comeback for Season 7 pls pls

I’ve also been binge watching That 70’s Show. DUUUUDEEE. HOW GOOD IS IT??? SO GOOD. Eric + Donna is my otp (I know what’s going to happen to them because of all the fanmade videos I watched on Youtube ugh but that won’t keep me from watching the show! It’s just so funny and it gives me good vibes. It’s actually my kind of humor lelz)

There’s a new Grouplove album! Sooo goood. It’s making me feel feels I haven’t felt in a long time.

I’m getting some answers already. It’s been clear to me for a couple of days now what He’s been trying to tell me all this time. I get it now. I get why there were too many obstacles for the past couple of months. Thank You, Lord. Now, not only will I go through each obstacle, but I’ll make sure to grow through it. 🌻

That is aall xx


Still the world keeps turning

HOW IS IT NOVEMBER ALREADY?!?? How did that happen. HAHA. Duuude October was a tough month because of school and I’m so glad it ended. I can’t wait for this sem to end tho huhu. (konting push nalang talaga mga beshie). I also can’t wait for Vlogmas!!! But while waiting, here’s the November playlist which is the last one before my year end playlist. (WAIT, WHAT.)


City by ADHDS

Ruin by Shawn Mendes

All Night by The Vamps

Let’s Hurt Tonight by Onerepublic

Stuck On A Puzzle by Alex Turner

Nineties by Michigander

Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend

Up & Up by Coldplay

Ivy (cover) by Alessia Cara

Self Control by Frank Ocean

For What It’s Worth by Kygo, Julia & Angus Stone

The Hardest Part by Coldplay

Someday by Edwin Raphael

Spaceship by Comet Blue

Loft Music by The Weeknd

Wherever We Are by Oh Gravity

 That is aall xx