Zayn feels

Idk I made a sad Zayn mix because I refuse to believe that my bby’s engaged? hahaha. Um yeah, here you gooo. (I forgot the track list but the first 9 songs are supposed to be about Zayn and the songs after that are set in Zayn’s point of view.


Catching rays

Hello my nuggets :mrgreen: It’s a new playlist! I did something newww hehe.  Um, I got this idea from Aria Clemente, so credits to her. Heh. I like going adventures on 8tracks and that’s where I find almost all the songs I listen to. This is also different because this playlist is only filled with feel good songs 🙂 The reason why I did that is because I’ve been sad for a few weeks now.   Soo to make me happy and to make you guys happy, you should listen to this. IF YOU’RE SAD, CHEER UP GUYS. IT’S SUMMERRR. You don’t want to waste 2 months of freedom now, don’t you?  🙂 ☼☼☼



Relax and stay young xx


P.S: If you haven’t used 8tracks before, you should know that you could only skip 4 tracks per mix.