Chances are…

This post will serve as my October playlist. Last year, I’ve made a playlist about “Falling”. The songs were about falling in love and falling out of love. For this year’s playlist, I’m staying away from the world of the “mushy gushy” stuff and the land of the broken hearted and unrequited love (I’m saving that for the February playlist, so watch out for that 😉 )

So this year’s theme for the October playlist is *drum roll*

Yeah, you guessed it. It’s about


No, I’m not talking about love tho. I’m talking about chances you missed; a huge thing that was right in front of you but you didn’t take it. The chances you thank God for because if it weren’t for those, you wouldn’t be where you are right now. Also, a chance to start again. So I hope you guys enjoy this playlist because to be honest, this is my favorite one out of all the playlists I have done over the years. 🙂 (I added a few songs that are not connected… just because. Haha)

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                                                                    Chances by Five For Fighting

Always Love by Nada Surf

Sparks by Coldplay

Live It Up by Lee Dwyze

Past Lives by Ke$ha

Diana by One Direction (Speaking of this song, I made a mix for this but 8tracks deleted it U G H)

Warrior by Demi Lovato

Everyday by HSM (omg hashtag throwback)

This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plan

Step by Vampire Weekend

Strong Enough by Kinna Grannis

Wherever You Are by 5SOS

Silly Boy by The Blue Van

Taking Chances by Glee Cast

Nicest Thing by Kate Nash

Lucky Ones by Lana Del Rey

Next Year by Two Door Cinema Club

In The Sun by She & Him

So far, October has been okay. Thank God September is over. Enjoy your October! 🙂 Isn’t it weird that 2013 ends in 3 months…