life hacks: back to school edition

These 15 life hacks will help you survive the whole school year, I promise. (Jk not all of them but…)

i.Know all the bathrooms in each building/floor. Because duh what if you have a pee or poo emergency and you don’t know where to go? Also know which ones are used the most and the not so used, the closest one to your room and yeah.

ii. Charge your phone the night before or always just bring your charger with you. Aside from your notebooks and pens, charger and earphones are your bffs. Okay so one time I left home with just 50% and the last thing I remember from that day is running from school to the mall to charge my phone. Yes, this actually happened and because I care for all of you I want y’all to bring a charger and not leave the house with just 50%. Also, if you don’t want to bring a charger, I suggest you save up for a powerbank. 😉

iii. Queue Tumblr posts.  Basically, you click on the reblog button on the post you want to queue, (yes just click not alt+click), look for the reblog button and hit the arrow beside it. A drop down menu (?) will appear and you hit add to queue. Tadaaa you just saved yourself from failing (both academically and blogging)

iv. Have a study mix. If you don’t have one, there are lots of  studying playlists on Spotify and 8tracks. Also add some songs you don’t really know because of course if you listen to songs you know by heart. you’ll just sing your heart out instead of studying your heart out.

v. Can’t memorize constants/equations? Save them on your calculator. This is cheating but oOooOHhh who cares. I didn’t do this in high school because constants were always given to us so lol @ me. So you just type how to use the memory function of your calculator on Google and boom. You’re welcome. Also, don’t tell anyone if you’re going to do this because you can get in a lot trouble. So once the quiz is done, clear the memory.

vi. Gummy bear trail technique. I’m bad at explaining so yeah like that haha

Leave yourself a gummy bear trail when reading.

vii. Headache? Drink a bottle of Gatorade. Apparently, it works. I haven’t tried this because if I get a headache I just sleep it off even if I’m at school so um yeah.

viii. Put Vaseline/petroleum jelly before you put on perfume on the back of your neck, behind your ears, your calves, your wrists if you want for it to last all day. Also if you don’t want to do that, you could always bring little travel sized bottles with your perfume in it so you don’t have to bring the whole bottle.

ix.  Yellow pad paper will be your life saver. I like using the yellow pad paper for writing long essays and using it as a scrap paper for math.

x. Make songs to help you remember the topic you studied. I’m pretty sure all of us can remember lyrics to a song, righhht?

xii. Watch tutorial videos on Youtube if you don’t understand a topic. Sometimes, you’ll learn more and you can pause.

xiii. If you’re hurrying, Times New Roman is the fastest font to read. 

xiv. Always have gum or breath spray with you. 

xv. Open your phone’s recorder, read out what you’re reviewing, and save it. Then write what you just said while listening to it. It will help you memorize it easier. 

 That is aaall xx


The universe has a plan


But I just noticed that HIMYM ended when my high school life ended.   HIMYM started when my grade school life started. So, I feel like this show grew with me.

Wait, I need to compare this to my high school life because I haven’t really posted anything graduation related and I left highschool a week ago. You see, the show started with Ted and Robin. The show also ended with Ted and Robin. Same goes where I started. I was at the gym floor sitting during freshman Social Orientation with eyes full of hopes and dreams and unclear what’s ahead of me, that was June 7, 2010. And that’s where it also ended, me sitting at the gym floor during Graduation. Still with eyes full of hopes and dreams, I know what I want but still unclear of what is ahead of me, that was March 24, 2014.

And like most HIMYM fans, I don’t know where to go from here. There won’t be any episode after this. Just like high school.  I also don’t know where to go from here. No more (well in my case) Chemistry, Physics, Music. And that’s just saaad… not. HAH 🙂

One episode, Marshall said “” … looking out and thinking, “Man, everyone here means so much to me.” A bunch of those people, you know, I haven’t seen them since.””  Then Future Ted starts to talk “And that’s how it goes, kids. The friends, neighbors, drinking buddies and partners in crime you love so much when you’re young, as the years go by, you just lose touch. That being said, I did manage to keep track of a few people.” I wish I would keep track of a few people from my batch. Though I’ve only known them for 4 years, they mean a lot to me. They’re like the brothers and sisters I never had 🙂

Also I want to include what Barney  said ” Whatever you do in life, it isn’t legendary if your friends are not there to see it.”  Truedat. To my friends, you know who you are, I love you all so so so much and I would like to thank you so much for everything. Oh and just what like Robin said, I promise to be there during the big moments. I really have a good feeling that I would still be friends with all of you and fyi, there won’t be hanging out anymore… Only catching up.

Before I end this post, let’s go back to the title of the post “The universe has a plan” yes it has. And it’s still in motion. This high school ending this is just one part. There are a lot more. 🙂

And to all the kids who are going to high school this year, enjoy it. Yes, high school is scary but it’s gonna be alright. It isn’t like the ones you see in movies so don’t worry. You’re going to find friends, awesome friends you will cherish the rest of your life. You will find someone temporary but you have no idea that that temporary person could change your life forever. You will fail but that’s okay because 10 years from now, that math test you failed won’t matter anymore especially when you’re on top of the world. You’re going to find people who you’re going to hate but once you find out the reason why they are like that, you’re finally going to stop and just understand. I hope you understand. I hope you fall in love, fall out of love, learn and grow as much as you can. Trust me on this.

You better hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. But it will be worth it, kid. Those tears, sweat, sleepless nights will be all worth it. 4 years may seem a long time but I swear time passes by so fast. It so surreal. But I hope whatever you experience, you would still stay legendary. 🙂 x

And I guess this would be the last post in the category, “Senior Year” 🙂


Before everything else

[Marcus Butler voice] Hellooooo. Hahaha so yes, I just got up and oh my god I AM OFFICIALLY A HIGHSCHOOL GRADUATE. How awesome is that? But before I get to that and everything else, I just want to announce that my blog would be under construction until probably like Saturday morning. But I swear it would officially re-open before March ends. I would be editing and adding categories, editing tags so watch out for the new peaceloveanderika blog! 🙂

And also, I want to thank all my readers and followers. I feel like you’ve been part of my highschool life because you have read my posts about life and school. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much. Even if I don’t know half of you because you never really introduced yourself, that’s okay because you’re awesome for following me 🙂

Another one, if you have been following me on Twitter, you probably saw my tweets about the 8tracks mix I made a few days ago. So if you haven’t followed me yet on Twitter, go follow now and yeah this is the mix. I hope you enjoy because it’s STYDIA I MEAN WHO HATES STYDIA NO ONE RIGHT (Speaking of Teen Wolf, RIP Allison. I knew it.)


 “…And when it went away, he waited his entire life for it to come back to him. It was more than just a comet because of what it brought to his life: direction, beauty, meaning. There are many who couldn’t understand, and sometimes he walked among them. But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him, and his world would be whole again.”

(the quote is from One Tree Hill hah)


I don’t want tomorrow to come

I don’t want it to come even if I waited years for tomorrow to come.

Because tomorrow, I have to say goodbye to everything. To my friends who have been there for the past 4 years. To the people who have taught me lessons. To the places. To you. I don’t even know when I’m going to see all of my batchmates again. Maybe in a few months after summer is over. Maybe in a few years when we have finally gotten over highschool. Maybe in a few more years, when have our own thing, own families, own lives. Maybe never again. And I’m scared because I love all these people and became overly attached to some of them (HAH).

And I don’t want that yet. Not tomorrow. I’m not ready. But obviously, the clock will strike 12 and another day will come. Whatever happens, I just have to face it. Because it’s life. Nothing lasts forever.

And saying goodbye also means closing the chapter and opening a new one. And I’m pretty excited about that. 🙂


Somewhere we only know

Update: 8 more days before graduation.

There are no classes tomorrow and I’m still worried about my thesis though I finished it, I have yet to bind it ugh 😦 Plus I’m still nervous about my grades. 😦

I can feel summer in my veins. It’s coming you guys 😉 The sun is up until 6pm and that just makes me so happy. Plus the afternoon sun is so pretty.

Hmm what else, oh and I have to finish letters I’ll be giving away on graduation day.

I am slowly becoming obsessed with Rookie Mag aahhh ♥

I also co-wrote our batch song. Watch out for that post in a few days yep. And it’s pretty amazeballs. It’s like the universe really made that song for us because the song was finalized 4:14pm, 3/14/14. So yeah. Haha. 🙂

Okay I really don’t know what to say anymore because I’m lazy af right now. Probably I’ll make up tomorrow 😀 x  


All you need is love

Hooray for no classes today 😀 I’ll be going back to school on Wednesday.

So this is it guys. I’m graduating in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS. Last week was actually the hardest week ever. I’m not good at goodbyes (both saying and hearing it). And I probably never will be good at it. 😦

Oh and I made a video for my batch that I’ll be revealing really soon so batchmates watch out for that 🙂 Well, it’s actually for my Val Ed project but idk.

And watch out for my pre-graduation posts and shit. Yea. HAHA. I’ll be posting here more because acads are already done and all I have to stress about now are my final grades (UGH)

Anyway, I went out with my friends last Friday after exams to watch a movie. I wanted to watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman but nope they wanted Open Graves. Can I just say that OPEN GRAVES IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER. I wasted 130php just to watch a movie that had no plot twists, whatsoever. We were tricked by the first scenes which were really scary and morbid. And I just found out the movie was shot 2006 and was released 2009. So yeah. I really did waste 130 pesos. I wanna punch someone.

Yeah I guess that’s all? x


Teenage Runaway

It has been a year since my Junior prom oh my god!!! Hahahaha. Like I remember this day last year, I was seeing signs everywhere that day but nah. It’s just crazy how time flies so fast! My senior prom (and my last huhu) would be on Wednesday. And I just got my dress and bought my shoes yesterday. I still don’t have a bag and accessories. But most prob I’ll be using my old accessories, who buys jewelry (like the original expensive ones) just for one night? Not me ha ha #mrkrabs

Anyway, school was alright this week. I mean this week was hell for everyone but it’s alright. Just a few weeks more then we’re all out of hell.

I got a new laptop a.k.a my grad gift from the parentalz waahhhh. But it’s not yet with me obvs. But hooray for no more always plugging in my laptop because the battery’s broken and no more broken left click. 🙂 Hello touchscreen and Windows 8.1. Hehehehe. Yey.

I have a new book. It’s “This Is What Happy Looks Like” by Jennifer E. Smith.  I’m still in the 4th chapter but so far it’s not boring or anything. “If fate sent you and email, would you answer?” Well. Time to buy a pet pig and email some random person.

My final defense would be on Monday and I just hope I finish this Powerpoint and the flyers by tomorrow or else we’re dead.


In other news, online libel was legalized this week. I guess I’ll see you all in jail.


My friend has this freaky “power” that when you ask her a question about the future or even the present she would dream about the answer to it. Like wow???  I asked her one time when I will have a boyfriend/love life and she dreamed of it and the next day she told me “4 years” wHAT. WHAT. WHAT. I can’t wait that long  jk.Wow. My life would be so so much different 4 years from now. And I’m both scared and excited for it.

Okayyy, game face is on and Powerpoint is open. Thesis time. LET’S DO THIS

That is all xx


Hope your heart is strong enough

Hey hey hey people! Guess who’s back? Back again? I’m baaack tell a friend 🙂 Lol I’ve been away for like a year *badum tss* Okay I suck at telling jokes… and Algebra. Ah, yes. Algebra. I have failed HAH (final grade which means i might not walk the red carpet idek???) But still, that won’t let me give up and ruin my year. Okay. It’s just a failing grade. That doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I know a few people who failed too. And I think we all deserve a second chance. We deserve to walk dat carpet hyfr, and we will. #TiwalaLang HAHA   

Oh and did you know that I might be anemic hahaha. That or I have to go to an optometrist to get my eyes checked because I’ve had headaches for the past few days. So yeah. But I really have a feeling it’s because of my eyes. Remember my trip to the eye doctor last summer? Umhm. 

My laptop is broken and this time I think it’s not the charger. Huhu. I’m trading a trip this summer for a laptop for my graduation gift. I’m so lost without my laptop like wOW. It’s like my other half okay. Haha.   

Can someone help me think of a good pose and outfit for my creative shot for the yearbook? I might go for “feeling hipsta”  or “fangirl si ate” peg.

 Zayn’s turning 21 tomorrow and I don’t know how I should feel about this. 

Banquet next month and I have to lose weight and hunting for the best prom dress idk 😦 

This month until March will be the busiest months of my life. I s2g. I hope everything will be worth it 😦 

I passed SLU hah okay. I’m still waiting for USTET and DLSU results, then I can decide which uni 🙂 

One of my new year’s resolution is that I will never talk about you know who or at least stop talking about him both in this blog and in real life. Can I just say that I will never have closure. Never. Like I have this bet with one of my friends that each of us need to say goodbye to the boy who made us kilig (different boys haha) so I said f yeah, that’s gonna be easy and since I was counting down the days ’til graduation awhile ago I realized that saying goodbye will be difficult. It’s like the first and last time I’ll say goodbye.  And I don’t really know what to say or how to say it without being awkward. Wtf HAHA and it’s sorta embarrassing for the reason that what if the boy I used to like just snobs me and walks away just like he always does? Let’s just hope my friend forgets about the bet huhubells. Plus, I’m really sure I’m going to regret not saying goodbye to him or just talking to him. 

Exams are this week uGH. 

Oh and announcement: There will be no January playlist 🙂 Playlists will start February heh. 

That’s all, I guess? x




This is it: Year end post of 2013

013. Ah, before it ends tonight, let’s all reminisce what happened this past few months. I remember this very moment a year ago, I promised myself this is going to be it. This year will be mine and I will rule the world. Haha. Kidding about the ruling the world part. But this time last year was the moment I said 2013 will be my year and nothing’s going to stop me. And fuck that shit, 2013 was not my year. Not even close to being my year. When I said nothing’s going to stop me, turned out, I stopped myself from making this year great.

This year, I learned that karma is real. Every time something good happens to me, I have to expect that something bad will happen soon. And that just sucks. It has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for me this year. Literally a lot of ups and downs. But mostly, downs.
Last 2012, I did a lot of changing and growing up. This year, I did a lot of forgiving. I made amends with some people this year and not only I felt great about it, I also checked off something from my bucketlist.
Here’s a recap of Erika’s 2013:
January: Spent the last 4 hours of 2012, listening to “All This Time” by One Republic. The Haylor kiss at Times Square. Haylor. More Haylor until the 8th day when the Kiss You music video was released and Taylor and Harry split. Yeyeyey. January was the month, I danced with the guy I liked for 3 years and okay I thought it was amazing but nah I was wrong because fast forward to….
February: Ah, smelled the roses I wasn’t going to receive for Valentines but I didn’t smell that one rose I’ll be having. HA HA HA. Back to the dance thing, I danced with this boy in my class who I hate for no apparent reason but every time I touched his hand I felt butterflies and shit I’m crying. February was also the month of prom. 2 of my guy friends danced with me and it was fine heh
March: The only thing I recall from March was the Rad lunch and the oh so emotional last day of acads where I got my first ever hug from the boy who made me feel feels I shouldn’t.
April: Start of summer. Start of my diet.
May: End of summer. End of my diet.
June: It was shitty. My iPod got stolen, sections got rearranged and I was sad the whole month.
July: Season 15 of my life. Thesis huhuhu.
August: My last sportsfest. The Conjuring. Suspended classes.
September: My grandfather passed away when I was watch This Is Us. Season premieres everywhere.
October: It was okay. Really. Except for the part I got sick whereas I was supposed to go to Subic. I started hating Jenna Hamilton.
December: The highlight of the year arrived the first week a.k.a my Instax camera. Heheheh. Last Cantata, and everything went okay for the rest of the month.
Now, let’s begin with what 2013 taught me. 2013 taught me how to forgive people. Really. Along with my Instax camera, I guess forgiving people was one of the highlights of 2013. I finally forgave my friend. I forgave the boys who treated me well but I hated them. I got rid of the all the hatred and bitterness. I actually regret hating them. I hated the wrong people. There were people who I should’ve hated for obvious reasons but I didn’t. I just practically labeled people so yeah. Note to self: Don’t do that this coming year. It’s never too late to let people in your life and give them a second chance.
2013 taught me how to accept things in life. When you can’t do anything about something, the best thing to do is accept. Accept what you have and what you can’t have. Accept that it was never meant to be or accept that’s just how life works.
2013 taught me to love your loved ones before it’s too late. Tell them you love them. Visit them. Idk. Just do something to see them or to talk to them. Make an effort.
2013 taught me how lucky I am. I may not have an iPhone, iPod, etc. But after what happened to Visayas after typhoon Yolanda, that’s when I realized how I’m truly blessed I am. With just having food on my plate 3 times a day plus a home to go home to, I really am lucky and blessed.
2013 taught me if it’s not meant to be, then it’s not. Stop making it happen because it won’t and probably never will. There are other good things in life, there are better people out there. You just have to wait for them to come in your life.
2013 made me realize I’m holding on to something that didn’t exist anymore. The person I missed didn’t exist anymore. People change. The things we like and dislike change.
2013 taught me that you will drift away from your friends. It’s part of growing up. Plus it’s okay to walk away from someone if you think you don’t fit in their life anymore. Aaaand I’d rather have one true friend than one thousand fake ones.
2013 taught me grades doesn’t matter. School measures how well you memorize terms but it does not measure your intelligence and what you are worth. Another thing, what you built for the 4 years of highschool will be gone the minute you leave it on graduation day. Some will remember it, but keep in mind, you won’t be seeing half of the people you’re with right now once you start college. Plus cool kids in highschool end up being the lamest and no jobs.
Okay, so 2013 generally taught me a lot of things in life. And even though 2013 was a tough year for me, this year gave me things to be thankful for.
2013 made me thankful for my family and friends. I would literally give up everything for them because I just love them with all of my heart.
2013 made me thankful for my batch. Yeah, we’re not the most perfect batch and everyone hates us, but we love each other. Or at least try to. But yeah. We don’t care what people say when we’re all togetherrr (LOL SEE WHAT I DID THERE HAH) (IF U DIDN’T GET IT THEN SUX FOR U) (KIDDING IT’S FROM HAPPILY BY ONE DIRECTION)
I’m thankful for One Direction, Ed Sheeran, The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Gabrielle Aplin, Mcfly for existing. Yes. Thank you for making me survive another crappy year.
I’ve been through a lot of shit this year. But I thank 2013 for teaching me all these lessons. I could say I’ve gotten stronger this year. Even though this was a crappy year, I had a lot of memories that will make a good story someday.
I’ll be ending this post by a quote from the movie “New Year’s Eve” and something from HIMYM.
“And as you all can see, the ball has stopped half way to its perch. it’s suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the new year, to stop, and reflect on the year that has gone by, to remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken, the times we opened ourselves up to great adventures… or closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt, because that’s what new year’s all about: Getting another chance, a chance to forgive. o do better, To do more, to give more, to love more, and to stop worrying about what if… and start embracing what will be. so when that ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other, and not just tonight but all year long.”
“…And that’s the magic of new year’s. When that clock strikes midnight, we all get a fresh start. and I don’t know about you, but I could really use one.”
2014, you better be a better one. Be a memorable one. Be the one I’ll be remembering forever. Please just please. That’s all I want.

I tried so very hard not to lose it




☃ So yeah, did I mention we had dinner at O’ Mai Khan last Sunday for my mom’s advance birthday celebration? Uh yeah. Calamansi Pie is Plus I had 4 rounds of Mongolian and 2 rounds of chocolate milkshake.

☃I already used my Hello Kitty film. Well, not all of it. I still have 3 left. I’m using it for Christmas Eve? Idk. Haha. OR when I come back to CJH.

☃ Because I had 2 rounds of chocolate milkshake that Sunday and drank Cream soda flavored rootbeer that same night, I didn’t go to school the next day because I was running a fever and I had cough… Plus it was my mom’s birthday.

☃I went to school the next day. And I was marked unexcused HA H #udontalwaysneedtogotoadoctorifuhaveafever #biogesticlangtol #hashtag

☃ Wednesday was bad day for me.

☃ Did you know I only had lunch with Kyla and yeah we’re used to being sabay every lunch ever since freshman year but jezus it was only the two of us. How fun right? Hahaha kidding. Okay I made it fun for opening up what 2013 was like for me and what I want 2014 to be.

☃But Wednesday afternoon was okay? We were dismissed early and some of my REAL friends and I went to SM after to eat and just hang.

☃ One thing I learned last Wednesday: never ever forget your mom’s phone number. Ever.

☃I finally have a studded beanie (waahhh)

☃Thursday was such an annoying day for me. I went out to go to the bank and withdraw my savings and close my account there because idk I wanted to buy myself Christmas presents to make me happy?! (Note: That bank account was my secret. I have an active account in another bank. My mom doesn’t really know about it. Well obviously now she does okay.)

☃ I had to go home and change because I spilled gravy on my skirt.

☃ I was sort of late. The call time was 3:00 and I still had to go to Jolibee because I thought they won’t be giving away snacks. So I arrived at the gym like 3:20 HAHA.

☃Before going back to the gym, I HAD A PERIOD STAIN ON MY SKIRT IM SAD OKAY

☃We got transferred at the back okay?! Because if we stayed in front, we were going to be hit by the projector. The first night of Cantata was sad bc I didn’t have someone to talk to because my seatmate was so pissed off because she wanted to still sit in front.

☃ I didn’t bring my phone so I had to make my friends wait because I was nakitext hahaha.

☃ My mom picked me up like 7:30 and she forgot to bring my jacket so I was like oh my god um yeah we had dinner at Vizco’s with my cousin… who ate slowly.

☃Friday was an okay day??? Nah. The calltime was 3:00 and I arrived at school almost an hour late. Hahaha. Plus I didn’t get a burger because idk so I end up buying gummy pizza, mentos and M&M’s.

☃ I was seated next to Kyla yesterday hahaha. And we were laughing before the show started because I offered mentos and she was like okay and when she started chewing it she said it felt like gum. And I was like wtf no and I started chewing it then oOoOhhH mentos has gum now when i was a kid they only had mint and grape and no gum. So she was like shit wat do we do now and I was like throw it and put it under the chair. hahaha. (No. She didn’t do that. I had tissue okay)

☃ I wanted to sing my heart out during Susanina but didn’t. I ended up coughing the whole song 😦

☃ Last Hallelujah was amazeballs. 😦 I can’t believe I’ll be singing along with the songs in the audience next year (hopefully)

☃ I was a bit emotional but I didn’t let anyone see it.

☃Dinner at David’s. Hellz yea for chinese food

☃ Went around SM last night and bought 2 new shirts. WOOOOO. One is this cool Wonderland shirt a.k.a my new favorite shirt meaning I’ll be using it all the time next year (if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the picture I tweeted) and a shirt that says ‘Meow’ on it. heh 🙂 Happy happyyy. It’s my reward for surviving the 2013 part of the school year.


☃I really have to start fixing my room and updating my 365 project.



☃Last night I had a dream and Niall was in it and we were together then we were being cute and shit plus he called me beautiful. Why can’t I be Niall’s princess in real lyf… why.

☃I’m working on my holiday posts that will start tomorrow until probably the 31st? Yea heh.

Anywayyy, that is aaall. I hope you guys enjoy the Christmas break!