Serendipity is finding something good without looking for it

I wasn’t hoping nor expecting I’d ever get to meet you,

We were from two different worlds

You were with her, and I’m perfectly fine being alone

But we ended up meeting each other anyway –

in the funniest and strangest way, ever

I guess that counts for something, right?

I hope it does.

Things have changed for me

After the long weekend, I’ll be going back to school tomorrow. I still don’t want to. But I have to -____- Ugh I don’t even remember agreeing to the ‘school’ thing.

Um anyway, tomorrow, I promise to study harder. Like seriously. And I have to accept that I won’t be in the Honoris this grading and the next. So possibly, I’ll be an honoris 3rd grading. Maybe. But I don’t know. Maybe not. I’ll just waste this year and just do my best next year which will be my last year of high school.

And starting tomorrow,

If I see someone alone at a lunch table: I’ll join them.

If I see someone without a partner: I’ll partner with them.

If I see someone doing something I don’t approve of: I’ll ignore it.

If I see somebody laughing at someone : I’ll stick up for them.

If someone has a cool talent: I’ll tell everyone about it and make them proud of it

If I see someone with their head down passing in the corridor: I’ll greet them and congratulate on them winning the basketball game or getting a good grade.  (I’m not assuring you guys that I’ll do this)

If I see someone crying: I’ll acknowledge them. No, I don’t even have to ask them what’s wrong. Whether it be my worst enemy, a teacher, a friend, or a complete stranger.. I’ll give them a hug and reassure them it’ll be alright.

You should do it too. 1) Because everyone you meet has a problem. It maybe big or small, but I’m telling you that everyone has at least one. So be nice.  2) Because you can save a life if you do it. So erm yes, let us be the change that we wish to see in the world. Live with the philosophy that we’re all equal to each other. Live as there were no religions or races. Live as if tomorrow will be even better than today. Live as if we were all best friends. xx

Most days..

I am contented with being alone. But sometimes, when I watch a movie or read a book that has a love story in it, or when I see lovers holding hands or kissing, I realize that even if I’m contented with being alone, I don’t want to be lonely. I think I’m trying to say is that it would be nice to experience this thing called “love”.

“I know it’s scary to put your feelings out there. ‘Cause you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back. Everyone feels that way. But you never know, what might happen if you don’t.” – Freddie Benson, iCarly (iOMG)

There’s going …

There’s going to come a day when we’ve all grown up, had a career, maybe got married and had kids, when were all going about our daily routine. Maybe you’re driving to work with the car radio on, or you’re making dinner with the tv on in the lounge. Life as usual, and then we hear a name. It’s the name of the person you had a blog dedicated to when you were 16. The person you had posters of up on your bedroom wall, or as your desktop background. The person off that show you used to watch every week, as soon as it came out, or that band you used to love. The person from the cast of a movie that changed your life, or the character who you scrolled through page after page of fanfiction of. You haven’t heard that name in a long time, and it brings everything back. And then the name is followed by three words you thought you’d never hear. Has Passed Away. And then you put down the potato peeler and lean back against your kitchen bench, or you pull over to the side of the road, and tears are streaming down your face. And all over the world, there are people who used to be just like you, with tears marking their cheeks and sobs forcing their way out of their throat, because they remember. Because fandoms never really die out. We never really move on. We never really forget.



Whatever you’re doing right now…

Take a deep breath, then another.

You are so beautiful, has anyone told you that lately?

And there’s something more important.

You are strong.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re not. Maybe, even most of the time.

But please don’t ever forget.

You’re stronger than you know.

Everyday, you wake up. No matter what. No matter what you’ve gone through, you wake up in the morning. Take a second and appreciate that. After all these years, you still have hope.

Maybe it’s buried inside you.

Maybe that sounds ridiculous

but you keep going everyday.

And that makes you incredible.

But breathe today, breathe right now.

Sometimes things are too much

and I want you to know that’s okay.

There will be times when you want to break down and cry, times you want to fall asleep and never wake up again.

Well, that doesn’t make you weak.

It makes you human.

After all that you’ve been through, you can still feel.

Never underestimate that. 

because you know what that means?

There is h o p e

It means that you’ll feel love and happiness. It means you’ll feel pride and joy. It means that you’re alive, but more than that, it means you’re still living.

Stay strong.

Stay beautiful.

Never stop feeling.

But sometimes, just breathe.

**this is not mine. i just came across this and it just made me cry okay, I just thought I’d share it with you guys. (credits to the one who made that above) haha goodnight ♥ xx

Most depressing day ever

One day, two 83-s. Oh my god. What even.

I expected to fail Trigo already, but seriously PHYSICS?! OH GOD. I EXPECTED LIKE MAYBE 85 OR SOMETHING BUT NO. I got 83.

I badly need a Horan hug right now, a crying session with ice cream with Liam, Harry Styles kissing my forehead and saying that everything will be okay, inspiring quotes from Zayn saying that this will pass, and Lou to make me smile and cheer me up. 😥

Shit. I promise. I will do my best to pass Trigonometry and Physics. Serious :\

Please also pray for the Philippines. Specifically, Manila. There’s no typhoon but Manila is now like a big swimming pool (because of the floods). Students that are not from Manila may envy those in the area because they don’t have classes today, but please do keep in mind that they suspended classes because of the heavy rain and the floods. You’re even lucky this morning because you were safe and warm inside the school. Those people in Manila spent their whole day worrying because the flood may enter their house and probably worrying because by the end of the day, they won’t have any appliance left since it got destroyed by the flood. So yeah, please pray for them 😦


Wassup August

My August wish? TO PASS TRIGO. YEP. HAHAHA =)) So please please pray for me 😦

Oh right, umm, classes got suspended again awhile ago :p I just want to finish the freaking exams, okay?! Ugh. You know that I finished reviewing Physics last night at about 10:30? :O Just to find out that there were no classes again today? Omg :\

Sooo, like what I said last July, I’ll be posting a playlist every 1st week of the month. Sooo, here’s the playlist 🙂


-Into Your Arms by The Maine

-Nothing Like You and I by The Perishers

-Eyes Closed by The Narrative

-Better Together by Jack Johnson

-In My Life by The Beatles

-Where is my mind by Sunday Girl

-Blame It On The Rain by He Is We

-Wipe Your Eyes by Maroon 5

-I’m Getting Over You by Click 5

-Still I Rise by Leddra Chapman

-Skinny Love by Birdy

-Heart Of Life by John Mayer

-Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia

-Superstar by Taylor Swift

-Tug of war by Carly Rae Jepsen

-Endlessly by The Cab

-Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute

-A Million Kisses by Romance On A Rocketship

-Here You Me by Jimmy Eat World

-1000 Times A Day by The Early November

-Oh My Goodness by Olly Murrs

-Happily Ever After by He Is We

-What Makes You Beautiful (Extended Dance Remix) by One Direction


Hope you guys enjoy your August! 🙂 x ((8 months more before summer!! hooray! hahahaha :P))