Last month of summer 2012.

And I just wasted another 30 days. Sigh. Oh well, I really hope my summer starts this May. Last month, I wasn’t really that productive. I mean, everyday last month, I wake up, eat, sit in front of the computer, eat, promise to do something productive, then end up sitting in front of the computer again, eat then watch a little TV, sleep. Then repeat again. It’s like a never-ending cycle last month 😦 Huhu

That is why I’m creating my summer bucket list because I’m finally starting my summer this May: 

•Update this blog more often.

•Discover good songs.

•Go to the beach! (This is impossible because it’s really late already and I don’t think my mom would allow me 😦 )

•Just enjoy my summer.

•Have a movie marathon!

Have a summer fling/love. Hahahaha chos! 😛 Not really… but I’m including this anyway… because I can!

•Write on my diary again! My 365 days project is ruined! I stopped at Day 92, I think :\

•Read books again!

•Lose weight! Huhu I really, really need to lose weight 😦 Not because I want to look good (well, I do want to look good) but I want to lose weight because I want to be healthy again 😛

•Go on a roadtrip!

•Go to a concert

•Meet One Direction!!! 😦 (Impossible. Again. But still, I’m including this because I can… and because this is my bucket list, not yours.)

•Shop for new clothes.

•Learn how to play the guitar… again. I had guitar lessons when I was 11, but didn’t continue it ’cause I hate  the teacher  loljk. Didn’t continue it because I was lazy. 😛

•Upload a song cover 🙂 

•Buy new shoes!! 


And to everyone else who’s starting their summer late, like me.. Good luck with that and I hope you enjoy the last 31 days of Summer 2012 😀