November faves


My classes resume on Wednesday. Yaaas.

M U S I C 

Alesso – Idk why HAHA I just love his songs/remixes. Esp City Of Dreams. AAAHHH HAHAHA. I regret not listening to him earlier 😦 He was at Close Up Forever Summer a few months ago 😦

MisterWives – My friend introduced this group to me. Apparently she was at H&M and a song came on and she Shazam-ed it. Boom, it was Reflections by MisterWives.


Theory Of Everything – Okay I’m currently looking for a good link for this movie because I watched the trailer and it was so so good. It’s a movie about Stephen Hawking’s life.


Seashop – It’s an online shop that sells rad shirts. When I get Christmas money, I’ll totes buy some shirts.

Vans x Paisley – I got my Christmas gift from my mom extra early HAHA. Yaa I got the Vans with the paisley design and I placed the exact one in the picture aboveee. /thanks mother/


The Geography of Me and You – I’m not yet done with this book I’m still only at the part after the blackout where she was going to London (ooohh spoiler). But I’m enjoying this book so far, more than This Is What Happy Looks Like tbh.

My True Love Gave To Me – I saw a hardbound copy of this at NBS and when I came back, it was already gone 😦 I hope I find one thoughh

Anna and the French Kiss series – I WILL READ AND FINISH THIS BEFORE 2014 ENDS I PROMISE


Peppermint Mocha – After all these years, it’s still so so good. I’m still in love with this drink and I hope they never discontinue it because Peppermint Mocha is the reason why I get fat every Christmas season (HA HA)

iPod Nano 7th gen – My iPod is slowly dying and though I don’t want it, I need it I have to let go of my old one 😦

Nivea Lip Butters – SO UM I BOUGHT A SET FOR 300PHP AND ONE COSTS 130PHP. HELL YES I SAVED 90 PESOS. Plus the set came with a Nivea lotion sample and it has a zip lock so totes worth the money. The caramel flavor and blueberry are not yet available here 😦 But anyway, my fave so far is the Vanilla and Macadamia. Next is the Raspberry and my least favorite is the original one. I think I’m just going to use the original one when I use a lip stain or lipstick to moisturize my lips OR that’s the one I’m going to bring to school so when it gets lost, it’ll be sorta okayy and I won’t feel that bad.

That is aall xx


FOUR: Album review

This is from my least played to my most played (+ my favorite lines) off the album so yes, here we gooo. Also, cheers to the freakin weekend (oops wrong artist hah)

F O U R //


“But believe me, I’m not trying to deceive you. I promise falling for me won’t be a mistake”


“But my Stockholm syndrome is in your room… [niall voice] YEAH I FELL FOR YOU”


“Here we go again, another go around for all of my friends. Another night stopped, will it ever end?”


“Let’s pray we stay young, stay made up of lightning.”

“The only only believer. There’s something happening here. I hope you feel what I’m feeling too”


(so um I heard this song when it got leaked and I thought it was just a joke at first because I thought it was a cover of Girls by The 1975 but then I heard Harry’s voice and I was like nope this is really the song.)

“You should probably stay, here with me a couple more days. Come on let me change your ticket home. Don’t go, it’s not the same when you go. And it’s not good to be all alone”

“Don’t play innocent, I know what you meant when you said you’d come over” zayn shut up im 5 im coming over for food




“Powerless and I don’t care it’s obvious. I just can’t get enough of you”


Okay so Fireproof was the first song to be released from this album bc they made it free for 24 hours. And tbh, this is one of my fave songs but I overplayed it so it was already kinda “meh” when Four got released.

“I roll and I roll till I’m out of luck. Yeah, I roll and I roll till I’m out of luck”

“Maybe we’re fireproof. ‘Cause nobody saves me baby the way you do”

“I roll and I roll till I change my luck. Yeah I roll and I roll till I change my luck” 

(yes I like the rolling part bc they were both sung by harry and lou so aishfag heh feelz)


This made me so emosh. I feel like the song is for me and I’m the one screaming their name and I just asjbfasga. I hope they perform this live and the whole stadium would just keep quiet and :(((

“Once in a lifetime its just right. That we are always safe. Not even the bad guys in the dark night could take it all away”

“Out loud someone’s calling my name and it sounds like you”


“Without you I’ll never make it out alive, but I know yes I know we’ll be alright”

“There’s no way you can change the rolling tide, but I know yes I know that I’ll be fine”

“This time I’m ready to run. Escape from this city and follow the sun. ‘Cause I wanna be yours don’t you wanna be mine”

“Wherever you are is the place I belong”

This is a perf song for a roadtrip playlist tbh i wish they could do another version but this time call it “Ready to Drive” (HA HA *insert u tried star here*)


10This is like the Niall song he literally sings every part of this and I’m 100%  sure he did the Irish jig while recording this and everyone was just staring at him then his knee started hurting so he had to stop. And basically, I have to wait until they’re fat and old until they can count on me?? idek but this is rly a cute song

“When I’m fat and old and my kids think I’m a joke ’cause the stories that I told, I tell again and again. I can count on you after all we got up to. ‘Cause I know that you truly understand”


This is one of my faves also because this was the second song to be released and it just hit me hard because I’m their girl and they’re my boys and no matter what happens and even if there are other people/artists I like, we both know I’m still their girl because I love them with all my heart and they love me also and they will always welcome me back home bc forever 1d af. DID I JUST MAKE MYSELF CRY.

“She’s been my queen since we were sixteen. We want the same things, we dream the same dreams”

“Everybody wanna take her heart away, couple billion in the whole wide world find another one cause she belongs to me”

“I don’t exist if I don’t have her. The sun doesn’t shine, the world doesn’t turn, alright, alright. But I know, I know, I know for sure”

“She knows, she knows that I never let her down before. She knows she knows that I’m never gonna let another take her love from me now”


Okay so remember that phase us directioners had when we were like “nothing lasts forever, no matter how hard we deny it, this, all of this will also end and we will all have to move on.” Well I think they wrote a song about it. And I got emotional af when I first heard this song. I was crying on my bedroom floor while listening to this song tbh and I wish they don’t include this in their setlist because wowee there will be some serious waterworks when this gets performed live.

“Who’s gonna be the first one to start the fight?
Who’s gonna be the first one to fall asleep at night?
Who’s gonna be the last one to drive away?
Who’s gonna be the last one to forget this place?”

“The spaces between us keep getting deeper. It’s harder to reach her even though I’ve tried. Spaces between us, hold all our secrets. Leaving us speechless and I don’t know why. Who’s gonna be the first to say goodbye?”


Ultimate awtsu bh3 song

“And I know in my heart you’re not a constant star”

“And yeah I’ve let you use me from the day that we first met but I’m not done yet falling for you, Fool’s gold”

“I’m the first to admit that I’m reckless. I get lost in your beauty and I can’t see two feet in front of me. And I know in my heart, you’re just a moving part”

“Yeah I know your love’s not real that’s not the way it feels. That’s not the way you feel”


Ed wrote this song and it’s one of the reasons why this song is so so perfect 😦 And this is my 3rd most played song off of Four. And I clearly remember that time when the tracklist got released and saw the title 18, I thought of 5SOS’ song and assumed it was upbeat but  when I heard if obvi it’s not lolz but it’s okkk // (why does this remind me of larry asdnaga)

“So kiss me where I lay down, my hands press to your cheeks a long way from the playground”

“have loved you since we were 18. Long before we both thought the same thing; to be loved, to be in love. All I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you. I wanna love like you made me feel when we were 18”

“We took a chance. God knows we tried. Yet all along, I knew we’d be fine”

“So pour me a drink Oh love, let’s split the night wide open and we’ll see everything. We can live in love in slow motion, motion, motion”


So there was this interview where the boys were asked what were the songs they like from the album and Niall and Zayn said “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and automatically I started singing the Whitney Houston song. But when I heard this I was like oh okay that was real far from the Whitney song. I literally want to paste the whole lyrics of the song because I just love it so much.

“Counted all my mistakes and there’s only one. Standing up on a list of the things I’ve done. All the rest of my crimes don’t come close, to the look on your face when I let you go”

“So I built you a house from a broken home. Then I wrote you a song with the words you spoke. Yeah, it took me some time but I figured out. How to fix up a heart that I let down”

“Now I’m searching every lonely place. Every corner calling out your name.Trying to find you but I just don’t know .where do broken hearts go?”

“Shadows come with the pain that you’re running from. Love was something you never heard enough. Yeah, it took me some time but I figured out, how to fix up a heart that I let down”

“Tell me will you ever love me again?”

Aaand the most played song is *drum roll*


Okay this song just gives you feels especially when u 1d af. This song is just so perfect and literally wraps the 4th album up. And the vocals and how well it’s written wOW. They went from “chiny chin chins” to “Driving too fast, moon is breaking through her hair”. And I’m just so proud of them. I feel like a proud momma.

“Driving too fast, moon is breaking through her hair
She said it was something that she won’t forget
Having no regrets is all that she really wants”

We’re only getting older baby
And I’ve been thinking about you lately
Does it ever drive you crazy
Just how fast the night changes
Everything that you’ve ever dreamed of
Disappearing when you wake up
But there’s nothing to be afraid of
Even when the night changes
It will never change me and you”

“Chasing her tonight, doubts are running ‘round her head
He’s waiting, hides behind his cigarette
Heart is beating loud, she doesn’t want it to stop
Moving too fast, moon is lighting up her skin
She’s falling, doesn’t even know it yet
Having no regrets is all that she really wants

That is aall xx


Study now, party later

Okay you guys because I have a short vacay sometime this week. I think my last day would be Friday, then I’ll go back on the 3rd already. I’ll be posting a worth reading post by the end of this week. I’m just so busy gaah I have 5 requirements due all this week + this PE dance thing 😦 I’ll update you on what I’ve been up too also another time this week + most awaited Four album review hahaha yaa.

That is aaall xx



Just how fast the night changes

Four got leaked last Monday and can I just… I just I can’t. I will (definitely) post a Four review maybe this week, when I get the HQ copy. Heehee. Also, if you haven’t heard the leak (lol lame-o people), Night Changes, 18 and Where Do Broken Hearts Go are the best songs off the album.

I also got my grades. Believe it or not, my Theo grade went up by 17 points. Aaahhh. I also didn’t expect to have an 87 in Management because the exam was so hard I came out crying.  Some of my grades went down but I have to work hard so so hard to get those subjects up. Lol. So thank you Lord!!

AND I GOT MY OFFICIAL OTRAT TICKET AAAAHHHH. I’m just so excited. The ticket itself has my own name and I just can’t believe I’m seeing my bbys. :(((

So there’s this pre-enrollment thing and I just hope I’ll still be in the same block as my other blockmates gaaah.

I’m also getting a pair of Roshe soon. Woot woot!


And I don’t know what else happened this week. I’m really sorry for the short posts. College has been so tiring and nothing much happens because it’s all about the academics now not like highschool where there was drama and kilig moments everyday 😦

That is aall xx


October faves

So this is a super late post because I was so tired to function last Friday and yesterday. Gaahh still no rest day for me! 😦 And I have an 8:30 class tomorrow so yeah. Um yea anyway



Hoodie Allen – I love his new album! Alsooo he’s cute so I kinda have a crush on him.. Please don’t tell


AHS Freakshow – This show makes me so uncomfortable, I love it.  Also so far so good, the season’s only on it’s 5th ep (6th this week) but the plot is still great and I still lurve my Jimmy Darling.


 H & M – yaaas H&M PH opened at Mega 🙂 And finally when you visit the website the currency is already PHP.

American Apparel Grid Lulu Crop – Since we don’t have AA here and the price isn’t that affordable, I bought a similar shirt with a grid pattern just because I wanted one so bad lolz

Floral blazers – Okay since I’m taking up a business course and teachers make us wear formal/corporate/business attires, I really need floral blazers. My wardrobe is so monochrome. I need more print i


Powerbank – If you’re an iPhone user, you know the struggle. *leaves house with 100% battery* *arrives at school with 20%* lol. So if you’re nice, please buy me one.

I still have school tomorrow. Midterms may be over but the grades oh yes the grades. Gaahh. Wish me luck though. Let’s all hope I pass everything this term. 😥

That is aall xx


Singing through the bright spring leaves


Constant Conversations by Passion Pit

Take Me To Church by Hozier

City of Dreams by Alesso ft Ruben Haze, Dirty South

Medicine by The 1975

Back To You by Alex and Sierra

Riptide by Vance Joy

Better by Betty Who

Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift (ya ok i may have mentioned i dont like her but ya ok dis song is

Out of The Woods by Taylor Swift (bc of this song i want harry to be my boyfrand even more)

Killer Whales by Smallpools

Someday by The Strokes

Over The Love by Florence + the Machine

Thought and Commonsense by Cheers Elephant

Biting Down (ARVFZ Remix) by Lorde

A Higher Place by Adam Levine

Everlasting Arms (Falling Rocks ‘Summer’ Remix) by Vampire Weekend

Cross My Mind by Twin Forks

Paris by Magic Man

The whole album of Four by One Direction (It’s out in 16 days I’m excite)

*October faves will be up by Friday after my Midterms exams! 🙂 I know it’s a long weekend but I was busy haha anywayy I hope you guys enjoyed October! 🙂

That is aall xx