Plug it.

Here are some accounts of mine I want you to follow. Please? 🙂

Twitter!/superikaa21 (Yes, I do follow back and you don’t have to ask. My tweets are protected so you have to request. Don’t worry, most of the time I accept the follower requests. And my tweets are about my fangirl life, 1D, rants about random stuff, and my everyday life. Jsyk, before you follow Hahaha!)

Tumblr (Again, I do follow back. I reblog most of the time, but I post personal stuff too.)

Another Tumblr: (I don’t follow back here, except when I like your blog too. But feel free to follow. :P)

Pottermore: Add me? PumpkinSword17701 (Slytherin) 🙂 

Polyvore: I only have 3 sets since I just started last week (I think) Anyway, please do follow,like or comment on my sets

Wattpad: Haven’t written any fanfics. I just use this account to read 🙂

Summer Vibes ☼


HEY GUIISE ☺ I’m baaack xx SY:2011-2012 IS DOONE. I survived my sophomore year in highschool. Woot woooot 😀 2 more years of hell for me askjlsdfgje yaaayyy!

By the way, today is April Fools’ Day so… trust no one xx