Hiiii 🙂 x


•Just came back from my 2nd to the last Immersion Camp 🙂
• It was a lot, and I mean a lot of fun!
• Because it was only Juniors and Seniors. And there were no camp rules, unlike the other years we had to do this and that and we have to be punished if we violated any.
•No one got punished? Oh except for the ones who went to the beach and swam.
•I don’t want to talk about adopt a family because it was a little bit annoying. Well, not the family. The family we adopted was really nice. It’s just that ausrbfsjzbd ok
• The bus ride going to La Union and back to Baguio was sooo fun! Hahaha. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but Rad you win this round. Hahahaha. It was fun because of the boys teasing Ninfa and stuff 🙂 “NINFA YUNG CHEESCAKE” Hahahaha. They were so noisy they annoyed the seniors on the bus and even the teacher in charge. But it was a lot of fun, seriously!! 🙂
• Batch night was a bit boring, last year’s batch night was more fun! Batch night was like a Zoo reunion. Hahahaha! It was so much fun. We didn’t win any round, at all. We didn’t give up tho. And after the last round, we thought we were the ones who won. But we were wrong. And then the judges announced that the winner overall is Zoo. HEHEHEHE.
•Okay, Immersion was bitin. But again, it was sooo fun! I can’t wait for my last Immersion next year. I hope it’s gonna be as fun as it was this year.


It was my last day of school yesterday! Heehee. Hello Sembreak ’12. My last school day for the 1st sem didn’t end that good :\ I’ll make kwento about it after I fix my blog. I’ll be back in a few days. Maybe 2-3 days, depends. I’ll change my theme (maybe, if I find a cute one). But I will definitely change my header, my background, tags, categories and my tagline… maybe even the About Page. I won’t change my URL tho. Pretty contented with ‘getoutofmyheaaad’. There were a lot, I mean A LOT of things that happened to me this month. Mostly happy and kilig moments. I have lots of plans too and it includes losing weight and shopping. Hehe. 😉 I’ll be sharing it to you guys when I come back in a few days.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your sembreak xx

 {I  really like paper planes}

***credits to the photo I used above.***


EDITED (as of 10/28/12): This blog will be back on October 31. Please come back and visit on Wednesday 🙂 Thank you. xx

Most depressing day ever

One day, two 83-s. Oh my god. What even.

I expected to fail Trigo already, but seriously PHYSICS?! OH GOD. I EXPECTED LIKE MAYBE 85 OR SOMETHING BUT NO. I got 83.

I badly need a Horan hug right now, a crying session with ice cream with Liam, Harry Styles kissing my forehead and saying that everything will be okay, inspiring quotes from Zayn saying that this will pass, and Lou to make me smile and cheer me up. 😥

Shit. I promise. I will do my best to pass Trigonometry and Physics. Serious :\

Please also pray for the Philippines. Specifically, Manila. There’s no typhoon but Manila is now like a big swimming pool (because of the floods). Students that are not from Manila may envy those in the area because they don’t have classes today, but please do keep in mind that they suspended classes because of the heavy rain and the floods. You’re even lucky this morning because you were safe and warm inside the school. Those people in Manila spent their whole day worrying because the flood may enter their house and probably worrying because by the end of the day, they won’t have any appliance left since it got destroyed by the flood. So yeah, please pray for them 😦


It’s too late to look away and unfeel what I feel for you

6th week of school = d  o   n  e

((Hello long weekend!!))

Nothing really happened to me in school this week. This week was pretty boring, but it went fast. So yeah, thank God! ☺

But earlier this week, a comedian or should I say a legend passed away. Dolphy Quizon died at 83 on July 10.  😦 He was like a lolo (grandpa) to everyone. Haha! I mean, we grew up seeing Dolphy films. Even my parents grew up seeing Dolphy’s films. Sigh. 😦  Thank you Dolphy for letting everyone laugh, smile and sometimes even cry. Thank you for giving my generation a happy childhood because of your movies and TV shows that we never fail to watch.  Thank you for letting every Filipino realize that even though they have problems, they can actually laugh or smile about it every once in a while. This is not goodbye though.. someday we will see you again.. up there and you’ll share stories and maybe make us smile, laugh again 😉 RIP Dolphy, thank you again for everything. You will be missed. xx



“I mean it, every word of it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t over it.

And now I’m trying too hard,
We’re moving further apart
That’s when I told her,
I went to love and back.”

5th week of school? DONE!! 🙂 Yayayaayyy 😀 Happy week for the happy kid!

 •The Up All Night Tour has ended! I’m so proud of my boys 😉

•I passed Trigonometry!! sweet jeezus hallelujah

•I got my new phone! Aahhh so happy 🙂 It’s my birthday gift. Well, my birthday is still on the 21st but I got it early because I pass Trigo!

•I finished The Fault In Our Stars. (Might do a review of it later along with Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Omg I promised to post it last week, but I forgot.)

•Lit sucks.

•Chemistry too.

•Will be back later with more posts! Including a new playlist. Hehe 🙂