2015 Life Lessons with Erika

And nowww, we’re down to the last few hours of 2015. I already did the “100 things I did this 2015” post. Before the clock strikes 12 and the fireworks go off, I’m going to look back and do some last minute throwback and share all the lessons I learned this year.

2015 was the year when I did a lot of growing up.  This was the year I sorta let go of some of the things I’ve loved when I was younger. And starting to accept the fact that I’m not getting younger.

2015 was the year when I started to overcome some of my fears. The little things like my fear of looking at someone when I’m talking to them and the fear of being a leader.

2015 was the year, I became more independent. Like going to a concert alone, buying shoes and clothes all by myself, and even paying my phone bill.

2015 was the year I had little rendezvous with friends. It may be only in KFC or fancy cafes or spontaneous “Uy nood tayo movie”, but it was the year I experienced a lot of those. Sure, I missed a few but there will be more to come 😉 I’m sure of it.

2015 was the year that when life throws you a curveball, you fukin face it and deal with it.  Life had a lot of twists and turns this year. One thing I learned from all the curveballs life threw at me, is that I shouldn’t run away from problems. Some problems can only be solved with time but the other problems that can’t be solved by time, you have to solve it yourself.

2015 was the year I made sure to love myself more than anything or anyone. And I guess that was the whole point of this year. To put more time and love for myself. Yes, it does seem a little vain but I swear I did not hating others in the process of loving myself. This year made me realize, self love is the most important thing you should have and people should realize that also!!!

2015 was the year I realized to tell other people what I feel. It’s actually nice to tell other people what and how I feel.

2015 was the year, I became proud of myself.  Idk. Just a lot of things happened this year (both little and big things) that made me a lot proud of myself. Like 2015 has already set a bar that I have to top off in the following year. If I could do those stuff I did this year, maybe I could do it again next year or even better 😉

2015 made me realize, it’s alright to get lost. 

2015 taught me to not care about what other people thing about you. Huwoww road to a better life hahahaha. Kidding. But really, this is an important lesson also.

2015 was the year I learned that beautiful things happen in God’s time. If you feel like things aren’t happening to you, then make it happen.

I am legit thankful for all the blessings I received, for all the people I met, for the lessons and days I thought it was the end of the world. But it really wasn’t., for all the breakdowns that made me realize how lame I am (HAHAHA), and for the shit I went through that made me overall a better person this year.

2015 was an okay year. 2015 was a less overwhelming year than the last year, but that’s okay.  It was spectacular for me and I cannot wait to feel all spectacular things again in the new year.

I’m still currently planning for 2016. But here’s one thing foshooo, I’m going to slay it!!! I’m praying and hoping I would figure things out in 2016. I’m also hoping I find what I’m ultimately looking for.  But even if I don’t because you know life does get a little jasfnajga, I just want to have fun and learn a lot.

So what’s next? 😉

In 2016, I want to explore. I want to get out more and see the world. I want to give more (just like what I did this year). I want to do random acts of kindness, not because it’s my obligation but because I want the world to realize there is still hope in humanity (huwow some kind of Miss Universe answer huh)

But before the world goes a bit crazy with starting their resolutions tomorrow, I just want to tell you guys (for the 3rd time in this blog) but it is still very relevant:

“When that ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other, and not just tonight but all year long.”

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.”


And here’s a new one:

“In life, people tend to wait for good things to come to them. And by waiting, they miss out. Usually, what you wish for doesn’t fall in your lap. You have to recognize it somewhere nearby, stand up and put the time and work it takes to get it” 

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope we all find what we are looking for in 2016. Cheers to starting another exciting year!!! Here’s to all the new possibilities and opportunities, to the positive vibes, love and happiness. To another great year, let’s slay 😉

That is aall xx



Last turn up for 2015

I’ve been doing year  end playlists for about 2 years now? Haha. So here it is friends the last turn up for 2015. It’s been a good year for music tbh.

2016, new year, and new image

Where Do Broken Hearts Go by One Direction

What Ever Happened To Your Band by McBusted

Million Voices by Otto Knows

Find You by Zedd

Across The Universe by Fiona Apple

Moment Goes by The Young Wild

Emoticons by The Wombats

Aftertaste by Shawn Mendes

See You Again by Charlie Puth & Wiz Khalifa

It Comes Back To You by Imagine Dragons

Ignition / Do You by Phoebe Ryan

Cecilia and The Satellite by Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness

Have We Met Before by Tom Rosenthal

Miles Away by The Maine

Greek Tragedy by The Wombats

Old Shoes by Adam Barnes

Life Of the Party by Shawn Mendes

Home We’ll Go (Take My Hand) by Walk Off The Earth, Steve Aoki

All I Want by Passion Pit

Look Outside by Nat and Alex

Heroes by Alesso ft. Tove Lo

Last Request by Paulo Nutini

Peaches by In The Valley Below

The One by Kodaline

Portugal by Walk The Moon

Peanut Butter and Jelly by Galantis

Angel by The Weeknd

10 Bands by Drake

She’s Electric by Oasis

Sober by Childish Gambino

LSD by A$AP Rocky

Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean

15 Dreams by New Politics

I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons

Midnight Moon by Oh Wonder

I Took A Pill in Ibiza (SeeB Remix) by Mike Posner

Growing Up by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Are We Really Through by Ray LaMontagne

Catch Fire by 5 Seconds of Summer

Roses by The Chainsmokers

New Americana by HALSEY

Hello by Adele

New York by The Chainsmokers

Remedy by Adele

Sorry by Justin Bieber

Hotline Bling by Drake

HEAVEN by Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who

Runaway by The Vamps

FourFiveSeconds by Rhianna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney

Thunder and Lightning by Ricky Dillon

Hey Angel by One Direction

Perfect by One Direction

Drag Me Down by One Direction

Olivia by One Direction

End of the Day by One Direction

I Want To Write You A Song by One Direction

Walking In The Wind by One Direction

Seventeen by Sjowgren

No Role Models by J. Cole

I Can Lift A Car by Walk The Moon

Moving On by Kodaline

The Last Unicorn by Passenger

Wild (RAC Remix) by Troye Sivan, RAC

Stardust by New Politics

Budapest by George Ezra

Dancing in the Moonlight (Acoustic) by Toploader

If I’m Gonna Fall In Love by A Rocket To The Moon

God Gave Me You by Bryan White

My House by Flo Rida

Louder, Better, Harder by Galantis

Hold Back The River by James Bay

Home by One Direction

White Winter Hymnal by Birdy

Everglow by Coldplay

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

Windmills by The Vamps

Rest Your Love by The Vamps



New York by Ed Sheeran

Wit It This Christmas by Ariana Grande

Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd

Looks Like Rain by Passion Pit

Missing You by All Time Low

If I Could Fly by One Direction

Where I Wanna be by ARIZONA

SUBURBIA by Troye Sivan

When I Find Love Again by James Blunt

Where You Wanna Be by Charles William

Half The World Away by AURORA

AM by One Direction

That is aall xx


Welcome friends to another year edition of “100 THINGS I DID THIS YEAR” WOOP.


1. Welcomed 2015 by partying to Alesso’s City of Dreams
2. Went back to school for the 2nd sem of my freshman year.
3. Got in a car crash on the 1st day of school.
4. Survived the crash.
5. Got a wake up call to start living because of what happened.
6. Embarassed myself dancing Carinosa.
7. Got pranked for Valentines Day. (Serenaded with the song Stay With Me and got a vegetable)
8. Cried on Valentines because I got pranked. My friends were behind it.
9. Got a high score on my first math quiz.
10. ALMOST. ALMOOOOST. Saw the “”bae”” because he was in the same city as I was. But I had exams 😦
11. Got into a fight with my english teacher because she wouldn’t accept the paper I was checking. Bruh. HAHAHAHA.
12. Despite school drama and Zayn going home, I went to Manila for OTRAT 2015.
13. Got pranked by my friends who were then finishing our project.
14. Because of the prank (telling me teacher got mad because we haven’t finished anything and we already got zero) it made me almost have a panic attack in the middle of the mall.
15. Turns out, the teacher was absent and they were only joking and they just wanted to “”ready”” me for what’s about to happen ((the concert))
16. Got lost in Ortigas.
17. Ate breakfast in McDo before the concert.
18. Transferred hotels so I could be near the venue.
19. Fell in line for about 5 hours before I entered the concert grounds.
20. It felt amaaaze to finally enter the grounds.
21. I bought overpriced water and due to drinking that and having a weak bladder, I held in my pee til the end of the concert even if there were legit blue portables (?) right beside me.
23. Saw the bae’s friend hehe
24. Basically, cried the whole concert.
25. Rushed back to school the next day. Only to decide last minute I’ll only be entering P.E class.
26. Aaaand 4 days later, Zayn left the band.
27. Cried the whole morning and practically embarassed myself in front of everyone in the hallway + my Psych teacher. But I hope they understood
28. That was also the day we had to rush our Entrep project
29. We went to my friend’s house (which was only near my school) and I had to do the paper works and they had to do the project itself.
30. Pretty stressful afternoon that afternoon. Yes. The rain made it even more stressful.
31. We got to school just in time. We also had to improvise by buttoning our shirts up (Thank God we all were wearing polo shirts) because we didn’t wear formal attire.
32. Basically, we lost “the contest”. My group didn’t really set our minds in winning. We just did it for the grade.
33. Got sick the whole last 2 months of the semester.
34. Had lunch with 2 of my first friends from high school.
35. Went to school one day and whilst walking to my room, it was announced that classes were suspended because of the earthquake.
36. Because of that, I met up with friends and spent the day at an arcade.
37. Learned to be kind and courageous after watching the live movie version of Cinderella
38. Ended the sem by having a buffet with some college friends
39. And after, we surprised a friend for her birthday haha. Super fail doe
41. The Invisible Soda experiment hahaha
42. Got support from my friends during the interP.E thing
43. Was stuck in the line to pay my tuition for the summer term
44. 2 of my friends were nice enough to buy me lunch
45. Entered my summer term.
46. Watched Jurassic World spontaneously with my friend. Nick Robinson is bae.
47. Hassle NSTP
48. Finished Anna and the French Kiss
49. Started reading All The Bright Places
50. Attended a friend’s 18th birthday @ Shakey’s
51. Went to a cafe where we chilled for awhile and drank mojitos hahahaha
52. Went to SM to meet up with a friend
53. Attended my friend’s debut which was a bomb time woot.
54. I was also part of her 18 candles hahaha
55. Did not have a plan for my birthday. For the first time.
56. Got a pep talk from 2 of my friends whilst eating 50php pizza in Sbarro about doing new things and stop thinking that things will suck just because it doesn’t have a title/label.
57. Turned 17!!!
58. A bit emosh with the surprise my college friends did.
59. Spontaneously met up with friends in a bookstore. HAHAHA.
60. Got greeted by the guards in the entrance of the mall. How embarrasing.
61. Ended up getting pizza for my birthday lunch
62. Saw Paper Towns with the squad.
63. Realized I should be more like Margo Roth Spigelman from Paper Towns.
64. Filmed for a Lit Project. Hassle also because I was the one who edited it and spent all night rendering the whole movie (did it on my birthday).
65. Fukin aced that Lit project because our teacher gave us a perfect score and told us we did an excellent job and she was entertained.
66. Summer term ended and I started planning adventures with friendsss.
67. Went to a lovely cafe with my friends to play Sungka and read and just chill.
68. Walked around John Hay right after.
69. Started my sophomore year.
70. Met accounting and that was w o w. #sadlyf
71. Basically did leg day because of all the walking I did while looking where to buy my accounting book.
72. Started watching AHS Hotel.
73. Made friends with some blockmates.
74. Baked some red velvet cookies.
75. Legit got a 2 out of 5 for my attitude in a score card in English class.
76. Dreaded English class because it was public speaking and anxiety was reaaal.
77. Watched Sinister 2 with friendsss.
78. When I went out of the cinema, I saw a guy playing a guitar for the girl and they were getting surrounded by a swarm of people. BRUH. #Bitter jk
79. Planned a birthday surprise for my friend.
80. Embarassed myself in the balloon store because my friend played a prank on me HUHU
81. Ate pizza on Halloween and saw a kid wearing a Darth Vader costume.
82. I don’t even know anymore what I did this year HEHE HUHU
83. Got sooo pumped for Made in The A.M
84. Fangirled over P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han. I raved about the book for so long this year and that would probs continue in the coming year.
85. Hassle APEC week. I had to stand in line for a jeep for about an hour to go home.
86. Planned on going to a rave party with friends but it didn’t really push through because of the typhoon.
87.Got the highest score and grade in Theo which tbh I didn’t expect it.
88. Also got the highest scores in the Midterm exams in Socio and English which I also did not expect.
89. Yolo’ed the whole entire final term. Because why not.
90. Caught the Aldub fever.
91. Made In The A.M got released and aSKNGAGA BEST ALBUM EVER
92. Also the day Purpose was released but I only like 2 songs off that album.
93. Created “prophecies” in KFC.
94. Filmed for the Socio project about street harassment.
95. Ended the first term of my sophomore year.
96. Had the end of the year talk with Kyla (tradition est 2013) and had Christmas dinner to exchange gifts with some friends whilst we had caffine withdrawals.
97. Surprised a friend with her own hamster named Prophecy (inside joke)
98. Went to Vigan for Christmas
99. Basically, rode a tricycle for the first time in my life and iT WAS SO COOL.
100. Did the photodump post and this post

So. In the past 365 days, did you also do at least 100 things? 😉

Here is also a bonus vid I did 🙂 Some bits and clips of the year!

That is aall xx


2015 Photodump

Holla. HAHA. So this is a surprise post because I wasn’t able to post for quite some time haha. I wasn’t able to blog because it was just a bit busy Anyway, I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas.

Since my phone is almost out of memory and I didn’t want to spam Instagram with all my photos for the past year and I don’t want to mess up my feed. (It’s already messed up haha). So I decided to post it here. You could also see a glimpse of where I’ve been this year.




I want to do more of these in the new year 😉

That is aall xx


Love yourself

Did I just fail my so called “Blogmas”? Yes. Yes I did. I planned some posts already but I didnt have the chance to put it up because I just got too busy right after I got out of school for my Christmas break.

Now that I’m officially out til January, I guess more blog posts? Lmao. I don’t know if I’m still going to post Christmasy stuff. I’ll still think about it.

Anyway, how’s the Christmas season for you guys? Going great or are you still searching for the Christmas spirit? HAAA. I’m so awkward. Expect me and my awkwardness in the next couple of days.

That is aall xx



Do you believe I’ll never be too far

Down to the last few weeks of the year. What even!!! But before the holidaze and senti posts about the year ending, here’s the December playlist. Btw a lot of The Vamps and Troye Sivan on this playlist And yes, I know I promised Blogmas but as much as I want to post, I gotta finish all the final requirements for school first.  Maybe after finals week!


Everglow by Coldplay

Rest Your Love by The Vamps

Walking In The Wind by One Direction

Remedy by Adele

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Michael Bublé

Sorry by Justin Bieber

New York by Ed Sheeran

Half The World Away by AURORA

Beautiful Now by Zedd

SUBURBIA by Troye Sivan

Weight in Gold by Gallant

Let It Go by James Bay

Windmills by The Vamps

End of the Day by One Direction

Anyway by New Motion

Louder, Harder, Better by Galantis

Shallow Love by Gabrielle Aplin

I Took A Pill in Ibiza (SeeB Remix) by Mike Posner

English Rose by Ed Sheeran

Blue by Troye Sivan, Alex Hope

HEAVEN by Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who (possibly the best-est collab ever)

Runaway by The Vamps

That is aall xx