Dear whoever is reading this…

First of all, you’re alive. Be grateful because it’s a gift not given to everyone.

Secondly, you are b e a u t i f u l ♥ And you are perfect in your own way. Never ever forget that 😉

You deserve to be happy. Don’t let your insecurity destroy you. Don’t let anyone break you down. You are who you are so don’t try to be someone else just to please the others.

Lastly, if you feel sad, depressed and lonely.. you have my comment box and my Ask box open… so don’t hesitate 😀 I promise to try to help you, to give you advice and not to judge you no matter what.

Buuut… If you don’t have Tumblr or you’re too shy to talk to me, here are some quotes, and some songs to make you happy/cheer you up.

(CREDITS TO THE OWNERS. All of the pictures above are not mine. I repeat they are not mine. So if you own of these pictures, please do tell me so I can credit you properly. :D)

Here are the songs I want you to listen to! Whenever I’m sad or I feel like giving up, I listen to these songs:

 ☮  ❤ ☺

You think 1D isn’t an inspiration?

Bitch, please.

Harry Edward Styles made me believe that you don’t have to be super skinny and gorgeous to get a guy. He taught me that age isn’t the biggest problem in a relationship. He  taught me  it’s okay to whisper dirty things in your friend’s ear as long as you’re able to keep up with the consequences. Harry also taught me not to let what people say stop me from pursuing my dreams. That you can stand up for what is right and protect your friends.

Niall James Horan taught me that it’s okay to be different. He made me believe that some guys really wait for the girl of their dreams, not just the other way around. Niall taught me that you don’t need to be perfect to be beautiful because you are who you are, and there’s nothing you can do to change that, and you shouldn’t want to.

Liam James Payne convinced me that if you want something bad enough, you should keep trying so you can reach your goals (even if you fail the first time.) Liam also taught me how to be strong and that storms don’t last forever (He used to have 32 injections in his arm every morning and evening as a child due to one of his kidneys not functioning.) (And did I mention that he used to skip school just to avoid the bullies?)

Louis William Tomlinson taught me to keep a smile on my face even through the darkest of times because there will always be people who think you’re not good enough, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want.  Louis made me believe it’s okay to be immature no matter how old you are.

Zayn Jawaad Malik taught me that being shy can be a good thing sometimes. Also, he taught me that it’s okay to be happy with your appearance.  He taught me that you don’t need to succeed through everything to put yourself to the top, that you can grow through the hardships that come your way. Zayn also taught me to face my fears.

One Direction taught me that even when you have nothing, you still have hope. They taught me that once you set your mind to something, there’s a chance for success.

I do not just love 1D because they’re attractive. I love them because they can make me smile when no one else can. They can make everything seem okay again 🙂

Niall James Horan


 Blonde hair, shiny blue eyes. Face made of gold. Hypnotized by your beautiful eyes that draw me in. So please take my hand, I would be honored to dance with you, maybe have a chance with you. Beautiful one, beautiful boy. Hypnotized by your beautiful eyes 🙂 

Vas happeniiiin

Another post today because I’m in the mood to blog! Yeyyy! Hahaha.


-Summer Paradise by Simple Plan (my new feel-good song)

-What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

– Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon 5

-Payphone by Maroon 5

-Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran

-Northern Downpour by Panic! At The Disco

-Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (I find this song annoying, but it’s catchy.)

-Color by The Maine

-Right Girl by The Maine (I recommend the acoustic version, but the original one is good too)

-Some Days by The Maine

-Someday We’ll Know by New Rascals

-Take A Chance On Me by JLS

-She’s The One by Robbie Williams

-Starships by Nicki Minaj

-Don’t Forget by Demi Lovato

-Boat Song by Set Sail

-A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope

-Mexican Wrestler by Emma Roberts

-Skinny Love by Birdy

-The Freedom Song by Jason Mraz

-Thunder by Boys Like Girls

-She’s Got You High by Mumm-Ra

-Long Live by Taylor Swift

-Stole My Heart by One Direction

-Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer

-Split Screen Madness by John Mayer

-Kiss Me Again by We Are The In Crowd

-Remember Me by Misty Millers

-About You Now by Miranda Cosgrove

-Mmmbop by Hanson

-Penny And Me by Hanson

-Stuck In The Moment by Justin Bieber

-As Long As We Got Love by Javier Colon feat. Natasha Bedingfield

-Sea Green, Sea Blue by Jaymay

-Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye

– Summer Rain by Matthew Morrison

-We Are Young by F.U.N

-How by Maroon 5

-Love by Matt White

-Want You Back by Cher Lloyd

-Up All Night by One Direction

-Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader

-You Make My Dreams by Daryl Hall and John Oats

-Sweet Dispositon by The Temper Trap

🙂 xx

A note to my 13-year-old self

Vas happenin’ guuyyyss 😀 I saw this a while ago. I’m still 13, but I’m turning 14 in a few months, so yeah. Hey, 13 year old self, I’m leaving this little note for you. 🙂

Dear 13 year old Erika,

By this time, you’re entering your sophomore year in high school. You will be part of Zoologists. For the first quarter of the school year, it’s going to be hard for you. Hard because you’re going to fail Algebra and you still don’t have new friends because you are an awkward potato. 😐 But don’t worry because for the next 3 quarters, you will love find Algebra easy as pie and you will love all your classmates (Well, not all of them. Just the worth-loving people…)

Erika, remember when you were 12 and you discovered something and you didn’t believe that it was true? WELL BELIEVE THAT SHIT YOU FOUND OUT. :p Don’t be sad about it tho aoihfajbngad it sucks, I know but you will get over it anyway.

Many things will change and happen. Oh, and you know what? By December, you will come out of your shell. You will sing in front of people and you won’t feel nervous anymore! 🙂 And that’s because of your classmates and this British/Irish boyband, One Direction. One Direction will make you feel beautiful and they will change your life, Erika. I swear, they will. LOL :—)

Some people will say bad things about you. Don’t let those people bring you down! Just smile. Things will get better, I promise. 🙂 Do your best and make me proud! Hahaha 😀

Your future self,


 P.S: Don’t forget to flip your haaair 😉 Heehee

Last month of summer 2012.

And I just wasted another 30 days. Sigh. Oh well, I really hope my summer starts this May. Last month, I wasn’t really that productive. I mean, everyday last month, I wake up, eat, sit in front of the computer, eat, promise to do something productive, then end up sitting in front of the computer again, eat then watch a little TV, sleep. Then repeat again. It’s like a never-ending cycle last month 😦 Huhu

That is why I’m creating my summer bucket list because I’m finally starting my summer this May: 

•Update this blog more often.

•Discover good songs.

•Go to the beach! (This is impossible because it’s really late already and I don’t think my mom would allow me 😦 )

•Just enjoy my summer.

•Have a movie marathon!

Have a summer fling/love. Hahahaha chos! 😛 Not really… but I’m including this anyway… because I can!

•Write on my diary again! My 365 days project is ruined! I stopped at Day 92, I think :\

•Read books again!

•Lose weight! Huhu I really, really need to lose weight 😦 Not because I want to look good (well, I do want to look good) but I want to lose weight because I want to be healthy again 😛

•Go on a roadtrip!

•Go to a concert

•Meet One Direction!!! 😦 (Impossible. Again. But still, I’m including this because I can… and because this is my bucket list, not yours.)

•Shop for new clothes.

•Learn how to play the guitar… again. I had guitar lessons when I was 11, but didn’t continue it ’cause I hate  the teacher  loljk. Didn’t continue it because I was lazy. 😛

•Upload a song cover 🙂 

•Buy new shoes!! 


And to everyone else who’s starting their summer late, like me.. Good luck with that and I hope you enjoy the last 31 days of Summer 2012 😀