Cool it child

Well, I don’t know where to start because I’ve been gone for so long maaan. And a lot has happened since the last time I did a life update. Okay so I’ve been gone to whole month of May because it was super hectic. I thought I wasn’t gonna survive the last 3 weeks of school because every teacher was just throwing the final requirements and we had to deal we that until the very last day I’m not even joking.

Let’s have a recap, shall we? Okay so I had 4 reports last month, 2 of which were individual ones and 4 papers to write with a bonus of a website + database to build. Basically, I had 3 reports in a week, all for major subjects and shiet I survived that hell week I will never ever forget. Also, I had to go to school on a day which I didn’t have an exam to finish the website + database I was talking about earlier.

In the past years since I started college, final requirements were due at least 2 weeks before the exams. But not this time, fam. If I were to describe what I’ve been through last month, I would compare it to the TV show, Wipeout. You know the show where there are different obstacle courses and when you get hit you fall into mud or water. Yeah. College is tough, kids.

Anyway, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. Um ok let’s move on. I was supposed to enroll for the short term but no subjects were offered to me since the pre-enrollment season so that was a sign that it wasn’t really meant to be.

I’m done with junior year everyone woooot.

For now, (after probs a monthly playlist one of these days) I’m going to make reconstruct my blog forrealz this time. HAHA.

Okay that is all for now.



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