Ever Since New York

Hi. Hello. Hi. I’m just going to skip the part where I say sorry coz I’ve been gone and tell you that I’m still alive but barely breathing because I’ve told this so many times for the past 2 years whenever it gets hectic or I’ve hit an all time low.
Let’s go to the part where I update to how I have been. I’ve been well. Well-er than ever to be honest.
Where have I been? I’ve been on hibernation since the last week of March and I haven’t really checked on anyone or anything (i.e this blog and Tumblr). I’ve been on break since Tuesday and I’m going back this Tuesday which I’m not really ready to go back because I don’t want to know my grades and once I go back I have to deal with Final projects and all that. Though I really want this sem to end already, I’m so scared and anxious because I still don’t have subjects for this short term and I’ll be a Senior when I go back on August for the regular term. Dude. A SENIOR. What!!! I really want to get as much subjects as I can this short term so it wouldn’t be such a hassle.
Anyway. Lotsa realizations about everything for the past couple of weeks. It’s been weird but it’s been refreshing trying to figure out my priorities and goals in life, also I’ve been prospecting people who I want to keep in my life. I need to cut the circle again coz people are getting toxic and or shady lol and I don’t need that in life.
{this is a little reminder to my future self that for the rest of the march and the first few weeks of april: khalid, riverdale, studio ghibli movies were your faves. not to mention that your most favorite boy in the whole wide world a.k.a harry styles just released a single and he’s dropping an album in a few weeks!!! OK DUDE MORE REASONS TO LIVE}
I just remembered I haven’t posted a playlist for April. This one is a bit different from what I normally do but I’ll only do this kind of thingy when I forgot to post a playlist for the month and it’s in already the middle of the month AND when I’m inspired by something or someone (Hala. hahahaha) Anyway, this ~playlist~ would be in another post which I’ll be posting right now!!! Go ahead refresh the page HEHE. It’s a lil sumthin for everyone who reads this blog. I hope everyone had a good easter! 🙂

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