From New York to LA

Y’ALL. I am well and alive!!! I could not believe I survived that semester I COULD NOT BELIEVEEE. I went through hell and back and wow I’m here.

So while I was (mostly) away this month, this is what happened:

  • I finished my last 2 requirements for the sem earlier than most of my classmates and I was oh so happy
  • My crush is currently somewhere in New York City (Hence the title of this post hehe). And he had a freakin haircut and he was wearing yellow in one of the posts!!! AHH. HE LOOKS LIKE THE HEART EYES EMOJI
  • I just found out that Miracle on 54th Street is actually Miracle of 34th Street… ALL. THIS. TIME. WHAT.
  • I don’t how I did it but I actually had my final exams and I think I did okay and better than I expected because I didn’t review at all.
  • I had a clutch sleepover with my friends. Literally, we planned this for 2 years and we finally pushed through with it.
  • I now know what  Soju tastes like. Nope. Never again. Sorry. I’m sticking to Korean ice cream.
  •  Anyway, late night conversations with friends >>>. I opened up about the boys I liked this year (SURPRISE BET U DIDNT SEE THAT COMING because I was complaining about life 100.1% in my posts the whole year). And I’m surprised as well because those were all silly and weird crushes. The kind I get when someone’s reaaally nice to me and couldn’t get over for at least 2 weeks because ~kindness wins, children~. HAHAHAHA. If it lasts for more, I should be concerned. Still not sure if it was my heart opening up or it was the Soju and Daiquiri mixing. I’m not too sure. Next sleepover I’m not drinking anymore so I know what I should say and I shouldn’t. HAHAHAHA
  •  I’ve been binge-watching That 70’s Show (halfway through Season 3) and Black Mirror (currently on Ep 5). So gud. Y’all need to watch it. 101/10
  • Anyway, for Christmas this year we all thought we were going to the beach but reserving 4 days before Christmas Eve isn’t the way to go. So we’re just gonna have a simple dinner lolz and that’s alright haha.
  • I didn’t ask for anything this Christmas (again surprise!!!) HAHAHAHA. Like I said in my birthday post this year, I’m contented and grateful with all the material things I have. I just wish to be a better person this year and continually grow as a person. SURE DID BECAUSE I GOT HIT BY OBSTACLES I FELT LIKE I WAS IN THE SHOW WIPEOUT.
  • But learned a lot about myself and about life and the world this year.
  • Well, didn’t expect to go that way. Let’s save that for my end of the year posts. Lolz
  • I’m also gonna bake Hot Cocoa cookies heh.

That is aall xx



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