I feel like I’m always dreaming

hi yey it’s another lower case post because i still have a lot to of school work to do even though i’m watching youtube videos yey. the reason why i didn’t post last week was because there was a typhoon and obvi we didn’t have electricity. anyway, short update on my life classes got suspended last wednesday and thursday because there was a typhoon (again). no like, it got suspended wednesday afternoon but i was already in school since 8. we had to stay behind though because we had to finish setting up our exhibit. anywhooo, at least 70% of the activities for midterms is done and i didn’t stab anyone nor get stabbed. tHANK!!!  also sorry for the pointless posts, i’ve been so stressed because of school. i know i say this every post i do, but i really am struggling because even though i only have 8 subjects this sem, half of them are major subjects and the other half are making me life miserable because it’s so difficult my brain is having a hard time understanding 🙂 🙂 lol 1/2 jk don’t worry im still alive. oohh btw long weekend next weekend yey but before that i still have 348922 final quizzes. lol um ok have you guys seen the latest episode of ahs!!! dude ryan murphy made evan + sarah happen, he could probably get taissa + evan back. ryan murphy pls hear me out. if adele could make a comeback, i think parmiga could also!!!

That is aall xx



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