The city’s on fire

Hi. I know I haven’t posted since school started because I’ve been busy. So here’s a quick rundown of what has happened to me in the first 2 weeks of school.

I have 4 majors this sem and it has been stressing me out!!! Also, one of my teachers is v strict like dude we have to wear corpo in her subject evERYTIME. I always get anxiety whenever it’s her period because once you mess up, she will give no mercy and drag yo dumb ass out of your own body hahahaha. Anyway the rest of my teachers are okay, I guess. HEH. So far so good.

It has also been raining non-stop since school started. I guess the clouds are crying for me being back there HAHAHA.

And there are lots and lots of requirements and it’s only the 1st month of school. My creativity has already gone down the drain. I’ve been listening to creativity boost playlists on Spotify. We need more playlists like that lelz.

Speaking of music, Frank Ocean just dropped his new album today. Like last night I tweeted “if you say ‘channel orange’ 3 times in front of a mirror, maybe frank ocean will come out and drop the new album” AND WHEN I WOKE UP I SAW BLONDE AND FRANK TRENDING SO SOMEONE PROBS DID IT. I already listened to the album and it’s so so so good. I understand now why it took so long. Art takes time and this album is art. Go give it a listen!!! Solo, Pink White and White Ferrari are my top faves.

AHS is neaaar!!! 3 weeks til the new season and we still don’t know the title. Nice so good. But I do hope they bring back Taissa. PLS RYAN MURPHY LISTEN TO ME. MY TATE+VIOLET HEART HAS BEEN EMPTY FOR SO LONG IT NEEDS TO BE FILLED.

I also just watch Coldplay’s concert (the livestream version) and they’re sooo good like dam. I do hope they go here. I would go to war just to get Coldplay tickets. Lelz.

Anyway, I have to do school work now.

That is aall xx




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