I don’t know how to talk to you


I’m finally done with this stressful sem and I’m just so relieved that I’m done with it. Also, grades were released the other day and I’m so so thankful I passed everything. I’m also done with most of my GE’s and Accounting!!!

I don’t really know what I’m going to do this “summer”. Surely, fixing this blog will be one of them. I’m asking help from a friend to reconstruct my blog but I’m not really sure about that.

I’ve also been going for runs to get fit and planning a trip for my birthday which is in less than 2 months!!! WHAT. AS IN WHAAAT. I’ve also been binge watching series, Buzzfeed and movies and I’ve been playing Stardew Valley which is like the updated version of Harvest Moon lol #nostalgia. Maybe I’ll include all of that in a monthly favorites. Speaking of, I haven’t done that in a looong time so my next monthly favorites will be the first this year actually (I think?).

Anywaaayy, you’ll see more of me now that I’m on a break.

That is aall xx



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