Good boys go to hide away

HOLLA. There are 3 things I want to talk about in this blog post.

i. Changes that will happen to this blog. Idk. I have many plans about my blog that shall be done in the near future (As soon as this sem is done). I was thinking of  changing the URL, the theme, the format (sorta), and the “aesthetic” of my blog. I have changed so much since I last updated the look of my blog (Mid-2014). I will also be making some older posts private; the ones I posted waaay back in high school. I have done this already but I’m still not finished with it because there are a lot of posts I want to get rid of.

ii. School. Has. Been. So. Stressful. I cannot. I just finished my exams this week yet I have 2 projects to finish this week. Y’AAAALL. I NEED TO CHILL. I’m craving for new adventures. Not just the normal routine of house-school-house-school-if i have time after school then mall-then house again. It’s just getting a little tiring. I’m also tired of being treated like poop and hearing stories from highschool EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Tbh, reminiscing about highschool is fun but it’s more fun to live in the moment. I just want to be free. I want to be like Dobby. Hahahaha. I just can’t wait for this sem to end. Ugh.

iii. WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS.  I feel like they’re pranking me tbh they’re not like that (they seenzone me and they don’t talk to me) because even if I’m the most annoying person in the group, they would always reply to me. It’s so obvious HAHAHAHA. If it’s a backfire prank, the timing is so off and it’s so obvious. BAHAHAHA.

That is aall xx



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