I don’t even know one thing about you

Holla. I have 348954 requirements to cram but I just want to update everyone that the Monthly Favorites will resume 🙂 So watch out for that.

This week has been stressful as usual even if we were on the Holy Week break. Requirements are everywhereee and there’s more to come but I hope I finish them all so Lord please help meeee.

I’ve been editing videos for the past 3 days or so for my English class and that’s pretty much what’s the cause of stress of everyone I know.

Anyway, one of my friends asked me to help her in writing a poem about water last night and I don’t know I was glad to help because I just wanted to write because I haven’t written anything in awhile (Like to express my feelings and thoughts and hugot type of writing). And I just missed writing so much 😦

And last night, I dreamt about Kian Lawley lending me his polaroid camera. After that we ate dumplings while watching the sunset. HAHAHAHA. Weird but qt. I wish for a Kian in my life.

That’s sums my Holy Week 2016.. Happy Easter everyone! 🙂

That is aaall xx



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