November faves

Guess what. I don’t have a favorite post BECAUSE (yes, this time I have a valid reason and it’s not laziness). I will be posting TWICE A WEEK for the month of December. Yes yes. You heard that right. I don’t know what has gotten into me but yes I will be doing what I want to call ‘Blogmas‘. It’s like Vlogmas but in blog form. As much as I want to do it everyday, I can’t because I still have school and it’s finals and it’s stressing me outt.

So by tomorrow, you will expect blog posts twice a week until Christmas. That’s like the most I could do. If ever, I do not post for a day, that would either mean I’m working on a special post or I have tests coming up.

I will announce tomorrow what the schedule will be. Deffo, one post would be on Sunday. So the other one would be either on a Wednesday or a Thursday.

Meh. I do have a favorites post but I only have two so I didn’t even bother to do an edit. So I’m pretty much into lipsticks now like the nude ones and really dark berry ones because those two suits my uneven complexion. So my favorite ones are from Maybelline. It’s Warm Me Up and apparently it’s a dupe for Brave. My next favorite is The Vamps’ new album. I have been listening to it non-stop since Saturday, I think? Haha.

That is aall xx






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