Leaves fall from the tallest trees

This post will be purely dedicated to the kings and queen who ruled the top charts this week.One Direction, 5SOS and Adele. They slayed this week. The song and album drops were stronger than the typhoon that hit last week.

Okay first, 1D dropped the Perfect music video on the 21st but I wasn’t really able to see it that day because we didn’t have electricity. Then, Thursday came and boom current and wifi. So I went and watch the music video. I have to say, this has got to be on my “Fave ever 1D music videos of all time” list. It’s so simple but it’s so nice?? Especially in 1080p where you could see Liam’s pores and possibly his soul. Loved it because they haven’t done a B&W music video in awhile and when I say ‘awhile’, I mean 3 years and 2 albums later. The last time they did one was for Little Things and Zayn was still there :'(. Lmao okay.

So after I watched the Perfect MV, I saw that the band account tweeted that there was a Perfect EP. So I went on Spotify hoping they already have it there, and boom there it was when the artist page loaded. The Perfect EP had 4 songs: a stripped version of Perfect (no not that kind of  “strip”, it’s another term for acoustic lol), Home, a remix of Perfect and a Payno x Afterhours remix of Drag Me Down. Obvi, I listened to Home first because it’s a new song from the new album. This song is probably dedicated me. The song literally speaks of me. Lol. It’s like the prequel of Through the Dark, I swear. My fave lines from this song will be on the Made in the A.M masterpost where I review the album on the week it comes out so watch out for that HEHE.

Moving on to my other bbys, Sounds Good Feels Good literally sounds good and feels good. Just listen to it and understand. I’m going to do a masterpost of the SGFG album this week but in the meantime, I’m going to do a general review of the album.  I could say is that they finally found their “sound”. I know it’s a little too early to tell because it’s just their sophomore album. But really, I think they’re trying to do the evolution in this album. This album means more than their first one because I feel like this one’s much raw and direct to the point???

I don’t know if you guys get me but since they’ve grown a lot in the past year, the songs in this album are a lot relatable and mature this time. Not the “mature” where they’re not fun anymore, but their song writing improved a whole lot this album because the songs actually speak of what happens in real life and the problems their fans actually face in real life and possibly the problems the boys got to face pre-fame, or what they could be going through right now, ya feel? Woah got too deep there. HAHA. But the rating of this album for me is a 10/10, would recommend.

Last up, is the one and only, Queen Adele. SHE DROPPED A SONG CALLED “HELLO” LIKE OUT OF NOWHERE. I went on Twitter and she was trending and my heart was actually pounding because she might have released an album while I was sleeping but no she didn’t. She released a song and announced she’s having an album!!! I (KINDA) PREDICTED WHAT THE ALBUM TITLE WAS GONNA BE WEEKS BEFORE THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. I TWEETED SOMETHING LIKE “can adele release an album called “25” or “26”” THEN DELETED IT SECONDS LATER. Hello is currently on top of the Hugot songs I have. I did not expect it to be on Spotify, but it was. So I played it and Adele sang “hello” and continued it with the other Hello song “is it me your looking for” lmao I’m so funny. Can’t waaait for the new album!!

^^But I’m not that funny for my English class. No one laughed at my humorous speech. H8 it. It’s also so unfair because I laughed at some of the speeches my classmates made even if they weren’t as funny. Ugh. If I were back in my old school (like in highschool), the whole class would probably laugh at me. Hayyy missin highschool friends tbh. Life was so easier back then even if that time I thought it was so hard. #realizations HAHA.

I’m proud of myself this week because even if we didn’t have electricity for 4 days, I survived. I also had to go to school even if it still wasn’t safe bc of the strong wind. I’m proud of myself because even if I didn’t smash my speech (no one laughed and I felt bad after), I still did it and I still think I’m funny even though they don’t think I am. HEH.

That is aall xx



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