Only time will tell

Holla. Again, this won’t be a long post because I have to do some school stuff that I wish I should’ve done yesterday so this would have been a longer post. But nooo. Lol okay anyway, school has been meh. I failed a subject, I think I failed another one but I’m not yet sure since I haven’t seen it. Plus, I was so bummed yesterday because I did this activity in English that led me to create a new revolution (just kidding that didn’t happen). I don’t really want to say much, let’s just say that line “When you try your best but you don’t succeed” in Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ could explain what exactly happened.

The 2 good things I think that happened was I got a good score in my PE exam and AHS:Hotel. BRO. Between the 2 good things that happened to me this week, I can say AHS was the better one. The first ep of the season slayed it. It was already intense. Though, Evan wasn’t present it’s alright because it got revealed that he will be in the 2nd episode which is on Thursday. Aahhh. Okay okay I’m calm. HAHA.

^No wait make that 3. Lilo shared a kissed on stage last night I laughed so hard I thought Louis was gonna beat Liam with a water bottle after it but both pretended it didn’t happen. BUT IT DID.

Also, there’s something I’ll look forward to other than AHS this week 🙂 And no, it’s not Scream Queens. It’s *drum roll* ONE DIRECTION DROPPING THEIR NEW SONG “PERFECT”  but wait that’s not the best part about it, LOUIS AND HARRY CO-WROTE IT. BRO. IT’S GONNA BE… Perfect (Get it? GET IT!!! HAHA I’m so funny someone should date me)

That is aall xx




One comment

  1. Ankit Mishra · October 11, 2015

    Lovely to see your ears still await to hear the songs even when you are adjusting with you school activities. Nice!
    Listen to this old song, you might enjoy this one too. “You could be happy – Snow Patrol”.
    Have a good today and tomorrow(s). 🙂

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