September faves


Better late than never righht?


Wild EP (Troye Sivan) – My sushi released his new EP last September and you guys you guyssss. It’s so so good 10/10 would recommend. Troye should really release a full album now. You also need to check out the Blue Neighborhood series on Youtube. Ughh those music videos deserve all the Grammys and Oscars.

T  V 

Scream Queens – It’s been sooo long since I’ve been hooked with a TV show. This show is like the thriller-murder version of Mean Girls. I LOVE IT. Chanel with her Chanels (like her minions), and Nick J plus Pete the barista who looks like the love child of Matty from Awkward and young Ryan Gosling

C L O T H I N G 

Adidas Superstar II – As you all know, I am in loveee with Adidas Superstar and I wanted one for so long but I just couldn’t find my size. Huhu.

O T H E R S 

Chicken Fillet Meal – Okay I love this hahahaha not because I’m secretly a fan (HEHE), but it tastes good idk ok

Smart C – I got sick sometime last month so I figured I need to ~strengthen~ (is that the right term) my immune system because I’ve been sick a lot of times this year.

That is aall xx



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