Moving in reverse

Okay so agaaain, this won’t be a long post.

So like I don’t even know what to do with Accounting anymore. Like???? What did I answer awhile ago??? Idk bruh hahaha. I just don’t know. I hope I pass though.

Anyway, HAVE U HEARD MY BBYS’ NEW SONG INFINITY? BRUH. It’s such a beautiful song. I was on the floor listening to it because I fell from my bed because of excitement. Harry’s vocals in the chorus hurt me more than my fall. It also reminds me so much of Where Do Broken Hearts Go probably because Niall starts the song and his verse is very meaningful #yes #nuxx hahahaha. Also, pre-order Made in the A.M on iTunes. :p

I’ve also been watching Scream Queens HAHA. Well, it’s a new series and it’s just it’s like Mean Girls but horror version of it.

Gaahh need to review now.

That is aall xx



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