you and the moon

Okay this won’t be a long post because I’m sick again and I have like 304832 things to do.

I saw some highschool friends this week yusss. Finally got to be my old self again HAHA. I had lunch with 2 of my friends last Thursday and just had a fun time laughing. Spontaneous after school hangs are my ultimate fave. After that day we surprised a friend with some other friends bc she turned legal earlier that week then we watched Sinister 2. CAN I JUST SAY THAT I LIKE MILO HUHU CALL ME WEIRD BUT HE LOOKS SO CUTE I CANT WAIT TIL HE GROWS UP. /he has the same flaw as tate langdon tho/

I also need to double my Vitamin C intake because it’s my 5th time to be sick this year and it’s only the middle of September.

That is aall xx




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