I can’t slow down

Hollaaa. First week of September was kinda alright. It’s getting better but still not there. But at least there’s progress hehe 🙂 🙂

Have you guys seen AHS promo stills for season 5? WHAT EVEN. I’m so excited bc Evan looks like he’s part of the Addams family. BRUHHH. I hope it’s gon be an epic season. I’m still hoping Taissa would come back. There are theories saying that Season 5 and 1 have a connection. I soo hope it’s true, my Parmiga heart is so dry.

PE class was embarrassing this week. There was this game and we had to get it the instructions by ourselves order to go in front. Guess who was the last one to get the game? (ME). My brain does not work at 8:30 in the morning it works like 10:30 onward.

Okay and I haven’t said this but I’ve been watching Aldub HAHA (yes, I gave in) and guess what they finally saw each other yesterday and IM SO KILIG HUHU #guiltypleasure hahahaha.

That is aall xx



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