Look my way and never love me

This week has been so so great. Like really great, no joke. It has been the best one yet recently to be honest. Though half of it was hassle because I had to do stupid stuff for my friends like do 2 song covers for a CD mix, text an unknown number, call my other friend for 8 times because her phone was off, hold a frickin balloon all the way to a restaurant , it was alright and worth it because they liked my gifts for them and I’m so happy gosh *insert crying face emoji*

Now that most of my friends are 18/turning 18, I feel so left out and scared but at the same time I’m happy for them because they can go to clubs, drive legally and basically do all the things they’ve been doing since they were 15 legally hahaha?? They’re still my friends but they’re legal and it’s so weird because I’ve known them when they were 12 and now they’re 18 which makes me know them for half a decade and it scares me so much because will they still be my friends after another half a decade. GOSH I need to stop lol.

It’s the last week of June so it’s July in a few days and hellz yeah birthday month. I still don’t know what I want to do for my birthday haha.

Anywayyy, I need to go now because I still have to do school work uguhugh.

That is aall xx



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